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04:28 GMT         Day 90 of 90, Season 44    

Le Salon des Refusés
by Finz, at 1/12-16 - 22:29 GMT

  An article just slipped into my room from under my frontdoor
  "Our masters have not heard the people's voice for generations and it is much, much louder than they care to remember." - V
  For too long the OCM awards have been dictated from above by the corrupt who flaunt their Maffia connections. Today the people say no!
  We say no to waiting half a season for results.
  No to the exclusions of races from awards.
  No to secret requirements and under the table deals used for nominations.
  No to the locked down rigid repetitive structure.
  I give you "The Salon des Refusés" - exhibition of rejects.
  This season awards:
  I am Winning
  Rider with the most 1st places in ocm. (Decided by pts when tied)
  #Lucas Loudon (Comfius) 7 wins for 1060pts
  *Adonis Lourenco (Andeby) 7 wins for 860pts
  *Franz Adler (V02maXXers) 6 wins for 740pts
  Rider with the most points from races that have been excluded from the official OCM Awards.
  #Reynardo Celades (odfjell tankers) 900pts in 9 races
  *Csoknay Aurel (Szirmai Világos) 590pts in 8 races
  *Stjepan Veljkovic (AKROBATE) 380pts in 5 races
  Rider with most points

from races in their home country.
  #Ewoud Geurtsen (Stroopwafel) 430pts over 4 race in Netherlands
  *Franz Adler (v02maxxers) 340ptss over 5 races in Germany
  *Jean-Pierre Van Bockorst (Opium Fueled) 250pts over 3 races in Belgium
  Rider with the most points that never stepped on a podium during the season(1st, 2nd or 3rd place).
  #Falkner Zeeley (Team Seidel) 580pts in 7 top 9s
  *Michael Arup (gabbo e bacardi) 420pts in 6 top 9s
  *Hu Lijun (Mark Pro Team) 388pts in 9 top 9s
  Mr Unlucky
  Rider with the most 4th places, just missing out on an official results.
  #Roland Perk (DZWF) with 5x 4th places
  *Gresham Witham (Hog Bay CT) with 4x 4th places
  *Many with 3x 4th places
  No Place
  The team with the most 10th places. No money and no rewards.
  #johny2 with 9x 10th places
  *Il Grillo with 8x 10th places
  *6x 10th places (hells grannies, yuri superteam, carcycl, beardy bikers)
  The Christian name with the most points in OCM. (Minimum 2 riders with pts for this to count)
  #Florian 2710pts
  - Florian Akos(1560),Florian Everaerts(830),Florian Tanasescu(50),Florian Zechner(270)

  - Lucas Jahnke(668),Lucas Loudon(1620)
  *Otto 2225pts
  - Otto Holm(500),Otto Noddebo(700),Otto Skoglund(735),Otto Wojtczak(290)
  The surname with the most points in OCM. (Minimum 2 riders with pts for this to count)
  #Jastrzebski 1818pts
  - Euzebiusz Jastrzebski(1748),Maks Jastrzebski(70)
  *Loudon 1700pts
  - Lucas Loudon(1620),Uriah Loudon(80)
  *Van Bockorst 1326pts
  - Jean-Pierre Van Bockorst(530),Yvan Van Bockorst(796)
  Falling Star
  The rider that lost the most pts from previous season.
  #Robert Mjelde (Hells grannies) Rank 1 (2230pts) -> Rank 32 (960pts)
  *Pascal Desando (mapei bianchi) Rank 3 (1900pts) -> Rank 72 (720pts)
  *Florian Everaerts (team Chili) Rank 2 (2000pts) -> Rank 54 (830pts)
  Hall of Fame
  The very first inductee to the SdR HoF is the great Byttingvik - Potato Farmer. Dwalin is legendary for his insistence on training potatoes (Riders with no real potential).
  "Everybody is special. Everybody. Everybody is a hero, a lover, a fool, a villain. Everybody. Everybody has their story to tell" - V
  Your SdR team
  The Night Wind
  The Red Bee


Schiavi di Don at 23:23 1/12-2016
  Down with Don!

Hog Bay CT at 01:42 2/12-2016
  Down with Don!

Stroopwafel at 10:00 2/12-2016
  Down with Don Johnson!

mapei bianchi at 10:36 2/12-2016
  Hungarians use the eastern name order. So, Florian is the family name and Akos is the given name.
  Nice article btw!

Fissa at 11:05 2/12-2016
  Very nice and original article! It must have been a lot of work. Thanks guys

TD rockets at 17:01 2/12-2016
  Nice article

Team WonderDee at 18:00 2/12-2016
  Great work