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05:23 GMT         Day 29 of 90, Season 49    

Cobble Trouble, S44 Edition 2
by Finz, at 24/3-18 - 20:35 GMT

  Written by Milo of Cloud Atlas
  We continue our report on the Cobble classics and tours in an unusually cold spring in Belarus. This edition of the Minsk CBGP included freezing gusts of wind and snow. It was just the edge that the Russian Miron Tredyakovsky needed for a long duel with Theofanis Anastasakis who looked clearly shaken by the weather. Tredyakovsky not only won the prestigious Minsk trophy but also a huge kiss from NightmareChaos public relations director Nikita in a celebration drenched in Belarusian vodka and Moet & Chandon champagne.
  Minsk CBGP
  1. Miron Tredyakovsky, NightmareChaos
  2. Theofanis Anastasakis, California Mist
  3. Aureli Delon, Cremtec

  The Russian team was still nursing a hangover the following week and missed the Haute-Normandie

tour. Bookies were working overtime over bets for the winner of the Le Havre prologue, as time-trial focused teams were fighting exclusively for the stage. The best time came from Helmuth Alfred of KRV Rapid Habsburg , beating by a mere second the Djibouti champion and jmtoler rider, Dahab Renzaho. Ruben Park was victorious in the second stage king stage and became a favorite but could not hold on the following day when Aristarkh Ukhov surprised the main field and took off. Niguel Verme was one of the few to tag along gaining a big gap and an overall first place. For the concluding sprint stage, Frederick Longosiwa won his 76th victory in his career and proving 37 is the new 30. Overall it was young Niguel Verme becoming the first Colombian to win a major cobble tour, a feat not even the great Estebe Mauri ever achieved. Second place for the Andorran Aureli Delon who has been very strong this season and also arrived third in

Minsk. Pascal Steurs, the winner of Minsk CBGP last season, filled the third place of the podium.
  1. Niguel Verme, Abelixe
  2. Aureli Delon, Cremtec
  3. Pascal Steurs, CARCYCL
  YC. Niguel Verme, Abelixe

  Finally, at the Cathedral of Turnai in Belgium, the San Marino champion Andrea Giannoni brought de stamper their second Turnai-Turnai trophy. The Bermudan Rolf Snow came close behind followed by Krastyo Valkiv of PAN. Valkiv came short after controlling most of the race along his teammate and co-captain Keith Dean who arrived 5th.
  Turnai - Turnai
  1. Andrea Giannoni, de stamper
  2. Rolf Snow, Amersfoort Cycling
  3. Krastyo Valkov,PAN



NightmareChaos at 22:06 24/3-2018
  A nice win followed by an unusual fluke

Cokol Breakaway Team at 00:47 25/3-2018
  Nice job as always, Milo