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The Alex's Late Show - S5E2
by Yuri, at 17/4-18 - 16:16 GMT

  Written by Buciu Alexandru of Fighting
  Hello and welcome to The Late Show with Alex! Now that the Easter has passed for both Catholic and Orthodox and I hope you enjoyed it, I think is time for a new edition of the show. Our guest for today is from a Catholic country, but has an Orthodox name. He is the one, the only...Yuri of Yuri SuperTeam!
  ALEX: How are you?
  Yuri: Happy and Proud as any Portuguese could be after our 2nd place on the CoN
  ALEX: What made you sign up for OCM?
  Yuri: It was during the hot Summer of ’09 after the infamous Tour de France where Contador won the Yellow Jersey and Andy Schleck finished 2nd. Andy was my favorite rider back then and this was his first captaincy at the Tour after in ’08 he helped Carlos Sastre win the big prize! Good memories. I was so motivated that I wanted to start an online cycling game. I found OCM and Cycling Manager Online. The last one was amazing since it had a Live Race Feature but lacked a lot in the rest since it was very “short of additional features”. I instantly knew that OCM was a game for the long term and that proved to be right. The easy access to the community and the friendships that were created were decisive for me to stay! This is very hard to find anywhere else.
  ALEX: Nice! *smiles*. Why Yuri SuperTeam?
  Yuri: I was young and stupid back then hehe. Never really liked the name and tried to think of any other which would fit better but oddly I never found a better one. My “online Nickname” was Yuri and SuperTeam… is simply the right description hehe.
  ALEX: Your name is Yuri or you made it up only for the game?
  Yuri: Yuri was a name my friends used to call me. Yuri is not even a Portuguese name not even a normal Nickname hehe.
  ALEX: Haha, don’t let Finz hear you. Are you really from Portugal or just liked the flag/country?
  Yuri: A True Lusitanian who hates being confused as a Spaniard. Nothing against our “Hermanos”, but Portugal is a country with a culture of its own.
  ALEX: Ouch *smiles*. Do you like warm or cold places in the world?
  Yuri: Neither :). I like Countries that are Cold in Winter and Warm in the Summer. I would hate to always be cold or hot. That’s why I’m really happy in Portugal and would advise you all to visit us one day! It’s a beautiful Country from the North all over to the South. If you decide to visit the North part one day send me a PM and I can tell you on what to visit…
  ALEX: Which is your favorite race IRL?
  Yuri: I’ve always been a Giro and Tour fan. But most recently I’ve

learned to love the one day classics! I never miss the Milan-San Remo, the Tour of Flanders, the Paris-Roubaix and the Liège-Bastogne-Liège (all the other major one day races to be honest, too). If I had to choose one I would have to go with the Tour de France, but the Tour de Flanders is close by.
  ALEX: I see. Who is your favorite cyclist IRL?
  Yuri: Difficult one. Rui Costa must be one of them but his recent form hm… I think a true fan loves Valverde and that’s my case! He’s a monster! Philippe Gilbert is my favorite on the classics due to his way of racing. Finally the Yates brothers who are creating a new way of racing on the mountains! All in the attack from far far away!
  ALEX: Who are your favorite rider, manager and race in OCM?
  Yuri: Favorite active rider must be Armando Silveira. Already tried to buy him like 5 times but Jonas never allowed me. I also have a huge respect for Patryk Drozdowski and Farruco Alonso! The fight they have had on the past Seasons is something really special! Special mention also for my rider Hermano Montenegro, the best ever rider trained in-house.
  My favorite managers should be Jonas and Tim Johnson (from Gradient Levellers). I have lots of respect for those guys since we started playing! I also want to mention Tirilla who I also respect a lot but stopped playing a while ago.
  Favorite races are Helsinki GP, Vejle-København and the Netherlandse Tour due to the great moments I had there. Didn't won a lot, but if it was easy it wouldn't be important!
  ALEX: Well said! L?How is it to moderate articles for the community and why did you choose to do it?
  Yuri: Some time ago I wanted to help the community and OCM itself to grow. Since I have no abilities on codding and so on, the best help I could do was to try to make an important part of the game alive, so I decided to focus on the front page with the Seasonal Awards and so on. We also used to have a Journal with several periodical articles but it’s too time consuming. Posting the articles is pretty easy, the problem is to find managers willing to write the articles.
  ALEX: If you could change something from the history of your team, what would that thing be?
  Yuri: I made several mistakes with selling and buying riders. I’ve spent way too much in some transfers that I shouldn’t have. But to be honest my biggest regret is not to have a CL or a CB team. Would be awesome to have different kind of races to compete and try to win some Tours. My goal was to have the best SP team out there and I’m proud to have one of the best, but by reaching this it meant I could not focus anywhere else.
  ALEX: We know that you are making an all-Portuguese team, but if it weren’t for Portugal, what other country would you have

