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Rules on Loan Deals
Schiavi di Don
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13:01 8/12-2016 GMT

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  Hello everyone,
  After listening to the discussions on the forum, and a short discussion with Nick, we have decided on what to do with loan deals. I am aware of the fact that not everyone can be satisfied with it, but I feel like this fits the general opinion of the community best.
  As of right now, the rules on loan deals will be the following:
  All loan contructions will be illegal, unless;
  - They consist of two market value deals, which will take place under the same interruption rules as normal deals. (see point nr.3 of the Rules)
  Note: These rules will not work retrospectively. All loan deals made and announced through the forum before today (day 8 S39) wil be fully legal and do not have to apply with these rules.
  I will make a sticky post of this rule in the Transfer forum for the upcoming season, so that everyone will have time and opportunity to notice the changes. It will be a locked post, so any comments or questions should be asked in this one.

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  Make it also max 2 loan deals per team.
  dutch tombola.
  - team A: scoring points, team B: dropping. Team A sells all riders to team B etc etc.
Super Velo
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20:36 20/12-2016 GMT

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  And who's going to be the policeman that watches over these loan deals and how is punishment going to be administered if these rules aren't followed?
  Here's a novel idea for you. Why not let players just do what they frigging want to do without all of this silly written down stuff.
  Some players might not even realize these rules exist because they might not care to read all this stuff or they don't visit the forum to get caught up on all these rules and regulations.
  This game is starting to become like the UCI in the way that they constantly change rules and make up new ones as they go along.
  Loosen the rules, if managers want to trade riders then let them as long as they abide by the riders RV (which is set by the game) and how can you not abide by riders RV because you can't sell them for less than RV... Silly rules.