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  Hello everyone, This board is intended for bug reports. Please notice that bugs that potentially could be abused should be reported...

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Cup not showing in calendar
  I was in Division 6 by a small margin until today. And as other teams gained points I just dropped to Division 7. I was already registere...

3/6-20 - 12:26 by World Communism Team
Sponser bug?
  This sponser wont disapear in my sponserscreen; _________________________________________________________ OCM Bank This sponsorship p...

1/6-20 - 20:48 by Yuri SuperTeam
div 4 no race
  Calendar Day 25: Sunday (7/6 - 2020) Previous Day - Next Day Races your team can attend to this day: No races available for signup...

31/5-20 - 23:09 by Schiavi di Don
  I had a message from someone who wants to buy a rider from me. He said you can do transfers by pressing on the hammer. I can't see the hamme...

30/5-20 - 13:00 by English Sprinting Team
New race of man
  Probably not a bug, but I was wondering why this race has more prize money than the rest. 12.5k versus 11k...

25/5-20 - 13:21 by Velosipedska
Economy page bug
  Maybe it is time to fix the economy page bug where free scouts show up as costing 4k. After the introduction of sponsors more people have be...

20/5-20 - 14:49 by Tashkent Browncoats
RS105 ?!
  Is this a bug? Or a new feature? I've never seen a rider with such high RS before. EDIT: it just changed to 99. Right after a race, sev...

19/5-20 - 18:15 by Tashkent Browncoats
Where's the logo?
  Usually the OCM logo is displayed in the top left corner of the screen. Now it isn't. Is my PC tripping or did some rascal stole the logo?...

15/5-20 - 21:43 by Australian Warlord
Equipment bug
  When I update my Bike 1 setup, and call it let's say Odin, the name and the bike seems to move to the Bike 2 setup. And then my bike 2 se...

13/5-20 - 19:49 by V02maXXers
No serice errors and very slow
  Been getting some of these lately: While trying to log in and also after logging is when trying to call up a new page. Real slow as well, wh...

8/5-20 - 09:11 by Lokomotíva Zvolen
My rider just got extra points
  While getting out of training camp. He went in with 44 downhill. I took him out at 49. 1 second later he has 50 points. Whats going on? ...

30/4-20 - 23:50 by wielermaster
Hour record without equipment
  Is it that it is compulsory to have Wheels and Frames from the shop to do a hour record attempt ? I do not seem to be able to send riders...

29/4-20 - 23:13 by World Communism Team
Slow tour page
  It is not exactly news that the main tour pages are slow to visit however it is quite annoying. I timed accessing the Kangaroo Tour page 3...

14/4-20 - 13:56 by AnnoDomini
Can't sign up for race
  I've been trying to sign my team up for the Division 6 tour Odyssey of the Oryx, starting next week, but when I click Sign Up it just takes ...

10/4-20 - 00:04 by Man 2 Man
Race sign up issue after race
  Day after race and those of us who entered are still signed up, which for me, and I suspect others, is annoying as it's counting towards my ...

6/4-20 - 14:32 by Goege Team
Practice High not working
  From the manual: High effort High effort for a practise rider results in the regular loss of discipline and double race shape gain. Tod...

4/4-20 - 11:38 by Navarone Cycling Team
Very Good ability - but no
  Teodor Thomassen is a talent I have - but there is a problem, maybe a bug? He has VG in DH, but he can't reach more than 74 going to Trai...

3/4-20 - 07:20 by Team Formand United
days in quarantine
  17 :(...

1/4-20 - 01:08 by Schiavi di Don
Tour of the Sanreizan results
  I came 8th as you guys can check on the results page, but in my results page it says im 9th. Also does anyone knows whats the diferential...

22/3-20 - 00:01 by Vegemight
Trophy Cesko-Slovensky Pohar
  I came second in the GC of the Cesko-Slovensky Pohar but won the YC. I got a trophy, but it just says Cesko-Slovensky Pohar (so it seems lik...

11/3-20 - 18:28 by CC Est

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