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The Jonhatan's Late Show - Nr.4
by Yuri, at 16/6-17 - 17:21 GMT

  Written by JonhatanHernandez of

  Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the Late Show with Johnathan Hernandez!
  The Tour event is still ongoing, and there are many nice tours! I invite you to participate, check other Tours, including my own Vuelta a México. Now, this monologue will be a little different. No lame jokes today, since I want to talk about our guest of tonight. Chris Fabio is perhaps one of the best managers in OCM history. The little time he took to rise to the top is simply amazing. So is the fact than none of his riders were able to perform outside Avataria. Hermans, Kristiansen, Holter, etc. This said, ladies and gentlemen please a huge applause for our guest tonight, the one, the only  Norway Chris Fabio!
  JHDZ: To start it off Chris, how are you?
  CHRIS: First of all, I'm extremely late! Very very sorry about that. I'm currently enjoying paternity leave, spending my days in Spain to get a nice tan before the 10 day long Norwegian summer. Oh, and I'm actually working from my phone on top of everything. Busy Busy!
  JHDZ: If I am not mistaken (I am rarely mistaken, nice modesty right there), you left because you were having a baby, and we haven´t got any news yet! How´s the child Chris?
  CHRIS: She is a lot of fun, but sadly she inherited her mother’s temperament. With another one very hard to handle in the house it's impossible to combine it with OCM.
  JHDZ: Haha! That´s nice :) Back to cycling, how were you able to reach the top in so little time?
  CHRIS: Discussions and research with a great Norwegian community helped a lot, both on my skills and interest. As the interest got high

I started to use my business experience and excel to plan my way in to the top. Some training luck on top of that made it happen very fast :)
  JHDZ: You are one of the greatest teams the game has ever seen (in my opinion) how does this make you feel?
  CHRIS: Everything else would be a great disappointment;) I either do things perfectly or I don't do them at all.
  JHDZ: How did you first meet cycling?
  CHRIS: A Norwegian TV channel made Tour de France really interesting. So, all the cold rainy Norwegian days in July was saved by a couple of great commentators and Thor Hushovd.
  JHDZ: Was it difficult to plan the tactics and stuff?
  CHRIS: Nah, it's just basic math :)
  JHDZ: Something you are proud of your time here?
  CHRIS: The hardest thing I did here was not telling people on the forum how extremely dumb they are, I'm proud of that. And finding/banning cheaters helped the game improve. And of course, beating Team Stredet, by far the hardest competitor.
  JHDZ: Favorite OCM manager and Favorite OCM rider.
  CHRIS: Manager must be Stredet for the reason above. Hermans is my favorite rider.
  JHDZ: What would you say is your favorite IRL race?
  CHRIS: Paris-Roubaix of course.
  JHDZ: Will you ever comeback?
  CHRIS: Yes, when I know I have the time to be number 1.
  JHDZ: We are number one! Let´s go to the game!
  Would You Rather
  JHDZ: Now we will play Would You Rather. Last time we played Would You Rather was with Eli. Rules are simple: I´ll give Chris two options and he will have to choose one. Here we go: Be painted by Van Gogh or by Da Vinci?
  CHRIS: Da Vinci
  JHDZ: Be SpongeBob or Patrick?
  CHRIS: I'd never be the sidekick!

  JHDZ: Sneeze every three minutes or Always have the sensation to sneeze and never do?
  CHRIS: Perfect happiness every three minutes or constant torture? I'd sneeze!
  JHDZ: Only eat fish or only eat meat?
  CHRIS: Meat
  JHDZ: Die from hypothermia (cold) or hyperthermia (heat)?
  CHRIS: Heat
  JHDZ: Be Heath Ledger´s Joker or Jack Nicholson´s Joker?
  CHRIS: Hmm, Jack's the more fun one!
  JHDZ: Live in a Penthouse in the city or mansion in the country?
  CHRIS: I actually had this dilemma couple years ago, and now I live in a penthouse in Oslo ;)
  JHDZ: o_O Be Lindsey Lohan or Miley Cyrus?
  CHRIS: Ouch, I go for Cyrus.
  JHDZ: Eat all the carpet in your house or Eat all of the wood and tiles in your house?
  CHRIS: Eat the carpets, I have very few :)
  JHDZ: Kiss Voldemort or Kiss Hitler?
  CHRIS: Voldemort, in case someone found out.
  JHDZ: Save 2 family members or save 10,000 strangers?
  CHRIS: 2 family members if I can pick finance and kid, if not 10k strangers.
  JHDZ: Always wear a top hat or Always wear a giant clock necklace?
  CHRIS: I hate hats, so the clock!
  JHDZ: C´mon! I love hats! And suits. Anyways, Work a minimum wage job for the rest of your life or Live in the wilderness for the rest of your life?
  CHRIS: Live in the wilderness, if it kills me it's still the preferable option.
  JHDZ: Have hair covering your entire body or Be completely bald?
  CHRIS: Bald, never need to shave!
  JHDZ: Be 007 or the Doctor?
  CHRIS: Time Lord ftw!
  JHDZ: Haha! For the record, Dr Who is my favorite show! That was Chris Fabio Everybody a huge applause for him! See you in the next one!


Hog Bay CT at 17:24 16/6-2017
  Great to here from you, it's been a while. :)

NightmareChaos at 18:07 16/6-2017
  Dying of cold is better, because when you die you feel warm and think everything will be ok. Dying of heat is just painful. Wrong choice there

TeamQuetzal at 22:50 16/6-2017
  At the end we all die so it doesn´t matter. We´ll all be nothingness and our consciousness will die. Nice day :D

ekaitz team at 01:32 17/6-2017
  Another great show by Jonhatan.... Ho is next???

Team Chili at 12:23 17/6-2017
  Clap clap clap!
  Another classic JHDZ
  Can't wait for Chris to come back.

TeamQuetzal at 02:28 18/6-2017
  Thanks for the support :D

CyclingClubChomutov at 09:52 24/6-2017
  Great show! Keep it going!