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2 - Zyte Division

Written by Ludolfina Lublin at 15:29 27/6-2018

  Ludolfina Lublin achieved 2 - Zyte Division first time in team history.


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  Finally someone worth training. Name: Fleming Jacobsen Team: Denmark Denmark Age: 22 years Birthday: Day 33 Team Spirit: 89% Experience: Level 3 ...


De Neys maxed

  Next great talent maxed. De Neys maxed on average 49. ...


Bielik maxed

  320+ cobble talent finished at average 50... :( ...


Two big talents - 630+ cobblers

  We are waiting for Dominick de Neys - 310+ cobbler talent. They will become probably duo with higest potential in cb races with Boleslav Bielik - 320+ cb talent...


2 - Zyte Division

  Ludolfina Lublin achieved 2 - Zyte Division first time in team history....


Mels Kok

  He has not a great talent. He was told to be max one of pave pacers or helper in rather weak and anonymous polish team. However he did not stop dreaming. He spe...


Patryk Drozdowski

  Ludolfina Lublin team wants to announce that we are proud that cyclist from our Youth Academy Patryk Drozdowski (currently in Team Stredet) won World Championsh...



Holwerda Cycling at 21:15 29/6-2018
  That is quite impressive!

WestPomeranian at 18:17 27/6-2018
  What!? How? :o
  Big congratulations :)

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