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Young Guns 11 - part deux / two / dos / twee / s? hai
by Yuri, at 17/1-20 - 14:47 GMT

  Written by Broken Chain of Universal Soup
  I hope everyone has survived the holidays well and got into the new year properly.
  Myself I have been scouting pages of riders to find the perfect talents for our list.
  This was quite a hard job, because of the current rules state that a rider should have a maximum age of 23.
  The U23 rule was enforced because we had an u23 competition and there were many young trained riders.
  Now that experience has been adjusted, it seems harder to find exceptional talents, or is it just me?
  Luckily Santa has come around and brought me a list of exceptional talents that I will thus be able to present to you.
  Please note that the article was finished mid january, so the ages might be not totally allowed according to the rules.
  Tour Rider:
   Ronny Hellgren

  For the Young Gun Tourrider award there are only two serious prospects. These are Ronny Hellgren of mapei bianchi and Rado Holecko of Lokomotiva Zvolen.
  When they were scouted both were still 23, unfortunately when the article is finished they aren't anymore. We will solve that problem later.
  Hellgren is a 238 (9 now) hill climber with 55 TQ while Holecko is a 211 hill climber with 74 DH. Besides his more superior hill capabilities we also think Hellgren will do better as his team is ranked higher and knows how to do tours with earlier experience.
  Hopefully Holecko's team will rise up from the 7th division, so he can show off his skills in higher ranked tours too!
  Hellgren is the Young Gun 11 Tour Rider of choice.
  Time Trialist
   Gil Faria

  Probably the hardest category to find any young talents in. 2 talents in 24 pages. Ji Hongbin of Andeby and Gil Faria made it to finals.
  Both are 227 TT'ers so I can pass my personal judgement on these two riders.
  Team wise we think Ji Hongbin will have a better carreer, but seing that Gil Faria is not yet TT centered we will pick him as our young gun.
  His manager is a bit inactive, but for TT'ers that shouldn't matter

too much. Hopefully the TT team can bring him to the higher divisions.
  The big advantage of Faria in my opinion is his high FR. That could also make him a great LO1 if nonnies decides to build a Sprint team.
  For inspiration on who to buy for that he can look into our next category!
   Gottfried Schumacher

  To look for a good sprinter we have searched through many a page. We came up with some good talents.
  There is Fyodor Gorokhin from Team Celeste, a 218 sprinter. Who turned 24 before finishing the article, but is still considered to be allowed. He has no results as of yet, but he rides in a very competetive team.
  Then there is Hadley Childers of Time Indaiatuba, a 231 sprinter. He won the SC of Norway tour this season and has a 3rd spot of Rotterdam Classic under his belt and last seasons 2nd spot in Helsinki GP Mini.
  Then lastly there is Gottfried Schumacher of Pelles Gazelles a 239 Sprinting beast. He has many results in the lower divisions. 7th Spot in Rotterdam Classic this season.
  It will be a close fight between Childers and Schumacher. We still choose Schumacher, as he's got 8 points more. His team is a little young at the moment, but we can see this will grow to a good champion.
   Eaton McNiswender

  For the best climber position we have scouted in 37 pages of talents. Many were too old, or just not good enough
  In the end the race went between Jacob Wieringh, a 227 climber trained by Hommerts Cycling Team and Eaton McNiswender.
  Eaton is a now 241 climber trained by Stil Ostil, making him a top 10 best climber ( stat wise ) ever in OCM.
  Eaton's 14 extra climbing points gave him the edge over the second best u23 rider of last season Jacob.
  Both will do good, but objectively looking at just the rider Eaton has to be the new Climbing Young Gun!
   Benjamim Fontes

  3 cobble prospects could be found by our prospecters. Will

these stones turn out to contain gold, or just pyrite? We will see.
  Here they are, Verner Strid of Skogs Riders. He has an already impressive 262 skill points. However he turns out to #3 on our list.
  Next up is Pheneas Mdlangamandla who just by his name should win. 266 skill points help too, but this rider of Skudehavnen CC is eclipsed by a real beast.
  Benjamin Fontes of Cokol Breakaway Team. 279 Cobble points. Young Gun 11 Cobbler! What more is there to say.
  Hill Sprinter
   Eloy Soria

  For this category we have two candidates. Costel Lasconi from CC Est, a 209 Hillsprinter with incredible Hill and Eloy Soria of NJ ProCycling who is a 214 hill sprinter with 70TQ.
  Unfortunately for Costel, we don't have a specific hill category. As a hill sprinter I think the HL is a bit less important than the SP stat.
  Therefor my pick will be Eloy Soria to be the new hill sprinting champion of theeee WOOORLD! Especially because of his 70TQ which will help him in many races.
   Mario Delavignette

  A few candidates could be found for this category. it's a hard category to decide who is good and who is not.
  The top specialists are determined by CL+DH+SP. For now we have used these requirements too to find our talents.
  We found pollyjean having a few nice talents. Eurico Sintra a 218 downhiller. He rides alongside with Sandile Banzi a 208 downhiller.
  Then there is Dale Davison at Temora Tornadoes. He boasts a nice 212 DH points. Similar to his fellow country man Ross Bellamy who has 211 DH points.
  There is only one undisputed Young Gun 11 Down Hiller though and that is Mario Delavignette.
  Mario is an extroadinary 244 point downhiller riding for Keegan Cycling Team. He has all the qualities to become an OCM legend.
  For the next edition riders up to 24 years of age will be considered ( or maybe even the YC rule, but that's hard to keep track of manually ).
  Also please tell me if any categories should be added or removed or other criteria changed.
  Until next time!


CC Est at 15:04 17/1-2020
  Schuhmacher is indeed excellent sprint monster. And nothing else than "high speed" can be expected from his name.

Alpine at 15:09 17/1-2020
  Great article! Thanks
  Of the list, Eaton is naturally in a class of his own and was the most expensive rider transferred in a game for a reason. He was trained by Tommy T, not Stil Ostil.
  (Also send me a PM if you want to make this search easier in the future)

Universal Soup at 16:57 17/1-2020
  Hellgren is in a famous team, but also the #5 best ever Hill Climber. Schumacher is also a 239 sprinter, so could be great and maybe make the top 10 specialists too.
  Delavignette is my best find, 3rd best ever DH'er but not yet on that list ;)

Stormriders at 21:43 17/1-2020
  Great read! Surprised to see two riders I sold as talents, guess I should have kept one at least. Also, no love for San Marinos De Biagi? Or was he too old? Not that he would have beaten Eaton anyway...

Hommerts Cycling Team at 23:11 17/1-2020
  Eaton is a beast who will achieve big things in the future! Though he was a bit unlucky in the beginning that his team quit the game and he did almost nothing for a season, which is a loss off experience.
  But he's at a good team now which is getting good support. Hope to battle him in the U23 WC this season!

Cokol Breakaway Team at 02:37 18/1-2020
  Nice work with combing the data, Hennerie! Great to have the series back.
  And thanks for mentioning Fontes, I appreciate the shout out. Hope I can do him justice

Universal Soup at 18:56 18/1-2020
  I saw De Biagi, but yes, the article came a season to late for him.

Time Indaiatuba at 02:24 21/1-2020
  Great article. Schuhmacher looks strong, but I'm obviously hoping Hadley Childers has the stronger career.