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Giro di Montelbano - A Preview
by Yuri, at 6/3-19 - 10:32 GMT

  Written by Frank Holwerda of Holwerda Cycling
  Finn Orre in Top Form is the favourite as mentioned before and he will most likely win the TT stage. But he is not the only GC contender that has saved the Top Form for this tour. also Buzuloiu, Lumpkin and Dupuy are in their best shape. Especcialy Buzuloiu is very dangerous and with a good result in the first stage he might get very close.
   I think Dupuy will not be a thread for the GC, but has a good chance of winning the YC. That depends on the difference between

him and Rollero in the first stage.
   Also for the first stage Orre has a chance of winning it, but I think two riders have a bigger chance. Clarijs is in Top Form and well suited for the race, he is my favourite and a nice GC classification is also possible.
   Linhares is the other specialist with the highest HL/FR combination. But perhaps the young hiller Zhili will get a chance to go for the YC.
   Other outsiders for the first stage are Brandt (Top Form), Assis/Weygaerts (depending on captaincy) and Sandvik.

Here is my prediction (hard to predict all the captains in first stage):
   First stage:
   Clarijs (Holwerda Cycling) :)
   Linhares (Pekarna Grosuplje), Orre (Matrix Team)
   Buzuloiu (Nefal), Brandt (Marchons), Assis/Weygaerts (Kremer), Sandvik (PtbaGooner)
   Zapletal (Tears and Saints), de Maar (Rode Stier), Judkins (TJ Banik OKD), Zhili (Pekarna Grosuplje)
   Mitchell (Willunga Hill), De Keijsere (Sprit i flaskene), Rollero (LoleursLovers), Yisraeli (Roderunners)
   Orre (Matrix Team)
   Buzuloiu (Nefal)
   de Maar (Rode Stier), Kinczllers (ABK), Rollero (LoleursLovers), Lumpkin (Treaty City CC)
   Marson (Spin Doctors), Dupuy (Auro team), Clarijs (Holwerda Cycling), Zhili (Pekarna Grosuplje)
   Sandvik (PtbaGooner), Judkins (TJ Banik OKD), Mitchell (Willunga Hill)
   Rollero (LoleursLovers)
   Dupuy (Auro team), Zhili (Pekarna Grosuplje)
   Bat-Ochir (Darkwave Recordings), Brandt (Marchons)
   Staal (Matrix Team), Wijkstra (LoleursLovers), Zapletal (Tears and Saints)
   Moring (Nefal), Arzu (Auro team), De Keijsere (Sprit i flaskene)


Matrix team at 10:41 6/3-2019
  So far you're good ^^

Nikoline at 22:57 6/3-2019
  Nice preview (even though I am not a part of this tour)!

Schiavi di Don at 14:41 10/3-2019
  Short but sweet!
  Jinxed yourself for stage 1 though. ;)

Holwerda Cycling at 22:22 11/3-2019
  Yes, still puzzled about it.