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Ode to Ferdinand Wescott

Written by team futerko at 08:32 2/10-2019

  your first top form was full of off-days,
  and your second came too late, too late,
  the hidden gem in my starting team,
  I trained you last,
  I trained you late,
  just a few points short of greatness, alas
  it was only at the starting gate,
  of your very last time trial,
  that I realised,
  I never really loved you.


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Ode to Ferdinand Wescott

  your first top form was full of off-days, and your second came too late, too late, the hidden gem in my starting team, I trained you last, I trained...


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Navarone Cycling Team at 12:14 20/5-2020
  2020 I still get back to read this every now and then xD

Rantanplan at 05:16 8/5-2020
  Nice burying. RIP Ferdinand Wescott.

Navarone Cycling Team at 08:59 2/10-2019
  hahaha amazing

team futerko at 08:36 2/10-2019
  motivational speaker for hire? anyone?

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