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Late Show with JHDZ - S7 E2
by Yuri, at 27/8-19 - 05:28 GMT

  Written by JonhatanHernandez of

  Ladies and gentlemen welcome back to season 7even (Kinda) of the Late (Very Late) Show with JHDZ!
  I´ve been so busy lately with life. A heartbreak, a crazy summer, a poetry collection, some (a lot) of unfinished business, and the never ending enemy of the youth: school. So, I forgot I had this interview waiting to be sent for almost five months. I am so sorry Danenberg! In my defence, the show is called...the Late Show. The Tour happened, and I was so happy to almost see a Frenchman win. Julian Alaphilippe reminded me that if we want something the we MUST fight for it. Whatever the outcome. Because it is worth it. And if you fall, you will stand. Where we fall is where we stand. Like a massive crash in the middle of the peloton. There is nothing braver than to finish the race, no matter the time that passes, the breaks you need, or the help you had. So, yes, sorry for my absence. I might have spoiled the guest earlier, everyone give it up for one of the oldest players of this great game, the one, the only Danenberg from Oekiewakkie!
  JHDZ : To start it off, how are you?
  DANNENBERG : I am doing great
  JHDZ : Great ! So tell me, what made you start playing OCM?
  DANNENBERG : When I was in university I was bored. I always loved playing management games and I am a big cyling fan. When I saw Online Cycling Simulator I was sold. I really liked the training system and the community at the start. Of course I was much more active back then.
  JHDZ : I do believe Google is what has brought most of us here. What has been your favorite in-game win ?
  DANNENBERG : Winning Perm tour with Felipe Maximilliano, this was my first (and only) tour win. And like you would expect with my management skills, it was an accident. I just noticed my captain was in top form and looked for available races.

: You have been playing for almost 9 years. Why have you stayed?
  DANNENBERG : It is more or less a bad habit I cant shake. The way I play it doesnt take much time. Just sign up to some races and set the tactics. While I forget to take riders out of their training camps. and other rookie mistakes.
  JHDZ : Same mate, same. What is the story behind your username?
  DANNENBERG : I dont know, it just sounds stupid, which kind of fits me.
  JHDZ : Is cycling your favorite sport? If so, why?
  DANNENBERG : Yes it is, The most relaxing thing I can imagine is watching cycling whil I fall asleep on the couch.
  JHDZ : I have to admit that the first 4 hours of races can get pretty boring. What is your favorite cyclist?
  DANNENBERG : Niki Terpstra, he is from the region I am originally from. He stirs thing up, whichs is something I appreciate.
  JHDZ : Who is your favorite OCM rider and manager?
  My favorite rider is Timo de Ruiter, my overperforming cobbler.
  In the past I was also active in the OCM chat, I have some fond memories from some managers there. Like Team Oasis, Finz, and Noppes At the moment I have no favorite managers.
  JHDZ : FInz always ends up here. It must be Nikita´s secret powers. Why have you decided to face the OCM calendar with a full dutch roster?
  DANNENBERG : I even only trained riders from my Youth Academy for a while. I did this because the game kind of lost its apeal with all the new rules and new systems. I can see why it is necesary but I dont like the current set-up. You have to read a rule book before you can sell a rider nowadays.
  JHDZ : Controversy, controversy. I like it. Favorite in game memory ?
  DANNENBERG : The early days, when there were less rules and when I was more active in the community. Things were new and fresh, like the first time participating in a Tour. There was more controversy, which at least made

things more interesting.
  JHDZ : Any plans for the future of your team ?
  DANNENBERG : Keep playing semi active and only training riders from my YA.
  JHDZ : That sounds cozy and very nice ! Now Dan, I play a game with every guest and of course you happen to be no exception. Tonight, we are playing the good old classic, Would You Rather !
  JHDZ : Be considered a liar, or a cheater?
  DANNENBERG : Both is fine with me.
  JHDZ : Spend a year with the pope, or one with the Dalai Lama?
  DANNENBERG : Dalai Lama
  JHDZ : Spiritual things ! Only have access to games in the internet, or only have access to YouTube?
  DANNENBERG : Youtube, this is a bigger time sink than I would like to admit.
  JHDZ : It is pretty easy to loose hours there… Make out with your cousin, or wear cut-off shorts your whole life never taking them off?
  DANNENBERG : Pfff probably cut offs, my cousins are pretty ugly.
  JHDZ : We have a sort of saying in Mexico. A la prima se le arrima. Make of that what you will. (Hehe, I see my amazing worldplay is still in its pinnacle. ) Be hung or decapitated?
  DANNENBERG : Decapitated, short and simple is always better.
  JHDZ : Grim, indeed. Sit on a cold toilet seat, or sit on a warm toilet seat?
  DANNENBERG : Cold of course. I don’t wanna know why the toilet seat is hot.
  JHDZ : Me neither to be honest...Shoot a shotgun, or shoot a handgun?
  DANNENBERG : Never fired a gun in my life, so probably a shotgun better odds of hitting something.
  JHDZ: The bigger the better! Like my TT handlebars and my...well you get what I´m saying. Anyways, it was an enourmous


Australian Warlord at 10:37 27/8-2019
  Toilet seat warmers have to be one of the worst inventions ever. I can see why you'd want to be using a shotgun afterwards.

Schiavi di Don at 11:21 27/8-2019
  The chat would still welcome you back. Admittedly it's not as busy as in the good old days, but there's still some nice people around. ;)

Holwerda Cycling at 22:39 30/8-2019
  Just noticed this Late Show. Great work!
  I am a big fan of Dutch only managers, keep it up!

Oekiewakkie at 13:40 10/9-2019
  Good that you placed the interview, I almost forgot about it

TeamQuetzal at 20:29 14/9-2019
  No problems Dan
  I kinda did hehe