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The Late Show - Nr.8
by Yuri, at 21/8-17 - 09:31 GMT

  Written by Alexandru Buciu of

  Hello ladies and gentlemen and this is the Late Show with…Alexandru Buciu! I know what you are thinking – Him, again? Where is Jonathan? Well…let’s get to the monologue part first!
  As Vuelta a Espana 2017 approaches very fast, there are 5 key stages that could turn the Spanish tour upside down. But the most important one is the one including Anglirou. It comes in stage 20 and it can turn the tides of the tour for the last time. Will we see some fireworks there? In OCM, Germany Tour ended recently and the winner was no other that Patryk Drozdowski, Chris Froome of the tour in my opinion. As his manager is in the public tonight, let’s congratulate him for the win! Are you still thinking about where is Jonathan? Then let’s move to our guest for tonight…ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, the one… the only…the man from Mexico…Jonathan Hernandez!!!
  Alex: Oh, this applause never end (smile)! To start it off, how are you?
  JHDZ: I´m very, very fine, I just went back to school, so I´m a little bit busy.
  Alex: Good luck! Are you really from Mexico or just hiding from Trump?
  JHDZ: Hehe! I am a real Mexican thank you very much. A curious fact, I am also French, since my mother is French too, which means that the citizenship is transferred. So I speak fluently three languages, which is very useful. I´m also starting to learn German :D.
  Alex: Hmm, I also started to learn German recently. It seems like a fun language to learn and very useful. What made you join and stay in OCM?
  JHDZ: It has to be the community and how the game works. There´s something about it that I love. It´s been two wonderful years, and I hope to spend much more in the game.
  Alex: Is the team you have now the best you ever had? You

can tell, they are not watching the show.
  I have to admit that yes. Popo was in great form before the injury he had at Baltimore :/. But Div 4 is my max, and I´ll try to keep progressing in the rankings.
  Alex: See you in the tours of division 4 next season then (smile). Do you like soccer?
  JHDZ: Soccer is the favorite sport of Mexico. I do not dislike soccer, however it is not my favorite sport. My favorite sport is obviously cycling. And I also like a lot basketball. I´m impatient for the start of the NBA season.
  Alex: What is your favorite IRL race?
  JHDZ: Mmm. tricky one. Classics are very fun. However I would say that my favorite IRL race is the Tour de France. I think the tour is unfairly tagged as boring. There are attacks, but most of them are unsuccesful. There is a lot of excitng things, but people always criticize folks who are great at what they do. Look at how people hate Golden State Warriors. Why? Because they are too good. The same goes for Froome and Team Sky.
  Alex: Yes, Tour de France is unfairly tagged in my opinion as well. What about your RL favourite rider?
  JHDZ: Without a doubt Chris Froome. So explosive. You never know if he is strong or weak. He hides his cards. I became a cycling fan because of him in 2012. I also like a lot Peter Sagan. He is so much fun and is very skillfull in a lot of road cycling skills.
  Alex: Who are your favorite OCM rider and manager?
  JHDZ: I´m gonna go with Patryk Drozdowski. I really enjoy him. I am really curious if he will ever TF on the Vuelta to try to expand his palmares, and show that he is not just a GT racer. And for favorite manager...Mmmh. Hard one. In terms of strategy I´m going with Eli and Chris Fabio. The Don, Finz, Andreas, david popescu, yourself, Methode, mak, Yuri, Litus, Donald, etc. In short everyone who is active in this community, since it is like the best ever game community :)
  Alex: It seems that

your favourite rider Patryk did it again and won the Germany Tour. Moving to the next question, do you like salsa sauce?
  JHDZ: Sounds weird but I´m a Mexican that doesn´t like spicy sauces. My tacos always go without salsa. The same goes with my tostadas, flautas, tamales, gorditas, pozole, etc, etc, etc.
  Alex: Any plans for the future of your team? This question sounds very weird following the one above.
  JHDZ: Tbh it does sound weird lol. I would like to keep on progressing on the ranks. My dream is to one day win the Gt although my squad is a sprinting one.
  So tonight´s game ladies and gentleman is Weirdeos. As you know, Weirdeos consists on me sending the guest 5 videos and he has to watch them. He will then tell his impressions and thoughts on them. I´ll leave the link if readers want to watch them (Not recommended). (WARNING: please keep the kids away from the videos)
  Alex: OK, the first video -
  JHDZ: Sweet Jesus
  Alex: The second one -
  JHDZ: Wow this is light compared to the last one. The cat killed me though.
  Alex: And to wake you up, the third video -
  JHDZ: Goood! Some of´em were so cringy
  Alex: Let’s move to the next one. It is not good to think too much about them -
  JHDZ: I´m dead.
  Alex: And the last one -
  JHDZ: I´m dead x2
  Ladies and gentlemen, let’s give a huge round of applause to the one and only…Jonathan! Our host and for tonight our guest of “The Late Show”! Join us again next time and thank you Jonathan for giving me the opportunity to be the host of your show!


Holwerda Cycling at 12:14 21/8-2017
  Very good, now we finally know something about the big host!

Nikoline at 01:18 22/8-2017
  Another good late show, Buciu.

Fighting at 06:10 22/8-2017
  Thank you!

TeamQuetzal at 13:54 22/8-2017
  Hehe...Feels great to be on the other side. Grear show Alex!

Fighting at 16:06 22/8-2017

familytour at 22:41 24/8-2017
  Ihr seid beide sehr lustig!