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The Breakaway with Fujimoto Masaaki
by Finz, at 18/5-20 - 21:55 GMT

  Written by Finz of NightmareChaos
  Maybe it is new for you, maybe it is a memory from days gone by but we have returned, the Breakaway with Fujimoto Masaaki.
  We, from the Breakaway. have gone great lengths to start a collaboration with none other than Fujimoto Masaaki. He will guide you with eternal wisdom and give you direction in the path to follow to become you.
  To start with the Breakaway with a bang we will give you one of the latest results that we heard from. In Peru Cuzco - Qusqu Qhawarina the riders rode the first stage for the Cup race Copa de la Historia de los Andes and it was Peter Ridge of BGK Cycling Team who laid a big foundation for a good result this Cup.

next item will be a new thing. We will talk about some equipment you can buy and why you should do it or not. Because in this we have no hidden agenda.
  Our first piece of equipment we will evaluate, discuss and rate is the most important part and maybe that that signifies the bike.
  Äme Anderberg's Odin wheel set
  They are made by Äme Anderberg in Sweden and are named after the god Odin, the Norse divine entity associated wisdom, healing, death, royalty, the gallows, knowledge, war, battle, victory, sorcery, poetry, frenzy, and the runic alphabet.
  They are good. You should buy them.
   Hügel Fahrt
  The German race Hügel Fahrt is division two race that situates in the town of Essen, North

Rhine Westphalia. It has its route carved around in the hills surrounding Villa Hügel. Villa Hügel is made in the 19th century by Alfred Krupp as a residence and has over 260 rooms. The term villa is therefor somewhat out of place. Built in 1870 it was modern, it featured double-paned windows, water heating and an early form of air conditioning. The temperature was intended to be independently adjustable for each room.
  The riders will ride a parcours of 167 km around the premises of 69 acres to finish in front of the impressive villa’s facade.
   Fujimoto Masaaki insights
  The cherry blossom blooms for no one but itself.


Holwerda Cycling at 22:09 18/5-2020
  I wonder what that last sentence means...

Australian Warlord at 23:43 18/5-2020
  It means it blooms for its own reasons, not so you can see a pretty flower.
  Like everything in life, it exists for its own interests.

USA Postal Services at 00:25 19/5-2020
  If it says cherry blossom, must be good ;)

NightmareChaos at 09:42 19/5-2020
  Fujimoto has a press able link ;) Press it

USA Postal Services at 09:59 19/5-2020
  Yeah, I read it after posting, sad story indeed :)

Bilsky at 12:48 19/5-2020
  Nice article and enjoyed reading Fujimoto's bio

BGK Cycling Team at 13:28 24/5-2020
  Peter Ridge rode on OCM e-light wheels ;). Nice article btw.