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The Late Show - Nr.7
by Yuri, at 18/8-17 - 09:55 GMT

  Written by Alexandru Buciu of

  Hello ladies and gentlemen and this is the Late Show with John…Alexandru Buciu!
  While I was checking the sites today for anything interesting in the cycling world I found this “Samuel Sanchez tests positive in out-of-competition control”. I rubbed my eyes and read again. It seems that Sami Sanchez went to the other side as well. It is a shame, as he was one of the spectacular riders in the peloton in my opinion. And as I am the host of the show for tonight, my opinion matters (smilling). Aaaand…an even more shocking news…Marcel Kittel moved to Katusha-Alpecin! Isn’t that wonderful? And I thought that I wouldn’t find news to write about here. While you are thinkg about the comments to write below, let’s move to our guest for tonight…ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, the one and only Leolion from Nikoline!
  Alex: To start it off, how are you?
  Leolion: I am fine, thank you. We had 3 days of sunny weather during my vacation in July, so that was a bit disappointing?
  Alex: I am sorry for it! I understand as I went on vacation recently to the seaside and I only had 2 days with sun out of 5. Where are you from?
  Leolion: I am from Bergen, Norway.
  Alex: What made you join and stay in OCM?
  Leolion: I was looking for a manager cycling game, either on PC or online. I don’t remember exactly how I found this game first time. It is mentioned in a few discussion groups

  I stay because the races is a lot of fun and the planning of creating a good team. There are so many possibilities of what direction to take. This game does not take too much time. You can play for hours, or limit it to 5 mins a day, depending on how busy you are in RL.
  Alex: What´s the atmosphere in your team now? Are the riders motivated to finish the season in high form?
  Leolion: Yes, seems like it. I have a few riders ready for TF, so results will come.
  Alex: Confident! Good luck! What is your favorite IRL race?
  Leolion: I would have to say Tour de France. I usually follow that closely during the summer if not on holiday abroad. Also the Norwegian tours ofc., WC and Olympics.
  WC in Bergen will be something really special!
  Alex: Yes, the WC in Bergen will be interesting to watch. What about your RL favourite rider?
  Leolion: I don’t really have a favourite rider. Edvald Boasson Hagen comes to mind, though.
  Alex: Who are your favorite OCM rider and manager?
  Leolion: I don’t really have a favourite rider or team. There are a few teams that I stay in contact with in game.
  Alex: What is your biggest achievement in OCM?
  Leolion: 2nd in GC of Norway tour and winning the YC in that tour.
  Alex: That must have been special given that it was in your home country. Why São Tomé and Príncipe?
  Leolion: Fun to pick a country that you don’t hear of in pro cycling. A bit exotic too, I think.
  Alex: Any plans for the future of your team?

  Leolion: Developing talents from Sao Tome and still have fun with this game.
  Would You Rather
  Alex: Would You Rather wear a skirt or a kilt?
  Leolion: Kilt
  Alex: Would You Rather play soccer or American football?
  Leolion: Definetly soccer
  Alex: Would You Rather learn Chinese or Hindi?
  Leolion: Chinese, I guess
  Alex: Would you Rather be the police or the thief?
  Leolion: Haha, none, but I choose police. I dont steal.
  Alex: Would you Rather buy a plane or a boat?
  Leolion: Boat. I like to fish and catch crabs. Also just being on the ocean.
  Alex: Would you Rather be smart and unlucky or dumb and lucky?
  Leolion: Smart and unlucky.
  Alex: Would you Rather learn Maths or a foreign language?
  Leolion: Foreign language
  Alex: Would you Rather have vacation in a virgin island or in a big city?
  Leolion: An island for relaxation. Sao Tome or Principe maybe?
  Alex: Would you Rather play this game or watch TV?
  Leolion: I pretty much do both at the same time. Rather play if there is some excitement in a tour or a race.
  Alex: Would you Rather die in pride or beg for mercy?
  Leolion: I would beg and cry like a little girl for mercy.
  That was Leolion ladies and gentlemen! A huge round of applause for him everyone! And I will see you on the next episode! Drive safely!


Hog Bay CT at 10:35 18/8-2017
  Fun read, well doen guys! :)

Nikoline at 12:26 18/8-2017
  You edited and put it together well, Buciu. Good work!
  Not a bad move by Katusha. Kristoff out, Kittel in.

AusGo at 13:01 18/8-2017
  ;D Great Work. A nice read

tomba at 14:50 18/8-2017
  Nice to follow these Late Shows! Keep up the good work everyone :)

Indurain team at 23:22 18/8-2017
  Nice article;-)

TeamQuetzal at 02:19 19/8-2017
  Great article Alex :D

Fighting at 08:06 19/8-2017
  Thank you! It is all the guest's merrit :).

Team Misty Games at 15:08 19/8-2017
  Kittel keeps on moving

Nikoline at 20:12 19/8-2017
  Not mentioned in the interview is that I did a lot of erratic decisions starting up and during the first year of playing that hindered my progress. I didnt expect to be here almost 3 years later, but I am still going strong.

Fighting at 23:08 19/8-2017
  I think that Sao Tome and Principe got too much of you and you couldn't quit because of ir ;).