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The White Whale

Written by Hog Bay CT at 11:42 8/2-2024

  Finally, after trying many times, Llotyhy has defeated his white whale. A full thirteen seasons after Reinhard Dill finished 5th in Brebes - Brebes and thereby achieved a result in the 29th different Classic, Geordy Roels came in at a solid fourth place in Zürich-Bern-Zürich!
  This means we finally have the Classic Contender Gold achievement. We're not sure if we're the only team with that achievement, but we're proud nonetheless!


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The White Whale

  Finally, after trying many times, Llotyhy has defeated his white whale. A full thirteen seasons after Reinhard Dill finished 5th in Brebes - Brebes and thereby ...


New dawn

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My transfer rules

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The best day so far

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Folke Fogelström

  Hog Bay, being a young team in terms of competitive racing, has had two major attempts at something big so far. In S38, we tried to win Germany Tour and came qu...


Amazement as Witham wins in La Provence

  Suddenly he was back. After a two season drought, Gresham Witham took home a third place in Morelia - Mexico City. Somewhat provoked by the team management afte...


Interview with JHDZ

  JHDZ interviewed me for his The Late Show series. Check it out here:


First win in 107 days

  Like many other teams, Hog Bay CT was hit hard by the xp-changes. Whereas a rider like Gresham Witham ended up in 11th position last season, he's now on a grand...


Witham wins ugly jersey

  One of the main goals of the season has just been achieved. Thanks to two victories in Div 2 climbing races in the last three days, Gresham Witham is now the nu...


And so it begins

  After seven seasons of planning, building the structure of the team, hiring personnel, learning tactics, calculating everything there is to calculate and contem...


Giro di Vicenza

  Yesterday afternoon Hog Bay CT participated in the Giro di Vicenza. For the first time in history the team actually tried to win a major race and team captain G...



  I get asked a lot of questions, well not a lot but quite a few and it always boils down to the following few: What are your plans? When are you finally going to...


Season 35 review; showing off my money

  Figured I'd do one of these to show you guys my income and to proof that if you want to get somewhere in this game it's better to trade than be the number 1 in ...


Brian Pippen

  The first trainee of Hog Bay CT was a spectacular one. In the junior classes he amazed our scouts with his climbing abilities. It seemed as if the sky would lit...



Songolooz at 16:02 14/2-2024

Bilsky at 09:43 9/2-2024
  Nice achievement and great to see Geordy doing well in div 1

Team Chili at 23:24 8/2-2024
  Amazing result Llotyhy

mapei bianchi at 14:02 8/2-2024

Willunga Hill at 12:34 8/2-2024
  tbh I've long had this as a goal. I'm on 22 at the moment and would have to drop down divisions to reasonably entertain achieving it. I don't recall seeing anyone else with it.

Schiavi di Don at 12:27 8/2-2024
  I still prefer Gradey over Moby, but regardless congrats ;)

Willunga Hill at 12:12 8/2-2024
  Great job!!

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