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Diversity show - Episode 1
by Yuri, at 18/2-21 - 08:54 GMT

  Written by Alex of Fighting
  Alex: Hello, everyone! I am Alex and I welcome you to the journey alongside the new OCM show - Diversity!
  In this show, we will be exploring characteristics, thoughts, plans that make all of us different, but a community!
  The show will be held in the British Virgin Islands and the participants receive free travel tickets and free bed and food facilities.
  The show consists of two participants chosen carefully by my crew. They are chosen such as to find unique characteristics. The aim of the show is to bring our community closer!
  But, let's get to business! Today we will have with us a manager that risked it all on one old talent that paid of ten forth and one manager that is training his youth riders carefully, to create a team that would be performing for seasons to come at a high level. We have with us a Swedish and a Norwegian manager.
  Please join me in welcoming Skog from Skogs riders and Ursus from Team Arctic! *applause*
  Hello, hello! Please, take a sit!
  Tell us, Skog, what made you stay in OCM for so long?
  Skog: I guess one major reason I kept playing the game is Miles. I spent too much money on a too old talent, and then even more training him from the ground. But I think he turned out nicely, so I had to continue to see how far he could go.
  Alex: Ahh, yes, Miles. He is the old talent I was talking about earlier *smile*. But I see you have a new acquisition - Hadley Childers. What are your plans for the team moving forward? Of course, no spoilers wanted, so explain if it can be disclosed to the public.
  Skog: Yes, that was an opportunity I couldn't miss. With plenty of cash available when a super star looks for a new team, you have to go for it, right? That also means my clear plan with Miles is no longer the only way to go. I still haven't got a clear plan on what to do now. Since the team won't be all about Miles anymore we will obviously need to find young talents that can replace the good but old sprinters that have worked so hard for Miles. Unfortunately Childers got injured already in his first race for the team so he will need some time to regain his strengths util he can take the captain role.
  Alex: Interesting plans, indeed. Good luck with Hadley! Ursus, tell us, what made you stay in OCM for so long?

*long sigh* Technically I did not play the game consistently. I had a hiatus of about 16 seasons from seasons 33 to 49. I do enjoy the game due to the thrill of finding and training prospects.
  Alex: But the game got you back I see *smile*. Talking about young prospects, I see you have a good hill rider - Clément Bigaruka. What are your plans for the team moving forward? Of course, no spoilers wanted, so explain if it can be disclosed to the public.
  Ursus: No spoilers. My future plans are quite simple: Continue building my hill team, while also diversifying into climbing. Just finished training Sondre Skoglund (224 hilly-climber). Next on the agenda is training a few more good climbing prospects within the team + increasing the roster to 12 riders.
  Alex: Yes, Sondre looks quite nice. Skog, tell us, please, are you acquainted with Ursus from Team Arctic?
  Skog: No, I can't say I am. There are and have been so many good Scandinavian and perhaps especially Norwegian and Danish teams for most of the time I have only followed the other Swedish teams.
  Alex: Just say you do not watch the rivals closely *laugh*. Joking, joking! Ursus, are you acquainted with Skog?
  Ursus: I have not had any direct contact with Skog of Skogs riders, but I am of course well aware of his team. It is after all a very strong team with top riders.
  Alex: Well then, I think it is the best time to thank the crew for bringing you to this show! A chance for you to get acquainted better *smile*. Ursus, tell us one thing you consider Skogs riders is doing right and you would incorporate in your team's philosophy.
  Ursus: It is hard to name just one thing. He seems to be doing many things right. If I had to select one thing it is building a team with solid support for his excellent captains. He also seems to maintain a high team spirit.
  Alex: Great! Skog, your turn on the same question about Ursus.
  Skog: Team Arctic is almost the opposite of my team. A really young group of nice talents. With such a small team it is important to focus on races where the team can perform well. That focus and the philosophy to work hard with young talents are some things I would like to do as well.
  Alex: Nice! Skog, since we are on point, if you were to borrow one rider from Team Arctic, who would it be and why?
  Skog: I really like Sondre Skoglund, a nice talent focusing on the uphill races. But since I don't have a climbing squad anymore I would probably go for Clément

  Alex: Great! Ursus, your turn now on the same question *smile* about Skog.
  Ursus: Hadley Childers no question. Illingsworth in his prime would also be great. Childers is a top rider and one of the top guys in terms of points. Would have to charge my team focus though.
  Alex: Yeah, it is hard to not mention Miles *laugh*. What advice would you give to Skog moving forward?
  Ursus: I would be reluctant to give him any advice. His team is after all much more successful then my own team. I could probably learn much more from him then he could from me.
  Alex: So much respect. I like that! Skog, what advice would you give to Ursus moving forward?
  Skog: Stay focused. When building or rebuilding a team you need to take one step at a time, you can't aim for all kinds of races at the same time. You need to get the income steady to be able to expand the team and later on be able to produce results in races with different characteristics.
  Alex: Sensible advice, indeed. The last question for you, Skog - If you were to name one OCM team that you consider being the best, which one would it be and why?
  Skog: At the moment it is really hard not to say Comfius. But there are many highly productive teams that would deserve a special mentioning for different reasons.
  Alex: Thank you! Ursus?
  Ursus: Difficult question. I tend to go by stats. So, currently: Comfius, as well. Historicaly: Jonas Pro Cycling. In terms of palmares : VO2maXXers and Team AEK. In terms of jerseys: Team Matrix. Plenty of other top teams though, both in terms of history and of recent success.
  Alex: Great categorization! Well *standing up* , I thank you both for having the patience to answer all my questions!
  Skog: Thank you also!
  Ursus: Thank you as well!
  Alex: With this, lads and lasses, we conclude our first episode of the new show - Diversity!
  I hope you have enjoyed as much as we did making it and we wait for you to turn up for the next episode as well!
  For participation to the show, get in touch with our crew here. You can contact us by sending a private message to Fighting. One of the team members will sign you up and add you to the timeline already created!
  With this, I bid you good-bye for now and take care of those bicycles!
  Final credits rolling in the background, camera zooming out of the set.


Schiavi di Don at 09:40 18/2-2021
  Absolutely love this Alex!
  It turned out even greater than I expected when you discussed the idea with me. Great to get to know these managers, and so much fun to see them discuss each others team. This series should be a great success. :)

Fighting at 10:21 18/2-2021
  Thank you! :)

Team WonderDee at 10:32 18/2-2021
  A nice read. Looking forward to the other episodes.

Time Indaiatuba at 11:54 18/2-2021
  Great! Looking forward to the next one.

DeRodeLantaarn at 12:46 18/2-2021
  Great work!
  Always nice to know a bit more and learn from experienced managers of OCM.

Silenzio at 14:35 18/2-2021
  Wow great job, very nice format!! Keep them coming :)
  First I thought I heared them were complaining about bad facilities in BV-islands, but now I get they were talking about their bed facilities!

Fighting at 14:41 18/2-2021
  There is nothing to complain about BVI. Even if you complain about it, I have a whole team that will turn the comment in a more positive one ;).

Team Arctic at 19:08 18/2-2021
  Nice job on the article, Alex!

Fighting at 19:09 18/2-2021
  Thanks :).

paceuts at 20:26 18/2-2021
  Great work!

Holwerda Cycling at 11:23 19/2-2021
  Very nice format. Loved reading it, thank you!

Gewoon Rechtdoor at 12:44 19/2-2021
  Nice Alex, keep that positivity flowing!

Skudehavnen CC at 22:06 24/2-2021
  Thanks for a nice show, - looking forward for the next one :)