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Hadaway blasts into orbit... almost

Written by team futerko at 20:37 13/8-2019

  At the tender young age of 25, Kerry Hadaway hit top form for his first race as captain in division 1. Supported by the b-team, he gained a solid 5th place in L├╝beck-Hannover in preparation for his first and last chance to take the Youth classification of the Nederlandse Tour.
  Exceeding all expectations, Kerry over-performed to not only achieve his ambition of the YC jersey, his team's first, but also managed a fantastic second place overall against some very strong GC opposition.
  Despite his strong performances, Hadaway's first win this season was proving elusive, and with a string of podium places there was talk from certain quarters about the new Pou-Pou - referencing Raymond Poulidor's nickname, "The Eternal Second" - but this only served to motivate him further and he silenced his critics with a stunning victory in the prestigious final stage of the tour, backing this up with the team's first win in division 1, the Novosibirsk Tourism Trophy.
  Not only had Kerry achieved this victory in only his second division 1 race, but he had also managed to score 970 points in only 10 days, rocketing his team up the rankings and giving him cause to set a new personal goal for himself - In his final race on top form, the GP Funen, 6th place or better would elevate him into 3rd place in the overall rider rankings.
  Unfortunately it was not to be, a small crash hampered his performance slightly and he was unable to recover in time to challenge for the points. It is uncertain yet whether he will get another chance to captain the squad in a season which has already surpassed, and indeed obliterated, the team's goals for this year.
  When asked to comment, the team's notoriously taciturn owner known only as 'futerko' was as tight-lipped as ever, "Yeah, the lad done good!" he said with a wry smile before quickly ducking into the team bus to avoid further speculation as to the team's future goals. So far, Hadaway's legs have done most of the talking - we will just have to see what the future holds for this talented young sprinter.


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Hadaway blasts into orbit... almost

  At the tender young age of 25, Kerry Hadaway hit top form for his first race as captain in division 1. Supported by the b-team, he gained a solid 5th place in L...



team futerko at 23:10 14/8-2019
  Cheers Frank!

Holwerda Cycling at 07:08 14/8-2019
  Very nice performance, congratulations!

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