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Break Away Victory For Hartslief !

Written by Team Formand United at 10:57 27/3-2023

  It was truly a brilliant debut for Kelvin Hartslief from Team Formand United at the Gran Premio EEO.
  He was in a small group of riders that got away from the peloton at a steep hill after only 17 km of Gran Premio.
  The rainy weather and the windy outlook made a perfect scene for the break away that did all they could, while the peloton got a bad side wind and almost gave up. The many chaotic hills did a job too, because it was almost impossible to see the lethal break away.
  The break away ended in a sprint with Formand United's young break away specialist Kelvin Hartslief ending up as a well deserved winner. Yuriy Mayer got in right behind him.
  - I was very happy winning today. It was my first victory and whow! I am so tired and did not expect to win in the spring. I am more of a hiller, you know, Kelvin from South Africa laughed to the press.
  - Nice one today indeed, because our season so far has been a little hilly - ha ha - compared to last year, Team Manager Ebbe Spas said.
  - But I know we will return, because we still have a lot of talent in the team. Kelvin is strong and specializes in hills and break-aways. We really saw that today, even without SynEPO Bars!!!


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