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On the Brink of success

Written by Gewoon Rechtdoor at 14:59 30/3-2021

  Being trained mentally and physically by legendary manager Andreas, Eric Brink was dissapointed about his supporting role at all-star team ABK. Ater a good talk between rider and manager, this led to a transfer to Gewoon Rechtdoor, where Eric was promised a role in the limelight.
  The prospect of riding as a true flat road captain soon made Eric go beyond expectations at ABK, scoring 2 second places in division 2 in his last 2 races for the team. Standing on the podium alongside legends like Teodor Sandberg and Miles Illingworth made him realise he could win races one day.
  In the first few races after the transfer to Gewoon Rechtdoor, Eric had to get used to his new situation. The bikes are shabby, the helmets not aerodynamic, and there is no supporting staff at all. Nevertheless, he finished 4th in his first race. He knew he was on the brink of success...
  ...And in the past 3 days, all the pieces fell together! In the desert heat of Qatar Eric proved he has the best sprint after 128 absolutely flat kilometers, securing his first ever win! Hardly 48 hours later, Eric snatched another victory in the Tour of Lake Ohrid.
  "I have been to the Ohrid Lake before and really enjoyed it. It is a beautiful place to celebrate the recent wins," manager Twan tells the press. "That is why I have gathered the whole team here for a couple of days of relaxing. We got 4 wins this season so far, by Eric and Gerben of course, but these were all team efforts really. The lake offers the ideal backdrop to look back a bit, but especially look forward. New goals for Gerben and Eric are already on the agenda. Estevan might also get his chance soon. And we have great expectations for Lonzo, who only just started training but is already showing great progress."
  "And perhaps Mr.Kees of Velosipedska is around here in Macedonia," Twan jokingly said. "I will take him on a boat ride at the St Naum Monestary, away from the hectic of managing a team, haha."


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On the Brink of success

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Velosipedska at 20:45 17/6-2021
  Wow, I always thought it just put a random recent PR release in that spot! thanks

Gewoon Rechtdoor at 20:42 17/6-2021
  Yeah, I have actually been there too. Clearest water I have ever seen.
  Ps: if you check your own press releases, on the side you can see the press releases of others where your team has been mentioned. You mentioned me once regarding the future of Cedomir :)

Velosipedska at 20:30 17/6-2021
  Found this in a random website search and had a little chuckle. I've been to St Naum incidentally, it's beautiful! Late congrats on your Macedonian win ;)

Gewoon Rechtdoor at 19:49 30/3-2021
  Nice rider. He reached 38th in the end of season ranking. I'd sign for that :)
  By the way, for all fans of Fens, Eric or any of our other stars: we have also decided to upgrade our merchandise store today, so check&buy the new merch now!

Silenzio at 19:10 30/3-2021
  Wrong ridertag meant

Silenzio at 19:09 30/3-2021
  The new Anselmo Santiago. Very good signing :)

TeamTVM at 17:15 30/3-2021
  Congrats for these back to back victories ! Lots more to come with this splendid flat sprinter !...

Holwerda Cycling at 15:14 30/3-2021
  The season is going well for you, well done!

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