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World Communism Team: Season 53 Part I

Written by World Communism Team at 08:50 28/5-2020

  Same as in season 52, World Communism Team kicked off season 53 in the Indian Ocean, again with an entry in comoros Les Collines de Grande Comore, a race where ethiopia Addis Gebreselassie had secured second place last season. Only this time around the ambition was much lower for this event, and team veteran south Africa Xolani Lamola was picked as a captain, a role he had last ever held back in season 51. And most of the other teammates in the line-up where allowed to try their luck in breakaways. This time around World Communism Team could not score any points out of this insular race.
  As the team had just refreshed and had recently on-boarded a batch of younger teammates/jobbers, as well as hot trainee prospect rwanda Michel Ngabo, in anticipation for the upcoming release of four of the current squad members. World Communism Team was able to make a comeback in U23 races, a feat that had also not occurred since season 51.
  With renewed ambitions at youth level, the team made its way to West Africa to enter in guinea Conakry - Coyah (U23) with prospective hill sprinter tanzania Kuumba Rusesabagina leading the team and hoping to win the race.
  Only it was not meant to be for Kuumba Rusesabagina who had an off day while one of his support riders also had an off day and another two riders in the line-up suffered mechanicals and were dropped by the leading group very early on.
  Throughout all this misfortune in the squad, and his off day, tanzania Kuumba Rusesabagina was still able to hang on to second place all by himself and was only surprised in the finish by fellow young hill sprinter south korea Byung-kwang Namgung of isle of man Nuhiu Rules who took the win, and with england Baird Eakin of the spain Costa Brava Team coming in as a distant third.
  World Communism Team then stayed in its home on the mother continent to continue with its season by the Red Sea in eritrea Mirara - Asmara where zambia Yoweri Ayesu was to get his S53 campaign under way. The Zambian had to hope that he could keep up with the punchers on the Abyssinian hills, thus to be able to use his superior sprinting speed to try outrun the favourites at the finish.
  The plan worked wonders and zambia Yoweri Ayesu was indeed in the leading group entering Asmara and was able to contest the sprint. The man from the Zambezi was only short of a bit of luck to cause an upset and win the race. And maybe was short of a lead out by tanzania Kuumba Rusesabagina who registered his second off day in as many races in season 53 and was not able to place his comrade for the final dash.
  Yoweri Ayesu satisfactorily ranked third in the race, confirming an interesting start to season 53 for the colours of the International Proletariat and the Global South at large.
  Only beaten by spain Alejandro Zuluaga of spain CC Trasona for the win, and slovenia Zmago Likar of czech republic Sander Racing CZ for second.
  For its next race World Communism Team flew to the Caribbean for tanzania Kuumba Rusesabagina and the youngest members of the team to take on cayman islands Grand Cayman Challenge (U23) where Kuumba Rusesabagina was hoping to see his luck turn and be able to win. This time it was meant to be, and the young rider completely dominated the mass sprint and came out a clear winner.
  While slovenia Dan Hočevar of slovenia KK Perutnina Ptuj took second place.
  And this was a perfect revenge on fellow young hill sprinter south korea Byung-kwang Namgung of isle of man Nuhiu Rules who had beaten tanzania Kuumba Rusesabagina in a sprint exactly a week earlier but had to settle for third in this race.
  As a result of this win, World Communism Team narrowly got back its place in Division 6, right in the lead up to the Cesko-Slovensky Pohar, triggering comrade ethiopia Addis Gebreselassie to gear up his preparation for this race that the team had previously lost hope to be able to enter (as hinted at in the previous release).
  In an attempt to secure this fragile spot in Division 6 ahead of the Cesko-Slovensky Pohar, and for tanzania Kuumba Rusesabagina to confirm his promising start to S53, World Communism Team set base in Northern Jutland to race in Denmark Løgstør - Thisted. Where Kuumba Rusesabagina indeed confirmed his excellent disposition in S53 by hitting a 9th place and some precious points, without a sprint train in a flat race where not many would have expected him to do well.
  As announced in the S53 team presentation, World Communism Team is targeting 7 results including 2 wins for the season. At this point in time already 3 results including 1 win have been achieved. This leaves 4 results including 1 win to be targeted this season.


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Canadian Nippon at 23:52 28/5-2020
  I set my goals really high and I am extremely disappoint when I don't hit them. Cold streaks are not an option for my team but I understand that they happen. 30 day until I finial managed a 7th in my last race. Way off expectation for the season but hey ho!

Holwerda Cycling at 21:35 28/5-2020
  Nice read about your season start. Keep up the good work!

World Communism Team at 18:42 28/5-2020
  Thanks managers.
  @Rob, I will reserve my judgement before saying that the objectives were not hard enough. I know better than to think that 4 more results of which at least 1 win is already in the bag. I have hit loooong cold steaks in the past.

ArxhangiiliPoznyakax at 12:54 28/5-2020
  Great press release

Canadian Nippon at 12:52 28/5-2020
  May need to set hard goals for the team if you hit them to early. Good start to the season.

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