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The Jonhatan's Late Show - S3E3
by Yuri, at 16/10-17 - 10:32 GMT

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  Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the Late Show with Johnathan Hernandez!
  Wow. Basketball offseason was hella crazy. I wonder if we will ever see that on cycling. To begin with the transfer and contract system is trash. Do you imagine trades in cycling? Imagine a headline like this: Peter Sagan traded to Team Sky in exchange of Geraint Thomas, Sergio Henao and Elia Viviani. That would bring excitement to our offseason. But, I am here waiting for some cycling news and it is emptier that the list of girlfriends I have had in my life. And some more sad news is that apparently Farruco Alonso is close to retirement. And what a season he´s had, won the Norway Tour, Second in Perm and Fourth in the Vuelta. The day he retires I think I´ll cry more than when Jerry Grundin did. He HAS to have a race in his honor. So has to have Bongo Longo, who is also reaching retirement age. Anyway, let´s clean our tears and jump right to the interview, ladies and gentlemen, this is the one, the only Lamme Frans!
  JHDZ: To start it off, how are you?
  LAMME: I am quite alright. Thank you for asking. I am busy with my work and being a very boring civilian. I am a bit injured at the moment. I received an injury, to phrase it in OCM terminology, while I was out for a ride. I fell and broke my elbow. So no cycling and no viola playing for me for now
  JHDZ: What made you like OCM?
  LAMME: I don’t remember my exact condition when I established this team. I guess I was drunk when I created it, with one of the most stupid names ever. I even misspelled the team name and I am still a bit ashamed of that. The game, however, I liked from the start. The design is very basic, but the interface is good. The community is nice and helpful. Starting up is not easy for any team, but I was lucky that my first trainee reached a decent 49 AV max. I like the fact that the cycling world Nick created is fictional, but with subtle references to the real world of professional cycling. Although we like to complain a lot as community – especially about the daily form / luck factor – I am convinced that the game will keep me occupied for at least some years to come. Regardless which divisions you are in, you can set your own goals. Even tours are made more accessible, by adding tours in div 6 and 7. So from here, I would like to say: Thank you Nick! And keep up this shit
  JHDZ: Do you player any other online games besides this one?
  LAMME: I play webdiplomacy. An online version of the Diplomacy board game, created by Allan B. Calhamer. It is a very nice strategic geopolitical game. For the geeks
  JHDZ: Woher kommst du?
  LAMME: I am playing OCM under the superior German flag, but I am Dutch myself. I moved to Germany because the Netherlands is a (too) big OCM nation. I decided to help out a poor neighbor in schwierigkeiten
  JHDZ: I´ve interviewed many legendary managers, and I believe you are part of them, so let me ask you, how does it feel to be one of the greatest managers to ever play the game?
  LAMME: I consider myself as one of the better OCM managers,

but one of the greatest…not sure. I guess I would offend Delion if I would call myself one of the greatest managers. Being a great manager is not necessarily reaching the top rank for me. Some managers are doing a great job with a single nationality team for example. For my own team I want to win as many different jerseys and trophies in CL, HL, SP and CB. TT I really dislike and DH I haven't tried yet.
  Winning the same jersey/trophy twice is boring from my point of view. I rather move on to another one. I don't see the fun in winning a tour more than once with the same rider. Just to give an example. I hired Cristache to win YC in Cymru. Recently he won it. His purpose is gone so I auctioned him off soon after
  JHDZ: Is cycling your favorite sport? If so, why?
  LAMME: I think it is. I enjoy to watch it and I enjoy to do it myself. I like professional cycling because it is very close to the public, it is not that much commercialized as other big international sports and because of its heroic nature. As an amateur cyclist I like to push myself and it is also a means of relaxation. Riding around, enjoy the weather, the scenery, have some physical exercise and breathe some fresh air
  JHDZ: What is your favorite in game race?
  LAMME: With a sense of OCM history, probably Vejle - Kobnhavn. Norwich – London is also high on my list because it is the most important sprinting race
  JHDZ: Who is your favorite OCM rider and manager?
  LAMME: Favorite rider I don’t know. So many great ones. Concerning managers. Most managers on the chat I like. I am in close contact with managers who started about the same time in 2013. Especially some Norwegians I like: Jo Beer (Team Seidel), Chris (Avataria) and Team Stredet. But also others, too many to mention actually: Finz because it’s Finz, Hennerie, Nooky, Ozgura, the Don if he’s not making up stupid rules, Andeby, Benny the cheetah, AbNormaal, Kingstown, Vientiane, Fissa, reverend Toler, Opium Fueled, Wonderdee, Frank Holwerda and others. We have a nice community here
  JHDZ: What do you consider to be your greatest in game achievement?
  LAMME: Four achievements stand out for me. I almost won a jersey in my first season. I started my team at the final days of season 24 and qualified for division 5 tour FoW in S25. Folkert Gerrits was in TF and he missed the SC jersey only on a few points. In that edition several top teams dropped down to participate.
  Another highlight was getting 4th in the WT with a very mediocre NT of Germany. With any other team in the top-10 I could have won the WT.
  Also reaching top division within a year was an accomplishment. I was also the first manager of my OCM generation to get there, before Avataria and Nefal did. And last, but not least, a nicely executed TF period of Folkert Gerrits. He won Perm SC, Rotterdam Classic and Lappi Sea GP
  JHDZ: Any plans for the future of your team?
  LAMME: A lot of plans, not put in a particular order of importance:
  1. Winning all the sprinting GC’s of the game. I only miss Nederlandse Tour (2nd twice).
  2. I want to win all the Sprinting Classification jerseys of the game (6/7 I have won, but with the newly added tours it’s 6/10)
  3. I want to be the first manager to acquire the Tour Contender gold achievement
  4. Some classic races which are high on the wish list: Vejle and Helsinki

