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Enemy of the State

Written by Trim Trust Energy at 12:45 22/3-2018

  Our Mouse did it again with second place in the U.S. , I think he has some favor for race in America since his win and two podiums was from the race in the U.S. .


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Our second Classic !!!

  We are proud to announce that we just won our second Classic which took us thirties season to accomplished . For this Classic , the "Bali Classic" was done a...


Pride of the Late Bloomer

  Today is the day that our loyal rider Joeri "The Black Tulip" Steen , Joeri was recruited by the team since his younger age which he is good sprinter with climb...


First blood for The Blade of Alberta

  It's good way the introduce our hidden ace with the his first pro career win of inaugural race of Mavrovo Turizam Trofej . We always believe that Ronald " Cl...


Up to Division 4

  Finally , our team made it to higher division which is the highest rank we ever reach. I truly hope our boys could keep fighting to stay in Division 4 as lo...


Season 47 Start

  For many seasons , our team went up and down but it had been good journey along the way in this new season with new recruits and many boys that more than ready ...


Pattaya is new Thai Champion

  Finally our cobble grinder Pattaya "Beach" Srimaka had earn the Thai Champion jersey due to his consistent in many classic races , we gladly to see his blood ,...


The Mouse and his jersey

  Voravut "The Mouse" get back the Thailand Champion jersey back today , due to his consistent , persistent and also his teammates's sacrifice. It's good to have...


Prakard Attack

  I always know that it's good to have more than one capable winner in our team , apart from The Mouse we still have Prakard which he always has ability to shine ...


Pattaya Panache

  Our boy did it from breakaway !! I always know that Pattaya " Beach " Srimaka had potential and he delivered very well in Brisbane Cobbles which he won from bre...


Sanreizan is fantastic!!!

  This is first stage race for our team , first stage was quite pretty well for Vasco to earn his 9th place for our team although he's not pure sprinter. Secon...


Enemy of the State

  Our Mouse did it again with second place in the U.S. , I think he has some favor for race in America since his win and two podiums was from the race in the U.S....


The Rising Kid

  We had end our drought of win today by our promising climber , Voravut "The Mouse" Sangsanoi plus he had earned Thailand's champion national jersey which is our...


Season 40 in Reviews

  Our season 40 had ended with mixed result and team position went up and down between division 6 - 8 . There is no regret for our riders at all , actually it wa...


André Sorgho is retired

  Our time trial specialist André Sorgho is retired from professional peloton , big thanks to André for many wins and being "The Stallion" for our team. From no...


Back to Basic

  Hello , fellow It seems like my team can't keep up the pace of division 6 , at the end of season we just drop to division 8 but the team are more determine to ...


The good fight

  Our team just got Wildcard thanks to riders and staffs and I hope that we will survive in Division F for the rest season because the competition is so intense ,...



Trim Trust Energy at 05:17 23/3-2018
  Thanks for question Don , because of we took care of Voravut since he was so young with his short strature and his face also resemble a mouse and his climbing style that often attack without notice from the pack earn him his nickname.

Schiavi di Don at 15:57 22/3-2018
  So why is he actually called 'The Mouse'?
  Always good to see a nickname. :)

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