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Fast on Wheels - A Preview
by Yuri, at 29/10-20 - 08:29 GMT

  Written by The Erwinator of Silenzio
  Preview Fast on Wheels
  It may be a minor tour in the OCM-world in the obscure fifth division, but it’s hard to imagine a race that is being more disruptive for the local communities in Denmark than the Fast on Wheels tour! The lesser gods of the sprinting scene have it all to fight for here, and the pure time trialists with some ability to survive a hill can dream of everlasting glory. Two of the present riders tasted this glory when they crossed the finish line in Copenhagen. The pure hillers will have their say in the king’s stage.
  The tour runs from day 80 till day 83, containing six stages. If we look at the profile of the stages the time trialists will have their chance in stage 1 and 5. Stage 2 and 6 are the straight forward sprint stages, while stage 3 contains some hills as well. The hardest stage, with most wind and hills, is stage 4, the king’s stage. In this preview we have a closer look at the contenders of the different classifications.
  General Classification
  Due to the huge importance of the time trial in this tour, the number of teams competing for the win in the GC is small. Last year we saw squadra sora dominate the top5, occupying the 1st, 2nd and 5th spot. The chance that the team will be able to dominate like that again seems small in this edition. California Mist is sending in a great team with a former winner in its ranks as well. Treaty City CC is also sending a captain that should be able to compete.
  California Mist ( Montel Valencia) (33yo)
  Three years ago this Uruguayan star came out on top in this Tour. After some adventures in races in the higher divisions up to Zyte, now he is back on a mission to reclaim his title. The hilly profile of the decisive time trial makes Montel especially dangerous to achieve his goal!
  squadra sora ( Jerome Stice) (29yo)
  Last years’ champ is looking good to make it two in a row. He did not win a single race in division 4 this season, so will have all reason to prove he is still deserving full support from the Belgian squad, that is sending in more contenders.
  Treaty City CC ( Lynn Lumpkin) (33yo)
  Although a bit older than his Canadian colleague, Lynn Lumpkin is a very similar to Stice. He will hope for a modest gap with the hill-specialists in the king’s stage, to be able to run rag the competition with his exceptional TT-skills.
  We are less sure whether the time trialists of Team AUC and CSKA Sofia could be able to keep up with the contenders from the aforementioned teams. Still, let’s name them among the outsiders. We won’t be surprised to see them in top10, that is!
  Team AUC ( Rodney Harves) (27yo)
  No doubt this Englishman knows how to handle his bike, especially when he wears his precious
  aerodynamic time trial helmet. He might miss the power of the absolute specialists but certainly a man to look out for.
  CSKA SOFIA ( Oyugun Ulzii-Orshikh) (31yo)
  Top of the bill when it’s a race against the clock is this Oriental rider in the Bulgarian side. Still, he might be one of the first to get into problems when one of the scarce Danish hills show up…
  California Mist ( Adônis Lourenço) (38yo)
  The Brazilian is an absolute beast and a perfect fit to the race profile in FoW. Alas, with 38 years old, he seems to be closer to his death than to a win here. Then again, we would gladly dance the Samba in Copenhagen!
  squadra sora ( Amund Tobiassen) (24yo)
  He is in top form, so although he is young and might have orders to help Stice, a decent prologue might help him to at least cocaptaincy.
  California Mist ( Martijn van Dam) (35yo)
  We would love to see Van Dam shine once more, like he already did in division 3 this season, when he won Mackay Time Trial.
  squadra sora ( Anbessa Cordova) (23yo)
  Another great prospect from the Belgian side squadra sora. Maybe not this year, but certainly FoW will be on his palmaris somewhere in the future, right?
  Treaty City CC (

Rolf Mullinax) (26yo)
  If his captain might fail to impress, this is the man to look out for from the Irish side.
  squadra sora ( Bruno Parv) (35yo)
  Another great rider from the Belgian team. A bit old, but in our opinion he can still surprise with a stunning time trial.
  More outsiders!
  Other teams might hope for an exceptional time difference in the King’s stage to be able to hold off the time trialists. Teams that are bringing a very strong captain for the King’s stage are Lithuanian Kosmine Odiseja TM, Norwegian Team Arctic and the Dutch team van den hatert. Team Arctic would have the best chance to defend his lead in the time trial, while the others lack TT talent. At least these three teams will be looking forward to getting a result out of the King’s stage Århus – Vejle.
  Kosmine Odiseja TM ( Henning Hedegård) (31yo)
  Team Arctic ( Clément Bigaruka) (23yo)
  van den hatert ( Charalabos Petrakis) (24yo)
  Youth Classification
  Squadra Sora seems to bring two contenders for the YC, and with one in top form really looking good for the YC. Who will stop them? We are convinced SS are aiming for the GC-YC double here to even improve its achievements from last year.
  squadra sora ( Amund Tobiassen) (24yo)
  squadra sora ( Anbessa Cordova) (23yo)
  Team Arctic ( Clément Bigaruka) (23yo)
  van den hatert ( Charalabos Petrakis) (24yo)
  CSKA SOFIA ( Damià Garreta) (24yo)
  Team Arctic ( Dale Brady) (24yo)
  Sprint Classification
  Many great sprinters have registered for this edition of Fast on Wheels and we will see many managers pray their knees off to the OCM-gods for a pair of stunning legs during Esbjerg – Holstebro and Odense – København. Last years’ SC-winner Irving Watts is absent: although his manager would have loved to register this young cannon again, team Canadian Nippon achieved above expectation in division 4 and wasn’t able to register for this edition of the tour.
  Although some of the contenders will be able to gather some points in the hilly or TT stages, we expect the winner of the SC to be someone that would be able to get a result out of both of the two straightforward sprint stages. You know what to expect: an utter chanceless breakaway by some brave nobodies, with hours of boring television in the never ending Danish fields, till the adrenaline-high sprinting-feast begins.
  So who are in? Without being able to be near to exhaustive, we name the riders that in our opinion should be the ones to look out for the most.
  California Mist ( Daryl Schroeder) (22yo)
  Although he is young and was riding with sidewheels when his teammates were pro already, Schroeder might be the one to look out for in the sprints. He is in top form, has a pair of powerful legs, won two races in the last couple of days, and could have the support of some amazing LO1s that are competing for the YC and GC. Will the American team give their full support to their somewhat already exhausted sprinting captain?
  Silenzio ( Tijmen Van Lieshout) (30yo)
  Rumours say the Dutch team will bring four leadouts in top form, including the no. 3 of last years’ SC, to assist their captain, who obviously will also be in top form. Well, he will need it to stand a chance against this field, because his sprinting stats alone won’t do the trick: so far Tijmen never won a race for his current team.

