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TvA - Stage 4 recap
by Yuri, at 13/6-17 - 12:51 GMT

  Written by Simon de Montfort of

  Gazet van Antwerpen - TvA stage 4
  The last stage brought us some surprises as the race didnt finish in a bunch sprint and the riders arrived one by one with a few seconds gaps between them. This resulted in some changes in the GC, as the time differences between some riders were very small.
  The winner of the stage was  Poland Blazej Urbanek from Cycle 1 2. Few seconds after him arrived the YC winner  Slovenia Marjan Mrak while 3rd place finisher was  Poland Julian Cichocki from AnnoDomini, who thanks to this result moved up

from 7th place to 3rd in GC.
  The yellow jersey finished 9th but managed to keep his lead. It is an incredible back-to-back win for  Bermuda Gale Reason - we need to check with our stats specialists, but with 35yo Gale may actually be the oldest rider ever to win a top div tour! Hats off!!!
  We have asked the winner of the last stage Blazej Urbanek to share his thoughts about the race:
  - Great win Blazej in the final stage. You managed to repeat your successs from edition 28. Are you happy?
  - Thank you, I am very happy with the first place. It wasn't easy and I couldn't have won it without my team, they did great work! Also congratulations to Gale Reason of Jonas Pro Cycling with the overal win.
  - Overall you finished 4th - is this a

satisfying result?
  - My goal was the podium, missing it by one second kinda hurts. However, before today's race I didn't expect to come this close. So all in all I am not disappointed and happy with the teams performance in the last race.
  - I guess you will want to come back here again next season. What kind of training or preparation do you plan to do before we meet again in 90 days?
  - I will surely return, it doesn't get much better then the TvA for a rider like myself. The competition is fierce, which is a great motivation. This season I participated in the Roubaix classic, as preparation, that didn't work out as I hoped it would. For next season I will fall back to my old preparation, meaning Pre Roubaix Classic.
  Thanks Blazej and thank you to all our readers - we hope you have enjoyed our Gazet van Antwerpen sports section. See you next year!


TeamQuetzal at 13:38 13/6-2017
  This reminds me a lot of GĂ©rard Holtz! Keep up Simon!

1 2 Cycle at 14:08 13/6-2017
  Good work! Keep it up, it is a fun addition:)

AnnoDomini at 15:10 13/6-2017
  Glad you liked it. I had some fun writing those myself :-)

Jonas Pro Cycling at 06:41 14/6-2017
  Great read! Thanks.