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The Green Fairy - Ed. 2
by Yuri, at 4/1-22 - 13:30 GMT

  Written by Don Hamstre from Schiavi di Don
  The OCM world is a world full of wonder. And also a world full of craziness. The Green Fairy is here to tell you about all that, and more. Every month, a new edition will be landing on your doormat!
  With a mix of returning columns and topical short stories, this tabloid will inform the reader about all that’s going on in the OCM World.
  History and Myths:Sebastian's Big Day
  Day 90, Season 23, Bogota, Colombia. The very best of OCM are gathered for the final race of the season: the World Championships. With great riders like Lean Ahnfeldt-Mollerup in good form, this race is expected to be won by the best of the best. One rider that was also there was Sebastian. Sebastian had had some minor success in the early days of his career, finishing 2nd in a YC once, and winning three races. But since joining powerhouse CCFC, he had been forced to a support role. Sebastian kept working hard, and kept hoping that one day, he would be given the green light to go for his own chances. Today was that day.
  His manager Einar told him ‘you are free to join the breakaway today and fight for the win’. Sebastian knew this was the chance of his life. Great was his disappointment therefore, when the early breakaway was formed just when he was not paying attention. Sebastian thought he had missed his shot when the break got a surprisingly large lead. He decided to do the thing many cyclists are laughed at for: he would try to bridge the gap on his own. 50 kilometers of suffering later, he joined the group. But when he joined, he noticed that so had the peloton. The group was caught. It all seemed to be over for Sebastian. But, with just 5 kilometers to go, he found some superhuman power. This was going to be his World Championships. He surprised all the favorites, and came across the line winning. The first ever rider to win the World Championships on a Break Away.
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  Classic Highlights of the Month
  Team AEK reclaimed its Norwich-London crown after two whole seasons of missing out on the win. They have now won 18 out of the 64 editions.
  The other Div1 classics of this period, Antwerpen - Huy, and Bergen Rundtur, were won by peddelen and Jubalon ProCyclinh respectively
  Zalom won 2 out of 3 classics in Div2 this period, with victories in Lappi Sea and Grasse - Toulon. Albiceleste won his first ever trophy in Mito - Tokyo. Congrats!
  Div3 has almost all of its classics cramped up into this period. VCBM, NCCC, Team Seidel, and Pakompania divided the spoils.
  Critérium la Grasse was won by Derek Joling, which was the first ever trophy for his manager boban.
  Despite my best efforts of winning it with Gatto (who had an off day), Zou Zhi of Maramoy turned out to have the better form on the day in Juberri - Pas de la Casa.
  Glasgow United ruled supreme in Uttendorf - Matrei in Osttirol
  Australian Warlord bought himself a trophy in Div8s Zell am See. Time to begin eating the rich?
  Before the Tour (but probably after)
  Written by Yuri

of the highlights from the Tour Panorama is coming up, the first ever edition from the U23 Tour, La Génération Future. But why is everyone so excited about it, you may ask?
  - Well, first of all, the U23 races have bigger sign-up ranges and for the Tour, all teams between 1. and 200. are allowed to join one of the 24 available spots. This means that teams from the 4th Division can race against teams from the Top Division and be competitive against them (just look at teams teddybears and Alpine for example).
  - Another good reason to watch the Tour is the fact that the future Stars may very well have their first chance to shine on this Tour. We will for sure hear a lot from riders like Fragoso Neto (Equipo Easy On), Maurycy Piekarski (LoleursLovers), Shimon Samuels (English Sprinting Team), Patrick Gesswein (teddybears), Toulakham Dalaphone (Vientiane Cycling), Sondre Lunde (Team WonderDee) and Wouter Driessen (DeRodeLantaarn) in the future (just to name some of the stars on this first edition).
  - There is also a lot of uncertainty in this Tour due to the different sizes from the Teams. They can vary from 3 to 6 riders and so the teams who invested more into the U23 scenario, will have a big advantage! Darkwave Recordings is a good example of this by bringing 6 riders and still having a Team AV of 47. Equipo Easy On also has a very high AV (48,7), but they only bring 3 riders to the Tour. Will for sure be interesting to follow both Teams and see their different performances.
  - The Route. As expected, not only the riders make the Tour, but also the Route and this Tour has room for all! It starts with a Cobble Stage in Portugal, moves to a Downhill Stage in the Pyrenees already on French soil, jumps to a very hard hilly stage in the Auvergne region, visit the Mediterranean Sea on a bumpy road to Marseille, has its king Stage in the Alpes and finishes with the highly expected sprint on the Champs-Élysées in Paris! Ufff
  On this first ever edition, I will be looking forward for:
  - Stage 3 with the arrival to the Puy de Dôme. A very hard finish on a Stage where the teams with Pave Pacers might get an advantage over the others. It is also a Stage where big teams can make a difference! Will be for me the highlight of the Tour.
  - Fragoso Neto (Equipo Easy On) vs Tom Foubert (Darkwave Recordings) vs Maurycy Piekarski (LoleursLovers). A sprinter with great climbing skills, an allrounder and a climber who can race on the flats against the high winds are, in my opinion, be the Top 3 contenders to win the first edition of the Tour. The effect of the different sizes from the teams will also be interesting to see (3, 6 and 4 riders respectively). I sincerely hope to see them change positions between each other since the Stages suit each other differently.
  - Team teddybears. Probably the youngest and for sure the lowest ranked team brings to the Tour 2 Top riders and 3 other helpers and will be fighting against the big lions from the Top Divisions. What can they do? Surely an inspiration to the younger teams!
  The Travels of Fujimoto
  In this column, the famous Fujimoto Masaaki travels around the world to visit the nicest places on the OCM Calender. Right now, he is still busy