href='/?page=Teams&profile=NAFI'>NAFI ( Ingvar Lööf) (30yo)
  Just looking at stats this guy would be the man to beat! He has a decent chance to acquire some points in the prologue and maybe even in the TT, all whilst being the best sprinter as well. Did his team select helpers that are good enough to claim the precious prize at the end of it?
  Velosipedska ( Metodija Aksentiev) (23yo)
  Last year was a disaster for this patriotic Macedonian bunch of opportunists, but their captain has grown a year older and might have just gained that experience to avoid crashes, flats and mechanicals in the deep finals of the stages. And let’s not forget to mention he arrives in topform in Esjberg. So far this season Metodija didn’t manage to win, did he save best for last?
  Westbay Ninjas ( Oddmund Tandberg) (27yo)
  Maybe one of the most complete sprinters in the bunch this year is this Norwegian guy. He has the perfect age to shine, is able overcome a modest hill and should be able to finish well in the flat stages. We are a bit concerned that he will not be in best shape when the mayor of Esbjerg will officialy open the tour with a blow on his whistle at the start of the prologue. Welsh Phoenix ( Rados?aw Antczak) (29yo)
  Hard to tell which sprinter will be the captain of Welsh Phoenixin Denmark. Welsh Phoenix ( Adrien Sawhill) (21yo) and Welsh Phoenix ( Culbert Dahl) (23yo) could be in the mix too. Still, we believe the more experienced Polish rider from the team would stand a better chance on consistent performances in multiple stages. But who knows how the riders feel when they wake up in the morning when stage 2 and 6 are on. Anyhow, one of the strongest lead-out trains is coming from Wales this year. Don’t be surprised to see a lot of green/white/orange kits at the front of the peloton when we approach Copenhagen!
  Swashbucklers ( Sigbjørn Gran) (25yo)
  Another very strong sprinting team from the United States, with next to their Norwegian captain, also Swashbucklers ( Maurits Sjögren) (21yo) in their ranks, a young gun to look out for.
  Glasgow United ( Peebles Watts) (30yo)
  All who love bagpipes will have their hopes high on Watts in this edition of FoW. Two seasons ago he managed to end up 3rd in the SC, helped by two results in the sprint stages! But probably he had raced a bit more in preparation of that edition… Not likely we have another Watts claiming the SC after all.
  Kosmine Odiseja TM ( Aurelius Kriksciun) (23yo)
  Though he might be still unknown to the greater public, this guy from the Baltic states is looking to make a name for himself in the streets of Holstebro. His top form should be of great help to actually acquire that. Don’t be too surprised when he is still present when the bunch is decimated in the more hilly stages.
  Geodziki ( Ernest Florek) (25yo)
  Not one of the main favourites, but certainly an outsider. Still looking for his first result in a race in division 6 or above, maybe mostly due to insufficient support of capable leadouts.
  KK Perutnina Ptuj ( Dan Ho?evar) (24yo)
  From Eastern Europe comes another outsider. With already 5 results this season, Dan Ho?evar can’t be neglected no more.
  There are more teams present and we would love to be pleasantly surprised by them. Will Chilan Valerie Pro Cycling Team, Israelian Sweelinck Schumann, home favourites Jolly Wheels, German teddybears, Brazilians from either vgnpnx or Partisan1984, or English Cycling GB, cause some sort of upset?
  OCMsports 2 will bring you full live coverage of the final kilometers of the race daily. That is, when the action of the Nederlandse tour has cooled down. Let’s hope the big guns hurry up a bit, to enable us to witness all details of this exciting OCM-tour in Division 5.


TeamTVM at 09:18 29/10-2020
  Very nice preview ! I had hoped to take part, would have been very nice. Good luck to all contenders !

Velosipedska at 11:46 29/10-2020
  Glad to see the preview looking so nice. I wonder what Adonis Lourenco thinks of your comments...

Team Arctic at 14:34 29/10-2020
  Really good and informative preview! Thanks! Best of luck to all the other contenders!

Silenzio at 16:46 29/10-2020
  Glad you like it :)
  I really should have included a big shout out to KrMees of Velosipedska because he helped a lot in acquiring the rider details and discussing the piece!
  Good luck to all!

Holwerda Cycling at 20:34 29/10-2020
  Very nice preview!
  Last seasons SC winner Watts is not here, but Watts can still win it!