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The Jonhatan's Late Show - S4E3
by Yuri, at 19/1-18 - 10:30 GMT

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  Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the Late Show with Johnathan Hernandez!
  It is sad to see that cycling is the dope sport. I mean soccer and football are all highlights and fame but they are mostly clean. And it is sad to see that in cycling they do not even care about moral responsibilities. Which at the end of the day is sad. I don´t want my sport to be known as the sport of dopers. And it is also the sport of poor people. Cyclists are not paid at all unless you were Lance Armstrong. What do you call a professional cyclist who just broke up with his girlfriend? A homeless person. I´ll also do a careless promotion of my SP team sale! Go check it out! The 2018 season is on its way and Sagan just won. Again. I am very excited for this season and maybe I´ll win this years´ Velogames. But let´s go to the guest that makes me feel like Oprah, the one the only Frederik!
  JHDZ: To start it off, how are you?
  FREDERIK: I'm good thanks. Watching Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee and playing FM. My GF is sleeping :-)
  JHDZ: That´s very nice! Is it Benny or Frederik? Why did you choose those names?
  FREDERIK: My name

is Frederik. My mom chose it... Benny is a character from a crazy Danish animated movie called Bennys Badekar (Bennys Bathtub)
  JHDZ: How long have you been in OCM? What made you stay?
  FREDERIK: Wow... a long time. First team was BurgerQueens.
  JHDZ: Holy moly that´s 2012, and tell me what has changed since?
  FREDERIK: Better managers. Guys like Delion and Chris from Avataria really took the game to a new level.
  JHDZ: Do you ever regret cheating?
  FREDERIK: Sometimes. I regret cheating other managers.
  JHDZ: What has been your biggest achievement in the game?
  FREDERIK: Hmm... I came close to doing the Perm/Cymru double with a TTer in TF (1st and 2nd). I think I was one of the first ones to see that as a possibility
  JHDZ: Who are your favorite rider and manager in OCM?
  FREDERIK: Rider is Peturrr... Manager is Lamme Frans - he does things his own way and often succeed.
  JHDZ: Is cycling your favorite sport on real life? If so, why?
  FREDERIK: Sure. It wasn't 5 years ago, and I still like it more and more. I love how close you get to the athletes in cycling. Not only physically on the road, but also their emotions and reactions. There isn't a filter of managers and PR-fuckers like in football or other mainstream sports.
  JHDZ: What is your favorite part of the game?
  FREDERIK: Winning with

riders from my talent feature.
  JHDZ: Any plans on the future of the team?
  FREDERIK: Was gonna sell Rashidi to focus on Fangeir, but instead I decided to go with 2 sprint teams - Slico style. Gonna maintain those 2 and build a 6 man TT-team of the profits.
  Who was the doped one?
  JHDZ: And introducing a new game with your show... Who was the doped one? 1969 Giro, Eddy Mercxx or Felice Gimonde?
  FRDERIK: Mercxx was always doped. It surprises me that people tend to forget that.
  JHDZ: Right. 1998 Tour Jan Ulrich or Richard Virenque?
  FREDERIK: Jan was on recreational drugs. Virenque was high on his own frosty tips.
  JHDZ: Correct! in 2007 Vinokourov or Ivan Basso?
  FREDERIK: Vinokourov was on plutonium. Basso was on really really thick Barolo - hemotacrit of 50.
  JHDZ: Both are correct! In 2012 who was banned for life Michele Scarponi (rip) or Luis Garcia?
  FREDERIK: Who is Luis Garcia??!?! To me Scarponi was clean...
  JHDZ: It was Luis. He was not lamentably…Who admitted on doping in 2013 Ryder Hesjedal or Lawson Craddock?
  FREDERIK: Ryder. How can you be named Ryder, when your riding style is so damn ugly? PS. Lawson good use some dope - boooooring ryder.
  JHDZ: Right again! Well that was it for today and I´ll see ya on the next one!


TeamQuetzal at 17:12 19/1-2018
  Buciu's show will start at the beginning of next season

mapei bianchi at 17:24 19/1-2018
  Nice one!

NightmareChaos at 21:53 19/1-2018
  They are all doped

Silver Giant at 19:05 21/1-2018
  Who is Luis Garcia? Can’t find him om cqranking

TeamQuetzal at 19:21 21/1-2018
  He is not a cyclist. But a doctor.

Australian Warlord at 14:02 22/1-2018
  Mercxx wasn't doping. It was the cough medicine, the doctors, the samples was mishandled. I'm sure there would be a contaminated meat or asthma claim in there somewhere. No, it was the kidneys fault; opps sorry, getting him mixed up with a certain current tour cyclist.