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The Jonhatan's Late Show - S4E1
by Yuri, at 4/1-18 - 11:01 GMT

  Written by JonhatanHernandez of

  Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the very Late Show with JHDZ!
  I know I have disappeared for a while, but I was recently very occupied and affected by personal problems (la mayoría tienen que ver con celebracionse de año Nuevo en México jaja), but I am back for Season Four of the best (because it’s the only one) guest talk show of OCM! Now let´s start with what every one of us is talking about. Star Wars. Oh no? Okay. Well then Salbutamol and Chris Froome. Tbh I have no idea what to think about this. UCI has not released any official statements or sanctions. Is Ferrari, EPO, and US Postal happening again? I hope not. Anyways, everyone give it up for the man named like my uncle from my momma´s side, the one, the only…Yann from Matrix team!!
  JHDZ: To start it off, how are you?
  YANN: Fine thanks! As I said to you before I am quite busy at the time, but happy to honor your invitation.
  JHDZ: What made you like OCM?
  YANN: When I discovered the game I was looking for another kind of managing game I played during the Tour de France, but with much less options, and at first OCM seemed quite complicated to me (an all-English game for a Frenchman, you can imagine how I felt ^^)
  But the more I played, the more I liked it, mostly the managing part of course, and the fact that you can't do everything immediately: you have to plan and anticipate your calendar, your finances and your riders (who will race? as captain or team mate? Who will rest for bigger events? Who you can/should train? And so on and so on)
  And if racing and waiting for results is really great, my favorite part of the game is still training: I love to look for trainees, plan who I will train first and which skills I will focus on, that little thrill before getting a rider back to training camp not knowing if he gained 5 points or not, and wondering when a rider will stop improving after you already maxed him in the main stats!
  YANN: What has been your favorite in-game win??

won't surprise anyone I suppose: the 9 GC wins in Essex with Sandro. Just can't find anything else as important for Matrix Team, and it was a quite incredible feeling to see than seasons after seasons no one was able to beat him.
  Obviously I am also proud of my other GC wins in Germany or Cymru and my WC jerseys in both races.
  JHDZ: From what part of France are you?
  YANN: I grew up in Brittany, in Tréguier, for those who want to check where it is located precisely. And then I moved quite a lot in France, but since last year, I'm back in my ancestor land, in Brest, what you could call the Far West ;)
  JHDZ: Ah! La Bretagne! Comment je l´adore…Moving on, same question for three straight shows hahaha, how does it feel to be one of the greatest managers to ever play the game?
  YANN: Honestly I don't really feel like I'm part of the greatest managers, although I have achievements no one else has.
  Actually I think I was pretty lucky sometimes, and I played for a very long time, which helped me being successful.
  But that's still an honor to see rankings where Matrix Team is near to the top.
  JHDZ: Is cycling your favorite sport? If so, why?
  YANN: No, not IRL.
  Younger, I used my bicycle to go to work or move around, and I really loved it!
  But 3 years ago someone robbed the bike my dad offered to me about 12 years ago, and since then, I don't really have the same delight biking.
  So « my » sport would rather be badminton ^^
  JHDZ: Who is your favorite cyclist?
  YANN: I am not a huge fan of cycling IRL, but when I was younger I watched the Tour de France more often and I was supporting mostly German riders like Ullrich or Zabel, without any real reason.
  JHDZ: Who is your favorite OCM rider and manager?
  YANN: Hard not to think of Sandro immediately for riders, but there are so many guys who broke so many records that I could not remember them all so let's limit myself to 3 names:
  -Farruco Alonso, a truly amazing Tour rider!
  -Laurend Bourgeois also had an incredible career, way better than anyone could have imagine regarding his stats, taking advantage of his huge xp better than anyone else

  -Patryk Drozdowski, for doing near as good in Germany that Sandro did in Essex.
  About managers know, I have good relationships with Tim from Gradient Levellers, but the one who made an impression on me was Delion from Drapeau Noir: he understood things before many of us and that helped him being one of the best when almost anyone thought he couldn't do anything with his « weak » riders, congratz mate.
  JHDZ: What do you consider to be your greatest in game achievement?
  YANN: That would be an « overall » achievement with all the jerseys I collected so far, especially in general classifications (17, not sure anyone else did better), the hardest to get IMO.
  But holding the Hour Record for many seasons, the 8 consecutive wins in Essex or the WC jerseys are also really rewarding.
  JHDZ: Any plans for the future of your team?
  YANN: Jerseys and Tours mostly, but I cannot really predict which Tours and when Matrix Team will join them as not everything went as planned so far ;)
  And of course we will target mostly hilly tours, our specialty.
  Who´d You Rather
  Everybody seems to choose Would You Rather when given the game choices, so I decided to add a little bit of spice to it. Who´d you rather. The rules are the same with the exception that instead of choosing things you´ll chose people. Here we go!
  JHDZ: Taylor Swift or Katy Perry?
  YANN: Pop singers... can't I choose Amy Lee? ;) If not Katy Perry but without real enthusiasm
  JHDZ: Judi Dench or Meryl Streep?
  YANN: Hum... Dench for being in James Bond movies
  JHDZ: Marilyn Monroe or Megan Fox?
  YANN: No doubt here, Marilyn. I'm not a fan of skinny style ^^
  JHDZ: Charlotte Gainsbourg ou Brigitte Bardot?
  YANN: Charlotte Gainsbourg, I’m too young for being a fan of BB.
  JHDZ: Emma Watson or Megan Fox?
  YANN: Hermione of course! (Books, not movies). Really thank you for your invitations, hope I’ll come back if you have 10 more questions for me!
  JHDZ: I may have them hehe…Everyone a huge applause for Yann, and I´ll see ya, on the next one!


Hog Bay CT at 12:45 4/1-2018
  Excellent read! Great to have the show back. :)

Holwerda Cycling at 19:26 4/1-2018
  Indeed. Good to have it back.
  Badminton? Someone give him a new bike!

NightmareChaos at 21:12 4/1-2018
  Well done

AnnoDomini at 21:54 4/1-2018
  Nice interview.
  About Chris Froome - I think he was aware of the risk and decided to take it. He says he always takes care not to apply too much of the medications he takes for his asthma - and it just looks like this time he was not carefull enough...

Cloud Atlas at 22:56 4/1-2018
  IMO if your asthma is bad enough to require so much salbutamol, you are nowhere in shape to win the Vuelta de España at such level of competition, no matter who you are.

TeamQuetzal at 04:34 5/1-2018
  He did take too much risk

CyclingClubChomutov at 15:39 5/1-2018
  We need more of that stuff!

Team WonderDee at 18:19 5/1-2018
  Nice interview :)

Indurain team at 22:40 5/1-2018
  cool read ;-)

Drapeau Noir at 13:53 6/1-2018
  Yann, nobody in his right mind can deny that you're "one of the greatest managers in the game" as your tour palmares shows but I still hope I'll beat the crap out of you in Essex and catch up to you in number of jerseys. ;-)

Team Chili at 12:58 7/1-2018
  Clap clap clap