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The Breakaway with Fujimoto Masaaki
by Finz, at 2/6-20 - 12:17 GMT

  Written by Finz of NightmareChaos
  Welcome to the second edition of the Breakaway with Fujimoto Masaaki.
  With Haute Normandie, Volta ao Porto and Monte Rosa Tour on the way this is a great week for cycling.
  The lastest news however is not one of the big tour but the first race ever in OCM history of
Klatrekongen av Tryvann
. This first division 5 race was won by Gifford Davey, Team

Watchers. The South African team that is a member of OCM for almost a year now got his 12th win of its career with his hill captain that joined his starting team from the beginning.
  A well welcomed segment of the Breakaway is the equipment review. We review so you can get the best. We have been send from the great people at Zyte their helmet range
  Aero Helmet
  The Aero helmet from Zyte is available at the shop for 13.000 and gives you a 1% overall bonus for your riders. That is not bad, it is not perfect either. The performance boost with the helmet is just that little extra you need when you start.
  Spear TT
  The Spear TT are a 2% in time trials and is vital when you ride tours and focus om time trilas. The 18.000 price tag gives you a 2% bonus. And compared to the Aero helmet, it is a must.

Umeå - Vännäs
  Umeå - Vännäs is a race in the noth eastern part of Sweden where the northern light is frequent and winters are long and dark. Umeå is the captial of Västerbotten County and borders the Ume river. Its history start in the fourteenth century and has a history of being sacked and raided by the Russians during the many Swedish – Russian wars. Umeå is also called the City of Birches. The riders ride to Vännäs back to Umeå and back to Vännäs again to complete the 90 kilometer ride, the actual distance between the two cities is just 30 kilometers.
Fujimoto Masaaki insights
  A mountain may look big for some and small for others, the only difference is knowledge


USA Postal Services at 21:29 3/6-2020
  I knew the results of MTR before it started. The only incognita is the 3rd place in the podium. Last phrase was nice, good job :)