chosen for this project?
  Yuri: If it wasn’t an all-Portuguese team, I wouldn’t choose any other special focus. But in a theoretical world, maybe Brazil would be the chosen country to obvious reasons.
  And now for the game of the night. You chose True or False. I will tell you 8 of the most outrageous things the internet ever documented and you have to tell me if it is true or false. If you guess, you have 1 point. If you don’t guess it, I have 1 point. If it is a tie at the end of the questions, I will ask you one more question as a tiebreaker. Lrt’s see the questions and the answers:
  1) Hair jelly is the largest jellyfish on Earth. True or False?
  Hair Jelly sounds like a retro Rock Band! Definitely TRUE!
  Yes, true. 1 point for you, mister
  2) Lungfish is an immortal animal. True or False?
  Does he smoke? They might get Lung cancer... FALSE! is true. 1 point for me.
  3) As a cycler you have to shave your legs. True or False?
  Aerodynamically speaking? Well, I'm sure it will help you if you have some kind of injury. I would say TRUE!
  It is not mandatory to do it, but your answer qualifies as a true one, so you get 1 more point.
  4) Gladiators Fought to the Death. True or False?
  According the movies this one is correct. I would say this is TRUE!
  Well, I thought so as well, but it seems it is false. 2 points each.
  5) Carrots give you night vision. True or False?
  According to my mother they make your eyes more beautiful and she never told me anything about night vision! I'll go with my mother's opinion and say this one is FALSE!
  Good choice. 3-2 for you.
  6) Brown eggs are better than white eggs. True or False?
  Brown eggs? Naaah, FALSE!
  Yes, false. 4-2 for you.
  7) Walt Disney is frozen. True or False?
  @Yuri is confused... FALSE
  Yes, false. He was actually cremated. But there is a myth going on around Google about him being frozen
  5-2. I get quite a beating *laugh*
  8) Dogs see black and white. True or False?
  I know they see worse than us, but black and white I don't think so... Even so, I would say TRUE!
  False. Pfuu, 1 more point fir me. It ends with your victory, 5-3. It was nice to play the game with you, Yuri!
  Folks, I hope you had fun we us, we certainly did. Thank you for attending the show and give a big, big round of applause to our Portuguese...Yuri!


CyclingClubChomutov at 17:18 17/4-2018

Team WonderDee at 21:32 17/4-2018
  Nice interview!

Schiavi di Don at 23:46 17/4-2018
  Very nice interview, and don't worry Yuri, there are many managers with far worse nicknames. ;)

Holwerda Cycling at 22:25 18/4-2018
  Very nice

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  Thumbs up!

X Runners at 16:15 23/4-2018
  We need more money for prize rewards.
  Please increase it. With more money we can improve our riders and buy new equipment and shop for better gear. I feel I need to save up atlas 2 or 3 seasons before I could new buy equipment and improve my riders.

Jonas Pro Cycling at 19:28 23/4-2018
  Great interview. :) And thanks for the kind words Yuri! Big respect from here, your way, as well!