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04:25 GMT         Day 90 of 90, Season 44    

Giro di Montelbano
by Finz, at 11/6-17 - 23:44 GMT

  written by Frank Holwerda of Holwerda Cycling
  We have Sandoval Miranda, winner of Fast on Wheels. We have strong hill rider Bohdan Krejza with good support.
  We have former winner Henk Daverveld. These guys are all 29 years old. But we also have runner-up and best youngster of last season Ciceron Narvaez. But don't forget Femi Tshiela who won Giro di Sicilia and Kangaroo Tour

last season.
  Estefan Martí might be able to surprise, just like Tomislav Andrijevi?. Or will Pierce Taggart be the captain? He was best youngster three seasons ago.
   I have not spotted any TF for a possible Tour winner, but I could have missed one. But perhaps Gherman Cristache or Johan Strømmen will surprise when in TF.

  Bohdan Krejza (Cyclists), Sandoval Miranda (ALAITZ ATHLETIC TEAM)
  Henk Daverveld (Holwerda Cycling), Ciceron Narvaez (Abelixe)
  Femi Tshiela (V02maXXers), Estefan Martí (Die Tour Phantome), Tomislav Andrijevi?/Pierce Taggart (jmtoler)


TeamQuetzal at 00:21 12/6-2017
  Thsiela is my bet
  Nice article Frank!