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Top Transfers AM

Written by Amstel Flanders at 03:33 5/7-2024

  Time for a little update. Up to S69 D74
  Most Expensive Transfers
  1)Norway Wilhelm Lindberg – 700,000$ - from Hog Bay CT
  2)Greenland Hermann Normann – 515,000$ - from Lots o Huggin Bear
  3)Namibia Aron Shiningayamwe – 420,000$ - from Nairobi Cycling City Club
  4)Denmark Emil Sønderby – 360,000$ - from Hog Bay CT
  5)Israel Boris Bitao – 350,000$ - from Canadian Nippon
  6)Portugal Zacarias Noite – 310,000$ - from Rantanplan
  7)France Zack Fayard – 300,000$ - from Zakisu Pirtina
  8)Macedonia Metodija Aksentiev – 230,000$ - from Albiceleste
  9)Portugal Inácio Fagundes – 215,000$ - from (Yuri SuperTeam) (Talent)
  10)Portugal Rafael Bragança – 165,000$ - from Sanchx (Talent)
  11)Spain Rodas Lima – 160,000$ - from Maglia Nera
  12)Russia Nestor Shcheglov – 135,000$ - from Team WonderDee
  13)Uzbekistan Artyom Karantirov – 126,500$ - from mapei bianchi
  14)USA Carson King – 105,000$ - from Cokol Breakaway Team (Talent)
  15)France Richard Masson – 100,000$ - from Ìslenka Cycling
  16)Belgium Conrad Van Paemel – 96,000$ - from Hardkorre
  17)New Zealand Todd Gilchrist – 90,000$ - from Willunga Hill
  18)France Josselin Tellier – 82,000$ - from (Rantanplan) (Talent)
  19)Sweden Sture Ring – 80,000$ - from Amazonia
  20)Sweden Manne Rosenkvist – 75,000$ - from Skeel
  21)England Lynn Finck – 73,000$ - from UK Postal Service (Talent)
  22)Niger Philippe Congo – 69,000$ - from Hommerts Cycling Team
  23)Isle of Man Keaton Means – 50,000$ - from Vandersluis Pro Cycling (Talent)
  24)Iran Shahram Azargoshasp – 48,000$ - from Skogs riders
  25)Italy Raphael Carrara – 45,000$ - from Competitive Edge
  26)France Dorian Val – 33,000$ - from Silenzio
  Most Expensive Releases
  1)Slovakia Konštantín Hanák – 650,000$ - to FFL
  2)Taiwan Jian Yao – 538,600$ - to Team Chili
  3)Puerto Rico Generoso Troncoso – 450,000$ - to Skogs riders (Talent)
  4)Portugal Rafael Bragança – 400,000$ - to Team AEK
  5)Australia Charlie Seton – 350,000$ - to Los Aviones (Talent)
  6)Namibia Aron Shiningayamwe – 300,000$ - to Goege Team
  7)Belgium Jasper Vandenbosch – 270,000$ - to 1 2 Cycle
  8)Belgium Jorg Van Bombergen – 260,000$ - to Castelli (Partial Training)
  9)Portugal Zacarias Noite – 245,000$ - to ciccioneverde
  10)Sweden Edvard Pettersson – 239,600$ - to DCM (Partial Training)
  11)Sweden Sture Ring – 235,000$ - to team dustin
  12)Portugal Hélio Cesário – 227,800$ - to Snooman (Partial Training)
  13)Uruguay Tadeo Navarrete – 220,000$ - to Vegemigth (Talent)
  14)France William Leray – 220,000$ - to Andeby (Talent)
  15)Belgium Ignace Wilst – 210,000$ - to pollyjean (Talent)
  16)Belgium Mark Geraerts – 210,000$ - to TeamTVM
  17)Belgium Dominik Everaerts – 190,000$ - to Drollevangers (Talent)
  18)Canada Aiken Fanning – 185,000$ - to Rantanplan (Talent)
  19)Belgium Freek Lannoye – 169,000$ - to Team Formand United (Partial Training)
  20)Belgium Theo De Groot – 150,000$ - to PRS (Talent)
  21)France Casimir Pagès – 135,000$ - to TeamTVM
  22)Germany Hannes Retzlaff – 120,000$ - to Rantanplan (Talent)
  23)Latvia Inesis Jurevics – 120,000$ - to Canard Solutions B (Talent)
  24)Belgium Jeremy Berton – 90,000$ - to Rabobank ProCycling (Talent)
  25)Portugal Cláudio Barateiro – 85,000$ - to Vitória FC (Talent)
  26)Dominican Republic Hilario Woriega – 80,000$ - to Toma Pro CST (Talent)
  27)Macau Dou Peng – 75,000$ - to Rantanplan (Talent)
  28)Slovakia Marek Virág – 75,000$ - to Welsh Phoenix (Partial Training)
  29)Italy Donzel Hanori – 70,000$ - to Remco (Talent)
  30)Belgium Hubert Van Espen – 70,000$ - to Ciudad futuro
  31)Netherlands Stefan Krommert – 67,000$ - to MrSjaakBraak (Talent)
  32)Iran Hogir Ferdowsi – 60,000$ - to GroTeam (Partial Training)
  33)Sweden Manne Rosenkvist – 56,700$ - to (Hojita Amirlla)
  34)Belgium Gilian Feaux – 55,000$ - to Vuoso (Talent)
  35)Turkmenistan Kirill Nizamutdinov – 50,000$ - to Canadian Nippon (Talent)
  36)Belgium Angelo Vandenbosch – 45,000$ - to The Laboratory (Talent)
  37)Netherlands Henk Enting – 40,000$ - to Holwerda Cycling (Talent)
  Total Spent: 4,932,500$
  Total Gathered: 7,013,700$
  Balance: +2,081,200$


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Hasee at 15:07 9/7-2024
  wow, lots of money and great riders!

Team Chili at 01:51 8/7-2024
  Nice article Flanders!

Amstel Flanders at 00:34 7/7-2024
  Yeah, I knew he'd be a great rider, just didn't have space in the calendar for him, Sønderby is in his prime.

team dustin at 00:20 7/7-2024
  happy with Sture Ring
  season 67: 7th div 1 race
  season 68: 5th and 6th div 1 race + 3rd yc tva, 1 result
  season 69: 2nd, 2nd, 4th and 8th div 1/1.1 race, 2 results
  have trained cobble till maxed
  points trainer: tq dh hl cl sp fl hl

Amstel Flanders at 08:58 5/7-2024
  To be honest, I was bad at economics here in the past. Always forced to sell my captain to train a new one, crossing fingers for him to max high and so on. Then changed my mind, and all this came along.

Starling shooters at 08:25 5/7-2024
  I wish I could afford those sorts of amounts! and hey you seem to be making more than youre losing so thats good.

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