  5. Win the Volta or another climbing tour
  The Cycling Trivia
  We last played this game with Jonas, and to refresh your memories this is just a simple Trivia about road race cycling.
  JHDZ: How many TdF KoM did Richard Virenque won?
  LAMME: Too many, but I don’t know how many. 5 times? We all know how Virenque did it. One of the biggest cheaters of all times. But French, so these were never taken away from him. He’s still regarded as a big hero of the Republic while they spit on Froome. Vive la France!
  JHDZ: He did it seven times. Indeed, I am French myself and find that it is a disgrace that clean riders are insulted while everyone sleeps on Virenque. How many GT titles did El Pistolero lost during his suspension?
  LAMME: Alberto lost 2 or 3 GT victories. 3? Perhaps the Spaniards are even worse than the French when it comes to doping. At least in France there is some proper legislation and it is not encouraged by the system to dope. Operación Puerta and how it was handled legally was a big disgrace for professional cycling. Spanish sport in general was one big joke. In that era they won every major international sport event, powered by Fuentes
  JHDZ: He lost 2, 2010 Tour and 2011 Giro. How many Giro di Lombardias did Sean Kelly won?
  LAMME: No clue. 3 times? I am gambling here. I don’t know much about the guy except that he was a legend when it comes to classics and that he’s Irish
  JHDZ: Correctamundo! What is the nationality of the two most winners of the "Hell of the North"
  LAMME: They are Belgian. Tom Boonen and Roger de Vlaeminck won the cobblestone 4 times, which is utterly sensational. Qualifies as one of the biggest achievements in professional cycling
  JHDZ: Right again. Who is in danger of losing his TdF green jersey record to Sagan in the next two years?
  LAMME: That must be good old Erik Zabel
  JHDZ: You are on a steak! How old was Chris Horner when he won the 2013 Vuelta?
  LAMME: He was 40+, but I don’t know the exact number. 41 years old? Still don’t get how he pulled that one off
  JHDZ: Who was the last rider two perform a Tour-Vuelta double before Froome?
  LAMME: I read this recently, but I have forgotten about it. It was during the 1970s. Was it Merckx?
  JHDZ: Hinault in 1978. Close one. Who is the oldest rider to ever win a Road Race WC?
  LAMME: Honestly don’t know. Joop Zoetemelk was 38 when he won it in 1985. But he’s probably not the oldest winner in history
  JHDZ: Yes he is :D Who was the Giro´s KoM in 2011?
  LAMME: An educated guess: Stefano Garzelli? The bald guy
  JHDZ: Right again! How many times was Andy Schleck second in the Tour de France?
  LAMME: Two times. I remember the 2011 edition quite vividly, where he and his brother Frank were standing on the podium together
  JHDZ: Exactly! 7/10 which is excellent! To be honest I appreciated a lot the doping discussion, which is a disgrace to the sport. I´d love to host an OCM debate about certain cycling subjects, and I think this would be a great idea. But anyway guys, that´s it for me, and I´ll see ya, on the next one!


Holwerda Cycling at 10:49 16/10-2017
  Great interview!
  But... was his answer on the Horner question right or wrong?

Schiavi di Don at 11:10 16/10-2017
  Garzelli, one of my all time favourites. Totally clean of course. ;)

TeamQuetzal at 13:56 16/10-2017
  It was right hehe. Forgot to correct that one.

NightmareChaos at 08:19 17/10-2017
  Nice read. Many faces, many stories

AnnoDomini at 10:23 17/10-2017
  Learning JHDZ is French was a shocker to me...

V02maXXers at 18:14 17/10-2017
  Me too. I really thought you were Mexican

TeamQuetzal at 19:07 17/10-2017
  I am both hehe.French momma, Mexican papa ;)

Indurain team at 00:11 19/10-2017

Team WonderDee at 17:42 24/10-2017
  Great interview. Nice to see my name mention.