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Germany Tour - A Stage by Stage Preview
by Yuri, at 22/1-20 - 19:56 GMT

  Written by Frank Holwerda of Holwerda Cycling
  Stage 1 Kiel Prologue
  Former winners of the prologue Otto Ådahl, Alton Gilroy and Hermano Montenegro will be trying to grab once again that first yellow jersey of this Germany Tour. However, the much-desired yellow jersey attracts more riders who will want to claim the win.
  *** Hermano Montenegro
  ** Barclay Moring, Otto Ådahl
  * Ralph Pender, Alton Gilroy, Safwan Seif, Richard Masson, Iwo Soko?owski, Kimball Lascomb, Graham Gallacher
  Stage 2 Kiel – Bremen
  The sprinters are coming in action for their first clash. The teams that won the SC the last ten seasons are not present in this Germany Tour, so a new team can write some history winning the Green Jersey.
  *** Alípio Almada
  ** Baldwin Matthys, Khangai Oyunbileg, Genadi Asparuhov
  * Ivan Plank, Lieuwe Oosterhof, Isaac Houston, Mateo Dorantes, Fabio Borges
  Stage 3 Bielefeld – Cologne
  Yet another sprint, but now with much more demanding flat roads and wind and lesser technique needed.
  *** Alípio Almada
  ** Khangai Oyunbileg, Baldwin Matthys, Isaac Houston
  * Fabio Borges, Markus Vik, Lieuwe Oosterhof, Ivan Demenok, Iwo Soko?owski
  Stage 4 Cologne - Frankfurt am

  The first stage where the GC guys will have to be on their guards. Not the real high mountains, but the terrain is treacherous.
  *** Maurio Ingiro
  ** Jedsada Pituwong, Rashad Abdul-Karim, Sem van Kelf
  * Brian Baisden, Skyler Popken, Gavril Ciugarin, Duncan Cutress, Daniele Gatto
  Stage 5 Frankfurt am Main – Heidelberg
  The finish in Heidelberg will be a clash between the hill sprinters in the peloton. Ivan Demenok won this stage two seasons ago.
  *** Isaac Houston, Ivan Demenok, Jannic Junger
  ** Alípio Almada, Genadi Asparuhov, Montgomery Saint-john
  * Ivan Plank, Paulus Shiwak, Baldwin Matthys, Lieuwe Oosterhof
  Stage 6 Heidelberg – Freiburg
  This climbing stage will force the biggest time differences up until now. The real climbers will want to take some advantage of the better time trialists. A couple of former winners of this stage are present: Baisden, Abdul-Karim and Perk.
  *** Jedsada Pituwong, Brian Baisden
  ** Heinrich Löwe, Daniele Gatto, Maurio Ingiro
  * Jim Luysen, Gavril Ciugarin, Skyler Popken, Duncan Cutress
  Stage 7 Munich (ITT)
  The time trial is often very decisive for the GT, but for the win in the stage, the real specialist will go all the way

to win this prestigious time trial. For the GC guys Brian Baisden and Duncan Cutress seem to have the best capacity for a good result.
  *** Hermano Montenegro, Barclay Moring
  ** Otto Ådahl, Alton Gilroy, Ralph Pender, Richard Masson
  * Safwan Seif, Kimball Lascomb, Iwo Soko?owski
  Stage 8 Munich - Kempten
  The king stage features long climbs and possible decisive descents. It is the last chance for the climbers to win time in the GC.
  *** Brian Baisden, Alexander Nyegård
  ** Daniele Gatto, Gavril Ciugarin, Heinrich Löwe
  * Maurio Ingiro, Gitano Ontclair, Jim Luysen, Skyler Popken
  Stage 9 Leipzig - Potsdam
  The riders who were strong in stage 5, the hill sprinters, will also be strong in this stage.
  *** Ivan Demenok
  ** Jannic Junger, Lieuwe Oosterhof, Isaac Houston
  * Khangai Oyunbileg, Montgomery Saint-john, Ivan Plank, Baldwin Matthys, Alípio Almada
  Stage 10 Potsdam – Berlin
  The final stage of the tour is a sprint stage. A chance for some teams to save the tour and the SC will come to a decision.
  *** Alípio Almada
  ** Khangai Oyunbileg, Baldwin Matthys, Lieuwe Oosterhof
  * Fabio Borges, Onno Van Der Horst, Alua Mukasakindi, Mateo Dorantes, Mick van Putten


V02maXXers at 20:20 22/1-2020
  Nice job. Thank you Frank!

AGCap at 22:12 22/1-2020
  Thank you, Frank! Great review!
  My plan actually was to use Paulus Shiwak as a captain instead of Khangai Oyunbileg (except for stage 10). Shiwak is already on top form, while Khangai Oyunbileg is not top form ready.
  Could this change the chances for the sprint classification in your opinion?

Schiavi di Don at 01:35 23/1-2020
  Great to see a preview again! I'm afraid Nato is probably going to be captain for me though, although your faith in Gatto might change that. ;)

Holwerda Cycling at 07:18 23/1-2020
  Thank you.
  For every stage I just let the best rider of the team be captain. You can take advantage from that for yourself ;)
  The TF was also taking into account, allthough some riders will not reach TF while they are able to. But I cannot look into the heart of every manager.

Baileys Irish Cream at 11:37 24/1-2020
  Hi all,
  i am far awaxy from the Top Division, but its nice to read topics like this one.
  Very nice, thnaks Frank.

team dustin at 19:23 24/1-2020
  success for all
  I have no high expectations

Holwerda Cycling at 20:16 24/1-2020
  O boy, I missed some important Top Forms in my preview. Apologies to Sander van Amersfoort and Rashad Abdul-Karim and others I missed.

Navarone Cycling Team at 07:23 26/1-2020
  Great job, nice read!

gladiadores2148 at 02:27 22/3-2020
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