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Frederik Stephansen reaches the promised land

Written by Lindfield Locknuts at 13:15 8/3-2023

  Frederik Stephansen is quite clearly the best rider Lindfield Locknuts have had yet in their three year existence. But he had yet to fulfil his destiny with a big tour win. Last season he was lined up for Race of the Minutemen but didn’t find his peak form. Fortunately teammate Daniel Niedziela was on hand to scoop the GC and sprint double. But this meant that the main man still had a gap in his palmares as he approached his 30th birthday.
  But now everything has fallen into place. A long term plan since the tail end of Season 63 saw Stephansen and his five support riders - including Niedziela - all peaking at the right moment for the nine stages of the Norway Tour, and the Dane delivered the GC for his team. He also made the podium in the sprint competition.
  He was too exhausted to say much after the final sprint stage except “That’s it, even if I retired tomorrow I feel as though I’ve delivered on my potential now, thanks to all the guys.”
  He won’t be retiring tomorrow.


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Frederik Stephansen reaches the promised land

  Frederik Stephansen is quite clearly the best rider Lindfield Locknuts have had yet in their three year existence. But he had yet to fulfil his destiny with a b...


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Silenzio at 14:06 9/3-2023
  The way I see it is that 3x 30% chance of winning a jersey/trophy is better than 1x 70% of winning a jersey/trophy. A bit depending on how badly you want that one jersey/trophy. At least it will double your points/money/results. If mass-recharging, try to use a time with a lot of injuries/transfers (low team-spirit).

Lindfield Locknuts at 13:03 9/3-2023
  Hmm interesting.
  Either way there's a lot of resetting to do after Perm so Verheijen, Virani and Truong will have to do their best in charge.

Schiavi di Don at 12:51 9/3-2023
  And of course a first big jersey win is worth however many TFs you spend on it!

Schiavi di Don at 12:50 9/3-2023
  It was a bit of an overkill now, but if a team like SjaakBraak, Matrix, or Spin Doctors just happened to be there, it would probably have been pretty useful. But I think you can have confidence in your team without TF support from now on. With the TS levels you have the support is already top level, I don't think it would often get beaten without bad luck at this level.

Lindfield Locknuts at 00:57 9/3-2023
  @The Erwinator - I sent all three "red average" guys because I'm not yet confident enough to stop using them as domestiques for something as big as this. We are in uncharted territory entering big tours in Div3 so I had no real idea how we would go. So I had to throw all the best riders I could at it.

Silenzio at 13:27 8/3-2023
  What a dominant performance, congratulations. Wonder if you consider spreading the TFs a bit next time for the other 'red average' guys

Man 2 Man at 13:27 8/3-2023
  A magnificent performance from Frederik and the Locknuts, glad I signed up to watch it!

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