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12:26 GMT         Day 54 of 90, Season 46    

Salon des Refuses
by Finz, at 27/11-17 - 21:53 GMT

  As requested
  Authority, when first detecting chaos at its heels, will entertain the vilest schemes to save its orderly facade - V
  It is that time of the season again where awards are handed out. Did you ever stop to ask why are the awards given to individuals when this is a team sport?
  I give you the second "Salon des Refus├ęs" - exhibition of rejects.
  This season awards:
  Best Cobble Team
  Jean-Pierre Van Bockorst
  Aron Bogarde
  Fausto Ledesma
  Alex Traore
  Santtu Suomalainen
  Emir Waleed

  2: Pro Cycling Manager 1470pts
  3: rouches 1460pts
  Best Time Trial Team
  1: Jonas Pro Cycling 2268pts
  Alanzo Bonico
  Foncho Reto
  Vivian Lasalle
  Gabriel Martinez
  Ilmari Huhtamo
  Sebastiao Cesario

  2: Team Siverbo 1848pts
  3: Bywater CT 1762pts
  Best Hill Team

Drake Racing 1650pts
  Elbert Zenden
  Arturo De la Vega
  Valentin Fogelstrom

  2: Fissa 1478pts
  3: Optimus Prime 1420pts
  Best Downhill Team
  1: Team Oasis 1090pts
  Dominic Haidegger
  Helmut Gott
  Nick Boezeman
  Geo Bratu

  2: AnnoDomini 760pts
  3: Odfjell Tankers 560pts
  Best Sprint Team
  1: Jonas Pro Cycling 2170pts
  Armando Silveira
  Leo Caggiano
  Gale Reason
  Priyavrat van Dijk
  Florian Tanasescu
  Quintino Covilha

  2: Drapeau Noir 1860pts
  3: Indurain Team 1630pts
  Best Climbing Team
  1: Jubalon ProcCycling 1470pts
  Jaspar Vandenbosch
  Uriah Thayer
  Lars Bjorndal
  Veber Bence

  2: EpoTopTeam 1430pts
  3: CyclingClubChomutov 1340pts
  Best Classic Team
  Comfius + Team Seidel 740pts

  Bob Alards
  Darie Mitu
  Lucas Loudon
  Marcio Fialho
  Team Seidel
  Johannes Fink
  Gunther Striecklow
  Dominik Turowski
  Tarjei Thorvaldsen
  Falkner Zeeley

  Best Tour Team
  PEKAC B 1276pts
  No Place
  The team with the most 10th places. No money and no rewards.
  1: Borussia Milano x8
  2: PegasusFlights x7
  One Nation
  A Salute to those teams who have made over 1000pts with all riders from the same nation.
  Spin Doctors
  old town racing club
  Holwerda Cycling
  Beardy Bikers
  Byttingvik - Potato Farmer
  Are you coming? See, how it works is, the train moves, not the station. - Ernie Capadino
  Your SdR team
  The Night Wind
  The Red Bee
  Shock Gibson
  Blue Beetle



Holwerda Cycling at 21:56 27/11-2017
  Love it! Best Award show ever!

Indurain team at 00:37 28/11-2017

Cokol Breakaway Team at 02:49 28/11-2017
  Love it too, especially the author list!

PEKAC B at 13:22 28/11-2017
  Great article

Schiavi di Don at 15:43 28/11-2017
  Will we ever get to know the true faces behind this hideous revolt?
  I will have them for dinner!

NightmareChaos at 17:32 28/11-2017
  At least they deliver on time

AnnoDomini at 21:45 28/11-2017
  Interesting awards, good choices guys!

Team WonderDee at 13:15 1/12-2017
  What? I am not one of the best HL teams? :(

Drake Racing at 18:48 1/12-2017
  Nope, and Zenden feels a bit better now about riding as TM. He didnt like to not win hiller of the year every year Hetland got it.