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A climbing talent soon for a sale

Written by Lokomotíva Zvolen at 16:14 19/9-2023

  Our talent feature produced yet another great rider. Manager Pierre Mrazique announced that Lokomotíva will be training this guy before he will be available for a sale. Volta ao Porto aficionados should probably pay attention. ;)
  Slovakia Juro Hučko
  Age: 20 years
  Birthday: Day 35
  Experience: Level 1
  Lokomotíva Zvolen since 18/09-2023
  Top form ready
  Average Skill: 32
  CL: Incredible
  DH: Good
  HL: None
  SP: Small
  FR: Average
  CB: None
  TT: Good
  TQ: None


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Bilsky at 19:32 20/9-2023
  Nice talent, good luck training him

Yuri SuperTeam at 17:38 20/9-2023
  Hope you train him in CL>DH>TT>FR>TQ :)
  Don't know how many CL points he had at the start, but if I assume he started with 42, training all that to x4 would cost 193 training points, so we need to find a compromise there :D
  Anyway, if he maxes well, he will become a beast and THE rider I would like to have in my team one day ;)

Schiavi di Don at 13:25 20/9-2023
  Nope, just didn't work for me, no luck in getting trainable riders for several seasons, and then I needed the TT project to keep myself entertained.

Lokomotíva Zvolen at 13:00 20/9-2023
  So no all Greenland team for you? :)

Schiavi di Don at 10:26 20/9-2023
  He looks very nice, you might see me in the sales thread :)

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