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Norway Tour – A YC Preview
by Yuri, at 11/6-21 - 09:59 GMT

  Written by Yuri of Yuri SuperTeam
  Preview Norway Tour
  With the GC and SC done and dusted, it’s time for us to check the Young Classification for this season’s Tour. One curiosity from this Classification is that it was only introduced on the 2nd edition of the Tour, so on the first edition, there was no YC winner.
  So out of the remaining 30 editions, only 4x (13,3%) the YC winner was also crowned the GC winner of the Tour. Those winners were:
  - Dimitri Rummens on the 8th edition.
  - Chatwin Stiver on the 12th edition.
  - Humberto Valenzuela on the 21st edition.
  - Lennard Staal on the 23rd edition.
  One special thing about this competition is that there are some back-to-back

winners, 3 in total. And those are also the record holders from the most YC wins on the Norway Tour (2 wins):
  - Chatwin Stiver on the 12th and 13th editions.
  - Lennard Staal on the 23rd and 24th editions.
  - Jacob Wieringh on the 26th and 27th editions.
  Last season’s winner Manfred Vondra won’t be joining the Tour since he’s supporting his team to come back from the 4th division. So, this season will bring us a new winner and a completely new Podium. But who will be on it?
  Checking the starting list, we have a total of 43 riders ready to fight for the YC (29,86% of the peloton).
  Out of them we have:
  - 2 TTers (5%)
  - 2 allrounders (5%)
  - 4 hillers (9%)
  - 4 downhillers (9%) – 1 TF ready
  - 4 tour riders (9%) – 3 TF ready
  - 11 pure climbers (26%)
  - 16 sprinters (37%)

So, who are the favorites?
  Cotopaxi ( Ciceron Guinassi) - *****
  Already referred as one of the favorites for the GC, Ciceron will be the rider to beat on the YC, simple as that!
  Team Seidel ( Michael Dale) - *****
  Another rider who can aim high on the GC, Michael will be hoping his team can put him on the top places on the climbing stages. Then it will be up to him to fight on the TT against Ciceron and the others.
  Conero cycling team ( Dante Corbelan) - ****
  Dante is the rider to beat on the TTs (from the GC/YC riders), so don’t count him out easily here! He’s here to surprise us!
  Szirmai Világos ( Novák Csaba) - ***
  What is really missing for Novák is TF, but alongside aiming for a final Top9 GC, he should also try to get a Top3 YC.
  Team Seidel ( Per Kvam) - **
  If Michael struggles on the first stages, Team Seidel can still use Per to try to attack the YC. Despite his great allround abilities, it’s up to manager Jo Beer to decide if that should be the right tactic.


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