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Happy new season!
by Yuri, at 13/2-20 - 21:57 GMT

  Written by Broken Chain of Universal Soup
  Hello my dear fellow OCM managers,
  First of all I would like to wish all of you a great season 52. May you all have great race reports, lots of off days and many victories.
  Now let me take you back to season 51, the long distant past and list up all the winners of this season.
  First of all congratulations to honzas of team PEKAC B for being the new number 1 team of OCM.
  Following the unfortunate quitting of Jonas Pro Cycling we were sure to have a new number one team.
  However all the credits to PEKAC B for claiming the title. almost 1400 points clear of Nefal.
   Fabio Borges of team Aesop for becomming the number 1 rider. 2220 points is impressive.
  new #1 team.
  World Champions
  The World Championships were raced too. Suprise! They were held in Sweden , who would've thought.
  Hail our new champions, and congratulations to their managers.
  The new World Champions:
  World Champion RR: Homer Diaz
  World Champion ITT: Elvis Tansley
  World Champion RR U23: Napolean Rotin
  World Champion ITT U23: Bjørnar Fjeld
  The Red Lantern
  The Red Lantern Carrier this season was not DeRodeLantaarn as anyone who knows Dutch would expect,
  but actually we had two.

UBBO ( now inactive ) and Westbay Ninjas who both ended the season with 4 points.
  Fun fact: Westbay Ninjas is also in the top 15 of richest teams in OCM.
  Downhilling is no longer a niche!
  Downhilling has long been considered a small niche in OCM mainly practised in discutable countries.
  However now that two downhillers were on the podium of Germany Tour the question arises if Downhilling
  should still be considered a niche or is now actually main stream. Maybe Climbing will be the niche of the future.
  Also insiders of the DH world say there are no clear dominating teams anymore. New riders are appearing in the scene and establishing themselves as contenders.
  Names as Eurico Sintra, Bernardo de Biagi and Mario Delavignette ( Young Gun ) have been surfacing.
  Alpine Goat
  For the first time ever the Alpine Goat achievement was gained by a single rider in one season.
  Yes that's right, not just a team that won all climbing classics in Division 1 in one season, but one single rider who took all the trophies home.
  This great achievement gives his manager the Alpine Goat Achievement too ( which should be shiny to distinguish his from others ).
   Alexander Nyegård has won 5 times this year. He won in the Clash of Nations Rio de Janeiro, Liechtenstein Rundfahrt and Zürich-Bern-Zürich, Critérium La Provence and Alpe d`Huez Classic with 6 different riders from various teams making up the other 6 podium spots for those 3 races.
  World Tour
  The Netherlands has won the Clash of Nations and the World Tour. Again.
  Congratulations to them.

Also a shout out to United States Virgin Islands for 3 victories,
   Uzbekistan for scoring 308 points for the third time ( also their best ) in history.
   Rwanda for scoring their first points ever. (Thanks Holwerda Cycling for the statistics on the forum)
  Comrade cup
  A close finish in this sub-competition of the World Tour for Central Asian teams.
  In the last stage Uzbekistan overtook Tajikistan who where in the leading position after overtaking Latvia one round earlier.
  The three contenders made it a real battle.
  #1 Uzbekistan
  #2 Tajikistan
  #3 Kyrgyzstan
  OCM survivor
  Within the community games are played too. One of the most famous is OCM Survivor.
  One is expected to win, and then be congratulated here. This season was a very long and
  exciting game. I myself joined in the fun too, sometimes by voting.
  Intrigues were played, several alliances formed, betrayed and mystic ancient powers were used.
  The end turned into a huge climax.
  Where everybody joined a group hug, since almost everybody won.
  Therefore we congratulate david popescu of familytour. The first and last manager to be voted out of OCM Survivor.
  Winners we salute you!
  P.S. I have just lost The Game.


Schiavi di Don at 23:03 13/2-2020
  Great article BC! Love the details in it.

Yuri SuperTeam at 23:13 13/2-2020
  For further info there are links to the riders/teams! Just click on the names!

Lokomotíva Zvolen at 23:25 13/2-2020
  "May you all have (...) lots of off days..."
  Thanks! :D

Holwerda Cycling at 10:58 14/2-2020
  Haha lots of off days yes. That might not be a misstake.
  Great article!

Alpine at 13:15 14/2-2020
  Great article. Thanks!
  Alexander Nyegård's season is the most impressive thing I have seen in the game. Especially when you take into account that he not even among the very best climbers in the game.

AnnoDomini at 16:02 14/2-2020
  Nice summary, keep doing this each season!

DeRodeLantaarn at 02:24 16/2-2020
  Great article!
  I will hand the red latern over to UBBO and Westbay Ninjas.

Universal Soup at 08:09 19/2-2020
  Thanks everyone for the replies. It seems I have given myself a big portion of Karma since i had 2 off days for my captains already ( in 3 races ).
  So i'm good on track to win the unlucky game if it returns (hint hint).