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Transfer Market Analysis, Edition No. 1
by Yuri, at 30/5-20 - 10:09 GMT

  Written by Lance Armstrong of USA Postal Services
  Are you a new team joining the OCM Universe and still don’t know how Transfer Market works? Or an old experience squad but still want to learn and find the best rider to fulfill your team ambitions? Are you trying to understand certain transfers that at first sight have no sense? Well, Transfer Market Analysis will clear out all your doubts and will show you how it’s done. I will show the most interesting transfers of trained and promising cyclists around, so you can have a quick peak and acquire experience. There’s room for every type of cyclist, from talents with decent stats or those promising ones who might become incredible riders with luck and right training. Expert cyclists are the most common, from team mates to team captains. I’ve spent hours checking every new post in the forum, and recently we had some interesting offers I would like to share with all of you; and together we will analyze the possible benefits of the list I got and the most interesting riders.
  *As fast as a (broken) go-kart or a market opportunity?
   Hwangbo Won-gil became the first north Korean rider winning Fast On Wheels, and he was in the market. Fighting couldn’t sell him at first attempt and had to reduce the starting bid. It seemed that there was no interest in Won-gil, even thought he was holding a wildcard for the tour; luckily Dutch team logoloos thought he was the perfect cyclist to do a good come back and paid 200k to secure his services.
  A fair transfer, considering his age and luck during the last edition of FOW, beating riders in better shape and well-skilled. With the right support he can do a decent tour and fight for several TT races. The only doubt relies in this question, will Hwangbo could be a real candidate for the edition of FOW of this season? Time will tell… but logoloos has a new captain to start again its way to the top.
  *You should have checked the rules…
   Michel Pelsers will join Cycling and kebab in a private deal of 750k. The 28 years old from Belgium is happy to start a new adventure in a top team, but a funny incident occurred while the 24 hours for interruption was expiring. German squad Team Boehringer appeared bidding 770k, however it was 10k short to interrupt a private deal. At the end he included the 10k missing, some hours after the deadline had expired and Norwegian team and Pelsers had a happy ending… which reminds me, before interrupting a deal, check the rules ;)
  Kebab has now a (young) new great sprinter to fight for wins, future captain for many seasons and sqadra sora has fresh money to fulfill new dreams. Everyone is (almost) happy…
  *Is this auction over?
  That was CCFC mumbled after several days of auction. His rider Hans-Joachim Ober was guilty of it, a German dude of

22 years; dark green average and no TT center. The auction began at 400k, Einar thought the auction would take a couple days or so, but many teams bided one right after the other, ten days later the norwegian manager was so tired that he begged the auction to stop (for real, no joking) and finally Romanian team Tears and Saints (it’s not what you think, it’s just a name) won the auction with a bid of 710k. You might wonder, a sprint team doing such effort for a climber, only means one thing (the answer is up to you guys, I can’t answer everything *laughs*)…
  But first, they have to do another deal with manager Einar, since Romanian team needs to raise some funds to complete the transfer. Meanwhile Ober is enjoying a nice rest, watching his team mates struggling at Giro di Montelbano.
  *Back in the biz?
  Greenlander team The Norse Code found an interesting talent in their academy. Kai Isaac, a local cyclist who has a great potential to become a great cobble captain. 270+ points, Incredible in CB, Good FR, and Average SP, this guy has all necessary ingredients to be a dominant cobbler.
  The auction opened at 50k, with the promise of hiring the rider as soon as a bid was placed and hiring requested. Several teams began a furious bidding until it stabilized. The last 24 hours were witness how Sprit i flaskene and ekaitz team made a final attempt to hire this promising talent, and the Spaniard team won the auction with a final price of 125k.
  ekaitz had an amazing cobble star in the past, Don Timo Canseco. Don is mostly used in Spain as a title for respected/exceptional people, as Sir is an honorific title in the UK… and Italy uses Don, referring to ‘’good’’ men who wear black or white suits and people ‘’loves’’ them (no, I wasn’t talking about The Don, so you better leave me alone Niccolo Maffia… where are you taking me to? I didn’t do anything wrong!). He brought success and fame to his team in the cobblestones, but that is part of the past. Timo retired several seasons ago and ekaitz has spent some time tracking down a possible captain to train. Despite the current cobblers on the team, they aren’t good enough to assault the biggest races of cobble calendar (TvA, Roubaix, Astana, etc). Is Kai Isaac the answer? As detailed before, he has a potential to become a 270+ cobble cyclist, but yet we are talking about a talent. Nevertheless, we need to keep an eye on this rider and his development.
  His potential is here, as shown in the transfer post.
  Kai Isaac
  Nation: Greenland
  Age: 22 years
  Birthday: Day 62
  Experience: Level 1
  CL: None (28)
  DH: None (25)
  HL: None (25)
  SP: None (41)
  FR: None (25)
  CB: None (27)
  TT: None (26)

