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Cobble Trouble, S43 Edition 3
by Finz, at 14/2-18 - 19:57 GMT

  Written by Milo of Cloud Atlas
  We close the Cobble season with some exciting races and with a theme of many of the same riders from the early season dominating once again.
  Antwerpen - Huy
  1. Gale Reason, Jonas Pro Cycling
  2. Richard San Nicolas, Equipo Easy On
  3. Andrea Camata, IndieRock

  Gale Reason continues to make history. The thirty-seven year old won Tweedaagse van Antwerpen earlier this season just as he won both competitions 2 seasons ago at 35. The Belgian blocks seem to reinvigorate him.
  Astana GP
  1. Julian Cichocki, AnnoDomini
  2. Lázaro Gamão, gabbo e bacardi
  3. Ottar Grimstad, Conero cycling team

  And it was also an excellent season for Julian Cichocki, who gets another high profile win after his GC win earlier in the season in Haute Normandie. In the podium he was joined by Lazaro Gamao from

Sao Tome and Ottar Grimstad, who also came close to the overall win in Haute Normandie.
  Odyssey of the Oryx
  1. Loló Sita, Nikoline
  2. Kito Gundana, BCTeam
  3. Silvano Da Gama, Hilltup
  Sprint Classification:
  Loló Sita, Nikoline
  Youth Classification:
  Silvano Da Gama, Hilltup

  The second edition of Odyssey of the Oryx was memorable for a very close race that came down to the last race and a final gap of 3 seconds between 2 cyclists from Sao Tome. It seems the second smallest country in Africa become a powerhouse in OCM cycling in part thanks to the winning team Nikoline. The entire nation of Santomeans were ecstatic at Lolo Sita’s grueling uphill solo ending at Großherzog Friedrich Berg, which marked his third stage win during the tour. The youth classification and third space in the podium was won by Colombian Climber Silvano Da Gama, who seemed well accustomed to

the climate and type of climbs.
  Volta da Lagoa dos Patos
  1. Serban Turcas, Team Seidel
  2. Miron Tredyakovsky, NightmareChaos
  3. Rolf Snow, Amersfoort Cycling
  Youth Classification:
  Bernardo Meira, ekaitz team

  Two wins, a second place, and a third place were more than enough for Serban Turcas and his powerful squad from Team Seidel to get another Cobble palmares in their cabinet. The team came prepared and with a mission and not even defending champion Miron Tredyakovsky could stop them. Rolf Snow came in third after bagging Stage 3 and Bernardo Meira wins the Youth Classification with a promising future as the successor of Timo Canseco at ekaitz.
  What can we expect in Season 44? Will Gale Reason still refuse to get old? Will Lucas Loudon success continue? Will Nicolaus Schwarz win at the highest stage? Who will be the new Sao Tome? Write down in the comments below!


Cokol Breakaway Team at 20:29 14/2-2018
  Very nice write-up, Milo! Bit optimistic to include Oryx as a cobble race IMO

Cloud Atlas at 21:59 14/2-2018
  thanks. yeah its a complex tour and currently no actual cobblers are competitive in it. I wonder if it was in div1 or 2 there could be teams more specialized for it so that it would actually require to have some good pave pacers or captain with high CB to win it.

NightmareChaos at 00:25 17/2-2018
  I like 'm. Best category

Jonas Pro Cycling at 16:22 18/2-2018
  Very nice read!

ekaitz team at 00:29 20/2-2018
  Nice article one more time.

Nikoline at 17:08 20/2-2018
  Dont know why I am reading this cobble review, then I suddenly see my team mentioned! Oryx is a bit low in divisions to see specialised teams compete for it.