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1. Only one team per person, and only one person per team. - No sharing.

2. Cheating in any way (taking advantage of bugs, etc.) is not allowed. Instead, if you find a bug report it on the forum or send a message to "Team Zyte" if it's not suitable in public.

3. Actions that intend to help out a fellow team manager should only happen with modesty. Actions that are too beneficial for other teams are considered as cheating and such actions are to be used with caution. Read more about this rule here.

When you have a wildcard and want to do a direct transfer, you can respect the following guidelines to avoid your deal beeing considered a "too beneficial deal":

- The transfer with all its relevant details should be announced on the forum in the transfer section.
- The transfer should refer to this forum post.
- The transfer can only go through is the transfer is not interrupted for 24 hours.
- A transfer can be interrupted by another manager who wants to bid 10% more than the price agreed. A bid that is 25.000 higher always interrupts. A bid that is less than 5.000 higher never interrupts.
- If a deal is interrupted, it comes a regular auction.
- Anyone who interrupts is bound by his bid. If he fails to pay, he can receive a penalty, i.e. paying a fee or losing his wildcard.
- If a transfer is interrupted, the seller can decide not to transfer the rider in question at all.

- It is allowed to make trades (rider swapping, etc.). When doing so, the transfer thread on the forum must include a valuation of the riders in question. Other teams can interrupt by offering 20% (50.000 always interrupts) more on the riders in question. If the riders are valued too high, other managers can interrupt by claiming so. The value must again be less than 20% or 50.000.

If two teams decide to let the transfer go through despite of interruptions or without following the guidelines above, the transfer can be reversed and both teams will be subject to losing their wildcard and getting a fee of 50.000. In cases where the benefits from the deals are of more serious nature, the teams may both be shut down or receive a bigger penatly fee.

4. Improper language in the Forum is not allowed as well as meaningless posts.

Any violation of the above rules may result in a ban without warning.