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The Breakaway with Fujimoto Masaaki
by Finz, at 21/7-20 - 21:49 GMT

  Written by Finz of NightmareChaos
  It has been a while since I send you my thoughts about OCM cycling. Sometimes things just get in the way to do what you want to do. In the OCM calendar that usually means drama. And it was dramatic again. Sometimes it just felt I was sitting in a hair salon. People yelling and screaming, not listening to others, not listening to themselves. It would all be so good if managers took a moment to think about that they are wanting to say and ask to themselves, is this really necessary and does this make look good in the eyes of others? Or does this make me look like a prick and an absolute douche.
  A lot of people forgot that part when spewing words. And when you do give him your 1 penny thought be brave enough to except some feedback and do not start crying. Things change but when things change too quick the change is not for the better usually. Let us stay home and play together. That is our way to support the battle.
  And now we will take a look at something

that you can buy. The equipment section has some nice little gems.
  Gloves X1
  The Gloves X1 are known for being extremely comfortable and providing an excellent grip. The gloves X1 are the gloves for your team. They give comfort and that is good for the team spirit.
  With a slogan like that and a pricetag of 4000 you can expect a lot. The +1 comfort is pretty disappointing. They only sell because you have no choice in anything else. They do not stand up to their promise. Overpriced, mediocure performance, out of date and not fashionable. Lack of quality and you should never think about the moment you spend money on them
   Funningur 100
  Funningur on the isle Eysturoy, which translates as easter island, is home to the Funningur 100. A race that leads from Funningur to Gjogv. A 10 kilometer long

road that the riders have to ride 10 times to finish again in Funningur. Due to the nature of the small circuit the race is modelled into a “Devil Take the Hindmost” or elimination race. He who will be lapped will be out of the race.
  Starting in Funningur the road goes uphill and slowly descends to Gjogv. Funninger lies in the shadow of Slættaratindur, the highest mountain in the Faroer Islands and legends say it was founded by Grímur Kamban, the first settler of the Faroer. Gjogv, a harbourtown, where they descend into town and cross the river to ride back to Funningur is known for its natural harbor and is a thriving yet small fishing village. After ten laps of each 10 kilometers those who remain will sprint for victory on Svorvisvegur and claim the trophy of Grimur.
   Fujimoto Masaaki insights
  He who is lethal without a weapons should mark his words


Velosipedska at 23:43 21/7-2020

Willunga Hill at 18:24 22/7-2020
  too true Finz!
  stupid gloves.

NightmareChaos at 20:42 22/7-2020
  Yes. I never felt like: yes, good thing I bought them

Universal Soup at 19:34 23/7-2020
  You'll only miss them when they are gone. Then we'll all mutter that they don't make thing as they used to anymore.

Cokol Breakaway Team at 23:10 23/7-2020
  Great article, Finz!

Silenzio at 09:54 24/7-2020
  At least we all had a nice haircut now. Great read!