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TvA - Stage 3 recap
by Yuri, at 12/6-17 - 15:36 GMT

  Written by Simon de Montfort of

  Gazet van Antwerpen - TvA stage 3
  Today's stage was a 165km ride from Arendonk to Geel. The weather was not nice for the riders, but after a few showers the sun eventually came out from the clouds and iluminated the finishline for  Portugal Marcio Fialho, who crossed the line first, a few seconds before  Vietnam Vuong Duc The and the yellow jersey of the leader  Bermuda Gale Reason.

  Other favorites were not that far away and all finished in top 15, apart from Garth Yocum who got injured in the first stage and retired from the race - big disapointement for him for sure.
  3rd place for Reason means the Bermudan stays in the lead, a healthy 29sec before Tarjei Thorvaldsen and 41sec ahead of the local favorite van Bockorst, with one last stage left to ride.
  Todays winner Marcio Fialho wanted to quickly go to the hotel to dry up but he found a minute to talk to us about the stage.
  - Marcio, well done with the win! Did you enjoy the ride

  - The rain was not that enjoyable, but it was nice to win today after the disappointing king stage.
  - With Lucas Loudon finishing 15th it looks like you have taken over the captain role. What happened to Lucas? Bad day today?
  - Lucas is still tired after the Roubaix classic. He has chosen for the last stage with arrival on the Meir, the largest and busiest street in Antwerp, to save his TVA.
  - You are now 6th in GC with just one stage to go - do you expect any changes in the GC? Do you think you will improve on your position tomorrow?
  - No, I don't expect any more major changes in the GC, but we hope to win a second stage tomorrow.
  - Good luck then Marcio!


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