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Hey, a wild talent appeared

Written by trackstah07 at 22:53 9/9-2019

  A new talent is ready for you.
  Zachary Butler
  Nation: USA
  Age: 21 years
  Birthday: Day 36
  CL: Incredible (41)*****
  DH: Average (31)**
  HL: Small (28)*
  SP: None (27)
  FR: None (28)
  CB: None (28)
  TQ: Average (27)**
  TT: Small (28)*
  Guy should score some points. I’ve never had an actual climber before... he’ll probably max at like 34 LOL.
  Somebody (plz) tell me whether he turns 22 if I hire him on Day 37. I haven’t had enough good talents to actually bother learning about the Day 1 hire thing lol.


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Uh-mazing. Droz Cup...

  After flirting with Div. 1 a month ago, I woke up today in 49th place, with 2 spots left in the Patryk Drozdowski Cup! YESSIRRR Bird will try to earn us some...


Hey, a wild talent appeared

  A new talent is ready for you. Zachary Butler Nation: USA Age: 21 years Birthday: Day 36 Potential: CL: Incredible (41)***** DH: Average (31)** H...


A judgmental observation

  I have 9 career top-5 finishes at Juberri - Canolic because you nerds always sign up for Volta. lolz (good luck- I missed sign-up again)...


Division 1 tomorrow?

  With Aurel Kravchenko’s win in Black Gravel Trophy today (was there any doubt?), we’re up to 51st! We don’t lose points until Day 6... and Anastasio Sampe...


Twitter preferred the old color palette.

  The trackstah07 jersey is now identical to the Pettis/Iacob kit, only zipperless and with a star instead of the top 2 abs. “It feels very much like us,”...


New Uniform

  trackstah07 will be debuting a new team uniform at the U23 World Championships. According to the team manager, it is “sort of a 10-year anniversary jersey...


EPIC MOCK SIMULATION of Coppa #1 - Pro Journalism

  MOCK SIMULATION OF COPPA DELLA FAMIGLIA DEL DON (Tour de France 2019, PS4) NOTE: Results may differ from actual results ;) *for entertainment purposes only* ...


Kamu Hits TF for WC (U23)

  Tale of the Tape between Kamu and Hellgren, two World Championship favorites: ---------- KAMUTALI MATE JUNIOR, 22, trackstah07 Nation: São Tomé and Pr...


Blessed with Depth

  In preparation for Coppa della Famiglia del Don (Samper, Bird, Kravchenko) and U23 World Championships (Kamu in top form), some resting is in order. However,...


My first breakaway win in 9 actual years

  Håkon Thoresen, trackstah07, and Feliciano Escriva, rouches, launched a two-man attack after 24 km of Soignies - Jemeppe. Both riders agreed on cooperating, wh...


Sale: Unique 21yo 32av all-rounder +2 hill helpers

  Name: Bill De Weerdt Team: Belgium Age: 21 years Birthday: Day 36 trackstah07 since 28/06-2019 (AVAILABLE July 29th, Day 71- will be at the Fortnite World...


Kowalski maxed...

  CL 69 DH 69 lol...


Barry Gamble... maxed :/

  84 CL 60 DH 29 HL 40 AV Not ideal... BUT he’s still 19. He MAY be valuable as a U23 domestique... for me or for someone else, for the right price... Any...


McPherson Retires, Becomes Kravchenko’s Trainer

  An era of downhill cycling has officially ended today, as Travis McPherson has stepped away from his bicycle. He has, however, stepped toward Aurel Kravchenko...


Sun Setting on McPherson

  Travis McPherson has announced that he is ready to retire. His transition from teammate to team trainer will mark the end of an era for trackstah. McPherson pun...


Head on over to the forum to bid on Fredriksen.



A Good Result For The B-Team

  9 December. Your team participated in Balzers Uphill. Travis McPherson finished 5 th as your best rider. You earned 7.000 $. Travis McPherson had super le...


Milestones for McPherson

  Travis McPherson won his 5th career Monaco - La Condamine this morning. Yes, it’s the most ever. Yes, I’m happy about that. No, he’s not for sale...


It wasn't my day...

  Your team participated in East Egg Race. Thomas Munoz finished 32 nd as your best rider. Arnold O'Connor received an injury during the race. Arnold O'Connor ...


Home Sweet Home

  I'm back in Div. 3, and McPherson is signed up for Hays. I accidentally performed too well for a couple seasons lol....


Got Myself A Free Agent

  Marc Pierre, USA Age 21 (Day 70) 44 TT CL None DH Good HL Average SP None FR Small CB None TQ Small TT Very Good Good enough. 32k......


Stop Clickbaiting lol

  The level of overstatement in the transfer forum is unreal right now xD Market your riders as what they are, kids. Don't try call a hamburger a cheeseburger....


Rick Cramer

  As fate would have it, Eldon Kinstley did not return from his job in them to sign up for Mount Evans or the World Championship. But my thorough combing of al...


Gearing Up For WC (U23), Team Inks Two From EEO

  Jason Harris will hopefully be joined by four domestiques at this year's Under-23 World Championships, including Florian Antpohler and two newcomers from the Ba...


Antpohler Maxed at 41



Time to train Jason Harris...

  I've been carefully considering how to best invest my 90k... Jason Harris is such a fringe trainee... but he's still only 20, and he's the last guy left in my q...



trackstah07 at 12:51 10/9-2019
  Yeah, I don’t have any money now, since I’m training Serna and Dart. Fingers crossed that Bird is ready to retire on his birthday so that I can complete another transfer. It’ll be a while before this guy sees action. Thanks for the help, guys :)

Team Oasis at 12:41 10/9-2019
  de rode lantaarn is right

DeRodeLantaarn at 12:34 10/9-2019
  I think he will be 20 hiring on day 1. And 21 on day 36.
  That is what I would do.

Team Oasis at 10:22 10/9-2019
  when you hire him now he will be 21 as well and turns 22 at day 37.
  Hire him now will only make him 24 days older than hiring on day 1. I wouldn't wait for that unless you cannot train now and he will be just in the team doing nothing.

trackstah07 at 05:25 10/9-2019
  Sweet, I’ll hire on Day 1 :) Thanks!!

TD rockets at 23:36 9/9-2019
  He will be 22 if you hire on day 37 but only 21 if hired on day 1 next season. Class talent good luck with him

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