None (27)
  CL: Small
  DH: None
  HL: Average
  SP: Average
  FR: Good
  CB: Incredible
  TT: None
  TQ: Small
  The Norse Code hired him recently, showing that Kai has a starting average of 29. A small handicap ekaitz must consider, but at least this guys has some important sprint points, so he can focus on the main skills.
  *Slopes and punches
   Lionel Morrish is also one of the new talents out there. ekaitz team was active recently, and found several talents to offer in a public auction. Morrish was the most interesting of them, immediately several teams from England and other parts of Europe did a great effort to hire this new talent of 23 years old. MrSjaakBraak coughed out its kidney in the last rush and offered 225k for his services, a new young talent with promising climbing/downhilling skills to refresh the team.
  Based on the current points he has, there are big hopes for Lionel. However the 225k paid for him adds an extra pressure on his shoulders to improve really high, good luck Lionel Morrish!
  Age: 23 years
  Birthday: Day 25
  Team Spirit: 88%
  Experience: Level 4
  ekaitz team since 18/05-2020
  Top form ready
  Average Skill: 31
  CL: Good
  DH: Very good
  HL: Average
  SP: Small
  FR: None
  CB: Small
  TT: Good
  TQ: None
  Potentials as it were given by ekaitz team. Average 31… very interesting.
  Is not a secret to OCM world what Llotyhy has been doing the last seasons. With a huge wage he posted a message in the Transfer Forum, Hill captain wanted. With some specific request about age and skill (None) he set as highest price to pay in 600k, for a hill captain. Will Llotyhy find what he is looking for? We will see…
  But incognita was cleared, thanks for making me edit this article… again. Tuncay Tayfan from aussie squad Team Jayco for just 440k. With 26 years old, his prime age in front of him Llotyhy made me change the final article to add his new captain (of course, no TF ready decrease the final price, a good advice for new/older teams hiring trained riders).
  A great price for a good hill sprinter, I know it wasn’t hard for him to convince the manager to sell him, since Team Jayco is switching to an all-aussie team. Now for the price, that was the best part of this private deal. With the new support for Tuncay, he needs to prove himself as the only captain of the team.
  Well, this was the first analysis of the most recent moves in the Transfer Market. The analysis listed are not completed (but auction is over, only an exception here). What will we see in the next days? We can’t tell but one thing is sure, the auction is not over until the fat lady sings ;)


Team WonderDee at 13:31 30/5-2020
  Great :)

Holwerda Cycling at 21:19 30/5-2020
  Yep great!

Spin Doctors at 09:31 31/5-2020
  A great insight into our weird transfer market!
  I really thought I was bidding over the odds for Morrish. Perhaps if he’d not had that TT potential he wouldn’t have gone for that price. In the pre-sponsor market I suspect he’d have been in the 150k range.

USA Postal Services at 09:53 31/5-2020
  That was a really hard race to get him. Yeah, about the 150k range but I think even without sponsors he would have reached the 200k+ in any case. Just check Isaac's, after looking some results from my program, I found that Vidar Kleven costed the same, 125k without sponsors. And my rider Douglas costed 100k when the sponsors began. It just depends on how the managers are willing to pay, of course; having extra cash in your pocket makes auctions a matter of endurance, when will you give up, it happened recently to me (with same Kai Isaac).

DeRodeLantaarn at 10:53 31/5-2020
  Nice article Lance:)

USA Postal Services at 20:19 31/5-2020
  Thanks, glad you like it MW. Preparing some transfers for edition 2.

Navarone Cycling Team at 21:17 31/5-2020
  I love these types of articles, great job!

Team Chili at 04:12 1/6-2020
  Awesome write up. Loved it.
  I was expecting a graph so I will add my own :)

USA Postal Services at 06:31 1/6-2020
  Oh well, I'm not good at graphics, I owe you that :)
  I'm writing atm the edition two, based on talents mostly, will see the light of OCM next week... around Thursday or Friday, I will decide tomorrow.

NightmareChaos at 17:25 1/6-2020
  Nice work. These are hard working things

Team Chili at 01:03 5/6-2020
  USA, graphs are easy. Your article is super entertaining and takes alot of hard work. Thankyou

USA Postal Services at 01:14 5/6-2020
  Me no likes drawing. I only draw lines, and no crayons. That explains why I was the worse kid at Kindergarden :)