travelling, but in our upcoming editions, our reporter Finz will tell you his special stories!
  Who would win?
  In this brand new section, we pose one important question every week. Who would win:
  A hundred duck-sized Äme Anderberg, or one Äme Anderberg sized duck?
  The Dark Side
  The place to be for all your Time Trial news!
  This edition, we will focus on the madness that is World Tour Time Trials! While for some nations these are the most dreaded races, for others, they can make a bad season into a great season. Con Washington City TT can decide not only the Clash of Nations, but only the World Tour as a whole. In the season I won the WT with Italy, my team got 3 riders in the top-9. However, our competitors the Netherlands did exactly the same, but better, which meant the WT kept exciting until the very end!
  This season, the WT TT’s did not impact the world tour rankings as much as usual, with only a select few nations getting two riders in the top-9. Exception to this was Russia in WT-D though, as they got 3 riders in the top-9, and a 4th finishing on a frustrating 10th place.
  Hemorrhoid Corner
  This section will keep you informed about unlucky riders who got injured. Poor them!
  Last edition we had Emilio Giofrola as a victim of injury, but just before the highlight of his season, Vuelta de los Castillos, his best team mate got bitten by the injury bug as well! What will manager Delion do to try to appease the injury gods?
  Martino Estrada was so happy with his win in the Sun City Wild Ride, that he thought he could ride wild Kangaroos as well. Turns out they don’t appreciate it, and have a vicious kick.
  Fabio Borges might finally be getting old. He bent down to pick up a coin on the street, and overstretched his back. He’ll be back on day 64
  The Final Straight
  We close off with the latest gossip!
  OCM talent features have started a social media campaign aimed to promote cycling to the youth. Apparently this seems to have scared away all the 23 and 24 year olds from the talent feature.
  Team Zyte is seen working his way up the divisions. Last time he made a comeback, he won a newly made tour. Will he do the same thing next season, with all the new tours coming up?
  Australian and New Zealand teams are under investigation from the OCM authorities for illegal time travel during day 57/58
  We’ll be back next month with more news on all the wheelings and dealings in OCM!
   If you have ideas for your own section, or for new sections for us to write, or even if you want your rider mentioned in one of the sections, you can contact main editor Don Hamstre through PM. Especially input for Hemorrhoid Corner and The Final Straight is welcomed!
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Team WonderDee at 13:46 4/1-2022
  Great job! :D
  Just one thing:
  Under History and Myths:Sebastian's Big Day
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  Check now ;)

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  Good :)

Team WonderDee at 14:49 4/1-2022
  An other fact about Sebastian Sætre, he did only ride for Norwegian teams in his career.

Willunga Hill at 21:01 4/1-2022
  Willunga Hill categorically deny the need for any time travel expertise in their own day 57 exploits, we had 8 OCM hours to send our boys from Columbia to London for the WT race. You must surely be accusing someone else. :-P

NightmareChaos at 23:09 5/1-2022
  Enjoying Cartagena las Indias.

Silenzio at 13:56 6/1-2022
  100 bucks on the Äme Anderberg sized duck

Team Chili at 23:23 6/1-2022
  I can confirm all relevant VISAs were filed with the Temporal Integrity Commission and time travel was approved for the vaccinated (with no excemptions no matter what your OCM rank).

Australian Warlord at 09:01 7/1-2022
  We Aussies & Kiwis don't need time travel, it's simply that because of our timezone on the tablecloth flat earth, we are ahead a day for races held up to around 9-11am game time; therefore we get a preview of the expected results & can change tactics if we're not happy with the initial outcome, we have extended signup time, and we also gain a day by crossing the date line allowing us to signup for races we wouldn't normally be capable of doing.

paceuts at 21:42 8/1-2022
  100 ducks on the 100 bucks... I mean, 100 bucks on the 100 ducks.
  Great post! Keep em coming :)