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04:28 GMT         Day 90 of 90, Season 44    

The World Championships s38
by Finz, at 30/11-16 - 21:26 GMT

  It is day 90 of the season and that is the last day of the season and only one day before the new season starts. Many teams have already left shop and are waiting for the first kilometers in the new season. Besides the amateurs in the lowest division we also have the infamous World Championships that are held in Top Division. This season they were held in the Netherlands, more specific, Limburg, the most southern tip of the Netherlands.
  Passing cities and villages and following a southern route we embark from Maastricht to Gronsveld, Rijckholt, Moerslag further east towards Mheer, Slenaken all the way to Raren. From there we move north to Schin op Geul and Valkenburg. From Valkenburg we travel east to Heerlen and Kerkrade. Passing the Brunssumerheide the peloton travelled to Geleen and from Geleen, passing Maastricht Airport we entered Maastricht again. And that was the first of two tours through the south of Limburg. After two thirds of the race we saw a small group gain ground on the rest of the peloton. The captains have been brought to their places and it was their job to finish it. Not much happened and all attacks were brought back by either one of the captains and

the group was intact in Maastricht when the race was in the closing kilometers.
  A brief moment of neglect was enough for Marcelino Santambrogio to gain a few meters from the rest and the winding streets in Maastricht made it impossible for the others to reel him back in. A semi solo finish with a sprinting group behind him gave mapei bianchi one of their biggest results. Second and third were for teams from the hosting nation, who had hoped for more.
  With the World Championships roadrace being held in the south of Limburg the timetrial race was in Roermond. The rider start with the Munsterchurch in their behind and travel north to the Designer Outlet in Roermond, with a technical section they are riding into town again passing the Saint Christoffel cathedral onto the Markt and through the Steenweg to the Kloosterwandstraat from that moment they turn onto the Godsweerdersingel and through the citypark back to the Munsterchurch. They traveled 4 kilometers and after 15 laps the clock is stopped. It was in the end Team EksilFG with Huldar ├×orgestursson who set the fastest time beating PEKAC B and Matrix team.

World Championships
  1. Marcelino Santambrogio mapei bianchi
  2. Folke Fogelstr├Âm johny2
  3. Pierre-Antoine Redon Ron Cycling Team

  World Championships TT
  1. Huldar ├×orgestursson, Team EksilFG
  2. Zdislav Janota, PEKAC B
  3. Gabriel Martinez, Matrix team


Schiavi di Don at 22:37 30/11-2016
  Limburgse Vlaai has definitely been used to bribe officials here

Stroopwafel at 03:06 1/12-2016
  Best Dutchman 15th (my Geurtsen, out of breath), ouch. Congrats to Santambrogio though, deserved!

Team EksilFG at 11:23 1/12-2016
  Nice little piece

Team Chili at 13:09 1/12-2016