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Steven Hodgson Part of Successful Breakaway Podium

Written by SP Roulers at 01:01 8/2-2024

  The upset of the day came in a 3 man breakaway in Brazil, with Hodgson ultimately coming 2nd in the Prova Ciclística Estrada Real race. For a race the team wasn’t taking too seriously, and mostly using as a team spirit builder, it’s fantastic to see results flowing, showing the form of our whole team. The pleasant surprise puts the team into division 4, and 7th in Australia.


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Steven Hodgson Part of Successful Breakaway Podium

  The upset of the day came in a 3 man breakaway in Brazil, with Hodgson ultimately coming 2nd in the Prova Ciclística Estrada Real race. For a race the team was...


Positive Results Keep Flowing

  Another victory today for Henk Ainscough, after a run of podiums over the weekend, continuing to show that our sprint train under Ainscough’s leadership is en...


Two New Exciting Prospects

  SP Roulers has expanded the list of sprinters, signing on talented youth in the shape of 23yo Thai rider, Sunai Visaya. He joins the team maxed out, with good s...


S66: A Season of Ups & Downs

  On paper, the results weren’t great, but we will likely finish in a higher division than the start of the season (div 4), so there’s that I guess. We did ha...


Still on the Wrong Side of Victory

  But getting closer with each race. He's just not experience enough. Henk Ainscough has the potential to be a good sprinter, and an upcoming star to lead o...


Three in a Row

  3 victories in a row for Skopal, with excellent execution this far of the teams’ fortunate top forms. The wins see Skopal on equal 1st place with 2 other Czec...


McGregor Announces Retirement by end of S66

  Season 66 may be the last season Shane McGregor will race for the team. As the first captain of the team, he managed to secure some great victories in late seas...


Great Form for Classico di Siracusa

  SP Roulers will be putting forward a team with exceptional form ahead of their first attempt to win a classic trophy, at the Classico di Siracusa. There were do...


Our First Full Season: S65 Review

  SP Roulers started off the season with one goal in mind: have fun in winning. What this meant for the team was to not have too high expectations, and just ride ...



  Team strategies are starting to pay off, with a win today, as well as a second place last week. The results come following recent scrutiny that the team was bec...


Thanks For The Memories Cav

  As a sprint focused team, we take a moment to recognize the glorious career of Cavendish at the Tour de France. It could have been 35 stage wins, he had the ...


Small Steps Forward

  Andres Skopal was able to follow up our last effort, improving on our 5th place with a 4th. Team spirit was at an all time high for the team, leading to a succe...


Some Doubts of Team Competitiveness

  Since Shane McGregor won the Tour of the Sanreizan sprint classification, some doubts have crept into if the team strategy is still competitive for division 6. ...


In Memoriam of Gino Mäder

  It’s easy sometimes to get caught up in the fictional world of OCM, but there’s moments in the cycling world where we must come together, and break characte...


Dream Season Culminates in Tour Win

  It’s been a great start to SP Roulers’ first full season on OCM. Most races we entered with our a-team, and ambitions of results, we were able to achieve a ...



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