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Big changes at Lindfield Locknuts

Written by Lindfield Locknuts at 23:18 30/3-2020

  While Lindfield Locknuts were finalising the sale of Arthut Toole to our new friends at IndieRock, there was a window of time to work out a semblance of a plan. Since about Saturday five riders have left, and four have arrived. So here’s a run-down of the stripped down squad we’ll be working with for the immediate future.
  Clayton Gaby IMN (32)
  Captain, at least for now. There are a few domestiques who might displace him, or at least share duties, once trained up. But he’s led well and has some decent places even in Division 7.
  Quinn Duncan ENG (30)
  Last signing, only arrived this afternoon. I didn’t even scout this guy, I was fed up blowing cash doing so. Just sorted by the best climber in the pool and there he was for $29k. Turns out he has Very Good climbing potential and quite a lot else. Very happy with him.
  Gaius Lasconi ROM (26)
  I’ve got lucky with this fella. I bought him back when I was just spraying cash around with no clue what I was doing. Turns out he he’s Very Good climbing potential and a fair bit besides.
  Viggo Bach DEN (24)
  An early buy who has only just made the cut on Very Good hill riding potential.
  Unwin Treadwell IMN (24)
  One of the original Manxmen, and the first climbing king, with that skill now maxed out at 87. Hopefully has a bit left in the tank in other skills.
  Benjamin Pile IMN (24)
  Another Manxman, with solid climb team potential. I started his training on Downhill purely because his starting skill was the highest.
  Hagen Hunzberger LUX (24)
  Bought this morning, scouting was good and he could eventually be a backup captain.
  Godfrey Jervis IMN (23)
  From the foundation squad and a solid domestique, nothing more or less. But has some skills which might come in useful now and then.
  Roland Utrata POL (23) and Boy Kruijs NED (23)
  Today’s other two signings, destined to be domestiques/water carriers but I wanted to get to ten riders, and they at least fit better in a climb squad than the mistakes I let go.


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Big changes at Lindfield Locknuts

  While Lindfield Locknuts were finalising the sale of Arthut Toole to our new friends at IndieRock, there was a window of time to work out a semblance of a plan....



Lindfield Locknuts at 10:12 28/10-2020 on the Tour of the Sanreizan twice, have spent too much money, but it’s all good.
  Reading this thread back, the guidance and advice really helped.

Lindfield Locknuts at 10:11 28/10-2020
  Just following up after quite some time. Hunzberger has been great fun as captain, I have a few interesting trained up riders and now my three youngest Hansson (just maxed on HL), Bang (VG on CL) and Obregon (VG on DH). It’s good to be down working on young riders, especially reading the comments here again. Duncan, Lasconi, Bach, Utrata, Kruijs all sold. Three veterans bought to help. Have had fu

Lindfield Locknuts at 08:32 8/6-2020 finishing off Benjamin Pile’s CL but I will stop after that as he’ll be 26 soon. Next on the list will be Unwin Treadwell, to see what training he still has in the tank after going so high on CL.
  Thanks everyone.

Lindfield Locknuts at 08:28 8/6-2020
  Just as an update, for those of you who kindly gave advice after this Press Release: I have trained Hagen Hunzberger, he has now maxed on CL and DH, probably HL and maybe completely. But he is already first choice as Captain and has some podiums. No wins yet, maybe next time we drop to D7 he might get one. But he is starting to earn some money back.
  Now finishing off Benjamin Pile’s CL but I w

Lindfield Locknuts at 02:53 1/4-2020
  Excellent feedback - look at all that free advice I have received now! Good community in this game

Schiavi di Don at 22:40 31/3-2020
  26 is too old though btw. ;)

Schiavi di Don at 22:40 31/3-2020
  I trained Nato at age 24/25. I trained Meland at age 25 and will make a profit on selling him in a few days. Old riders are 100% trainable. What BC says is right, return of investment is the big issue with that, but on the other hand, finding young talents can be much more difficult and buying them is a lot more expensive.

Lindfield Locknuts at 21:52 31/3-2020
  Thanks BC.

Universal Soup at 17:00 31/3-2020
  Xp is not a reason to reason only younger guys. When you can't train you can still race and with the Xp cap the more the better doesn't apply for young guys. The only thing to consider is that it will be harder to get the investment back.

Lindfield Locknuts at 13:32 31/3-2020
  Thanks Lance.

USA Postal Services at 13:30 31/3-2020
  If you ever need more advice in climbing training, just mail me. I have a 100% of effectiveness training climbers (1/1 to be honest, but 100% LOL).

Lindfield Locknuts at 13:28 31/3-2020
  I noticed that previously on the forum, and help I’ve had from a couple of kind managers.

