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Race Engine Issues
Team Zyte
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00:29 12/9-2019 GMT

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  Dear all
  For the first time in many years, we experienced some difficult issues with the race engine today.
  The issue was simply server overload crashing the engine. I have a fail safe feature in function that has worked for many years pausing the engine when the server is being overloaded. For some reason, that did not work today. I will look into why that was a problem.
  I have to re-run the races, which will happen during today (the 12th) as I will move all the races one day ahead and re-activate them.
  I am sorry for the inconvenience.
  Best regards,
  OCM Developer Nick

team futerko
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01:05 12/9-2019 GMT

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  Thanks Nick!
Navarone Cycling Team
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08:37 12/9-2019 GMT

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Team Belfius
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09:38 12/9-2019 GMT

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  No problem Nick, thanks!
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13:41 12/9-2019 GMT

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  Thanks for fixing it Nick.
Universal Soup
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18:19 12/9-2019 GMT

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  Thanks for the fix!
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02:20 13/9-2019 GMT

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  Thanks for the quick fix and response Nick