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The new season 39
by Finz, at 3/12-16 - 23:52 GMT

  Written by Finz of NightmareChaos
  The new season is three days old and some of you may already have tasted the success of victory or the dissapointment of failure. I do wonder, what does it taste to you, success or failure.
  Many goals are set, some are already put onto ice for next

season some are still going strong. 90 days, now only 87, are ahead of us and we are looking forward to those things we want to win most. Will there be a new number one, will there be a new winnner in the end. And, most important, will I get more points than last season. Will your talents be great and will they max high, we all hope the will not, but

that does not matter for you, you will train them anyway.
  New achievements to be won, and a few more trophies are being added. Will we see a new tour also, who knows. It would be great to see South America and Africa in the game also. They have great sceneries.
  For now, all good luck and all good fun.


Hog Bay CT at 10:39 4/12-2016
  Good luck everyone!

Team Chili at 12:28 4/12-2016

Willunga Hill at 16:42 4/12-2016
  Will I get enough $$$ to train that next guy who is gonna save my team and season? :-)
  Cheers Finz. We wish you crappy training but good racing too! :-)

AnnoDomini at 22:16 4/12-2016
  hoping for an exciting season!

NightmareChaos at 23:11 4/12-2016
  I hope someone will die so i move up

TeamQuetzal at 02:02 5/12-2016
  Good luck everybody!!

ekaitz team at 21:06 9/12-2016
  Good luck!!!! But less than me ;)

ASADO Team at 05:04 4/1-2017
  Good Luck! Especially for South american teams :-)

indi at 07:27 12/1-2017
  win all