USA Postal Services at 13:28 31/3-2020
  That's why I said that about the new riders, Lindfield. I think I approached a team from my country and hired his talents from Hire List, seems he didn't knew what he was doing, now I feel bad but when I open the potentials I said, whatever, now are mine LOL.

USA Postal Services at 13:26 31/3-2020
  No worries, I'm always glad to help any newbie, since I didn't get the help when I started. Just two words when I shared my potential captain, ''Train him,'' from chili LOL a deep advice.

Holwerda Cycling at 13:25 31/3-2020
  No problem. Lots of people to answer your questions on the forum or pm as well.

Lindfield Locknuts at 13:25 31/3-2020
  I have to admit I sold my starter 22yo as he didn’t really fit the climbing team.

Lindfield Locknuts at 13:23 31/3-2020
  I’m impressed how much advice there is here, very much appreciated.

USA Postal Services at 13:23 31/3-2020
  BTW Frank, I don't know why the good guys of new teams now coming older. I remember when I joined the game they were younger, so we could have the chance to train them up before 24. My first captain was maxed when he turned 24, now I see most teams have ppl with 24 or 25, and just one of 22 and 3 of 23. Weird.

Lindfield Locknuts at 13:22 31/3-2020
  Thanks, I’ve now learned about DP the hard way in my first couple of weeks - injuries! I aim to race at 80+ DP but I’m avoiding Top Form, I’m not ready for that yet!

Holwerda Cycling at 13:20 31/3-2020
  That is a good approach, it is a slow game after all. But you will have more profit in the fututre of training the younger guys.

USA Postal Services at 13:19 31/3-2020
  And I need to tell Hagen's xp is a bit lower than the normal average at his age, but if you race him a lot (also watch out for his DP level, if lower than 65 he won't gain xp) he might result a decent bet for lower divs.

USA Postal Services at 13:17 31/3-2020
  Only if you have fresh money to train him quick, 41k is not a lot. I have only one maxed rider (Markussen) and I need more money than you to train, but I have some xp with training since I don't buy trained cyclists. But Hagen can be a team mate if you success.

USA Postal Services at 13:16 31/3-2020
  Experience helps in performance, the more the better and with regular training, he might not gain a lot of it. Just check my dudes, I'm training two atm, well, I have sold one and training him to have a better pay check. So with that money I will get a younger one and use the rest for training.

Lindfield Locknuts at 13:15 31/3-2020
  So Hagen is 24, with 25 days until his birthday. He has the potential to be a backup captain. So let’s say I managed to get him to a solid level by the time he turns 25. Is that not worthwhile?

USA Postal Services at 13:13 31/3-2020
  His peak age starts at 29, but with his age now, if he maxes high, with the cash you have now, you might need one and a half season to train him. He will 27-28, and with low experience due to training, he might not have a good level against riders with better experience.

Lindfield Locknuts at 13:11 31/3-2020
  I missed your post re. Duncan, Lasconi. In Division 7 we are winning reasonable, cash with Clayton leading. This combined with sponsors is funding a bit of training - a small improvement, a bit more cash and so on.

Lindfield Locknuts at 13:08 31/3-2020
  Well right now I had the cash because I sold Arthur Toole for a good price. Don’t the benefits of XP only really show in the higher divisions?
  I guess an example is Lasconi. He has some great potentials e.g. Very Good on CL, but is 26. So what would you do with him, sell? Surely he still has ten years racing with luck? I know riders start to deteriorate from a certain age.

USA Postal Services at 13:06 31/3-2020
  For example Duncan, Lasconi, and many others. If Unwin finishes soon, the others with 24 might be too old to be profitable, that's why you need tons of money and well, good luck and patience :)

USA Postal Services at 13:04 31/3-2020
  Me either, but it's not wise to train guys who are close to 25 (unless they are really good and you have the cash) because XP and all that.

Lindfield Locknuts at 13:01 31/3-2020
  It’s tricky because at the moment I am just trying to establish a squad which will get some results and earn a bit of cash. I am not aiming for fast progress up the divisions (or expecting it). I’m just learning from my mistakes. I have forever!

USA Postal Services at 12:58 31/3-2020
  You know some of them are too old to be trained, right? I would only train the guys with 23 years old or younger, and as Frank said, one rider at the time

Lindfield Locknuts at 12:56 31/3-2020
  Thanks. Really with Unwin there’s not much more - small on DH and HL, all he has otherwise is Good TT but as this is a climbing team that would probably not be much use. Hunzberger is probably going to be the next focus.

DeRodeLantaarn at 12:55 31/3-2020
  Good luck!

Holwerda Cycling at 12:37 31/3-2020
  Good luck with your new squad members.
  I advise to train only one rider at the time.
  Unwin looks like a nice climber. What are his other potentials?

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