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Allround comes around S43 Edition 1
by Finz, at 28/12-17 - 07:13 GMT

  Written by Frank Holwerda of
  Holwerda Cycling
  When it comes to races, there is nothing finer than a race where a rider must be able to get the best out of himself on as many terrains as possible. Fortunately these races exist in OCM. They are known as the “Allround” races or “all 3” races. Perhaps you have seen them. Maybe you were scared to send your specialist sprinter or climber to that race, afraid he might get swept away by the high average guys. And you should be scared. There are some riders that have no weaknesses at all and ride around with averages of 55 or more. We even have three riders with an average of 58.
  In this article I want to share with you which riders perform well in the allround races and what interesting stuff is going around in the allround. Are the High Average guys really the best

in this races? Or is it perhaps actually a battle between sprinters and climbers who have the chance of meeting each other in these races. And perhaps I can mobilize some people who also think that the best allrounder in OCM should be able to win an award at the end of the season.
  Now let us look at the interesting races that have passed. We have seen Horatio Higginson win the only all-3 race in Top Division (even with 3 in CB) until now, Whispers of the Oman Desert. He got the best of Baltazar Radondo and Yury Belomestnov. Also big average man Jayden van den Kroon proved to be competitive in Top Division by winning Chennai – Pondicherry, a downhill race where allround riders can do very well. Brent Meijerigh and Filipo Armesto were also on the podium.
  Mihael Jeseni?nik won the all-4 1.1 race Kriterium Landeck beating big names Reynardo Celades and

Troy Hardee.
  In Division 3 Hernan Brizeno has been riding very good with three podium finishes with one of them a win in the prestigious East Egg Race. In lower divisions we have seen a good J?drzej Doma?ski with a win and three other top three finishes.
  My top three allround riders for the first 1/3rd of the season is:
  1. Hernan Brizeno
  2. Horatio Higginson
  3. J?drzej Doma?ski
  Next edition we will have results from the only classic we have in this race category: Tour of Hawaii. A short preview:
  1. Chatwin Stiver
  2. Hernan Brizeno
  3. Xabat Elcano
  But at the end of the season we will see who is the allrounder that peaks at the right moment at the World Championships.


Team WonderDee at 09:01 28/12-2017
  I think my rider Aleksander Hetland is a good allround rider, the big goal is to win the WC one day.
  He have won Kriterium Landeck and Sun City Wild Ride, but the problem is that often the all 3 races don`t fit his HL race calender.
  Nice to see all this new post on the front page, from the world of CB, DH and now ALL 3.

AnnoDomini at 09:10 28/12-2017
  So what is your definition of an all-round race? Looks like its not all-3 or all-4 if you include East Egg Race or Chennai-Pondicherry... (those two are actually regarded as Dh races cause Dh stat is greater than Cl which suggests they end not on a climb, but on a descent from a climb...

Holwerda Cycling at 11:04 28/12-2017
  I don't have a hard definition Simon. I have looked at all 3 races but also races with minimum of three at every stat except cb and tt

AnnoDomini at 18:53 28/12-2017
  I would define allround races as follows: all stats 3 or above but Cl/Dh/Hl/Sp not exceeding the lowest stat by more than 2. Cause wheb you have a race 6-3-3-3-3-3 it is clearly a climbing race. With 5-3-3-3-3 or 4-3-3-3-3 you can say it is more allround. This also means Egg Race is an all round race but Chennai is clearly a Dh/Sp race to me.

Holwerda Cycling at 20:32 28/12-2017
  I agree.
  I did define the Chennai race as downhill race where allrounders can do well. I just wrote about it because a non-downhiller with the highest average in the game won it

AnnoDomini at 20:52 28/12-2017
  Yeah, surely a surprising win...

Drapeau Noir at 02:38 29/12-2017
  Yeah, Kroon is not a downhiller, nor a sprinter but he won Chennai-Pondicherry and he did it without TF nor good/super legs!
  The perfect allrounder guy IMHO. Recharging TF for the WC right now (off day last season).