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My first Tour

Written by team dustin at 19:46 18/5-2017

  Team dustin starts tomorrow in Fast on Wheels, a tour with 6 stages.
  It is the first time the team goes to a tour. It is new and exciting how it will be going.
  Team dustin goes with a sprinting team to the race and will only concentrate on the sprints.
  The expectations are not high, the team look at it as a learning process, to be get better in the future. We shall see how it will be going the coming days.
  The team wishes the riders a lot of success, and may be follows there a surprise .....
  For information about the race:
  Don (award host): "What smells it delicious, what is that Frank?"
  Frank (co host): "I only hope they keep some for us."
  Don: "Indeed, that they not forget us."
  In the meantime backstage.
  Fidelio Marina: "I have hungry, I hope they have something to eat for me."
  Florian Brönnimann: "I am only thirsty."
  Fidelio Marina: "I am really hungry, it smells so good."
  Don (award host): "And now it is time for the 'Best U23 Rider' award, here we go. The fourth place is for Kayin Obasanjo from team Biertje. Frank, can you give him his present."
  Frank (co host): "Offcourse, it smells good, Kayin, can you tell me what it is?"
  Kayin Obasanjo: "It is kedjenou, a traditional meal in my home country, one of my favorite, it is chicken with onions, tomatoes, garlic, and more. Thanks"
  Fidelio Marina (backstage): "Looks good, I am hungry, when is it my time?"
  Don: "Next, third is Florian Brönnimann from team The Great Outdoors, Frank it is to you."
  Frank: "Florian, I have Rösti for you, I eat it often when I am in your country."
  Florian Brönnimann: "Thanks, also happy with the third place."
  Fidelio Marina (backstage): "I want also Rösti."
  Don: "Cong Jinbo, from team Sigue Sigue Sputnik, you are second, congratulations."
  Frank: "Cong, for you I have Beef noodle soup, do you like that?"
  Cong Jinbo: "Yes, I like that very much."
  Fidelio Marina (backstage): "Noodles, noodles, Rösti, Rösti, kedjenou, kedjenou, now is it my turn, food, food, ..."
  Don (award host): "And the winner of this award is Fidelio Marina from team Stroopwafel, congrats, Frank can you give him his award."
  Frank (co host): "Fidelio, where are you, here I have your award, it is for you."
  Fidelio Marina shouting from backstage: "Keep your award, I do not want him, I want food."
  The Erwinator in backstage to Fidelio Marina: "Wait a bit, I have 'food' enough."
  Don to Frank: "???, better we go to the next award ..."
  Backstage before 'The Award for Best Manager of the Season' ceremony.
  The Erwinator: "I go to win this award, it is my season."
  Donald: "I think I have equal chance as you, so let see what it shall be."
  Phil: "I expect not to much, I am happy to be nominated."
  The Erwinator: "Donald, I shall be really disappointed/frustrated when I not win. A short time ago I was in the north of Sweden, and I saw something, a kind of surprise."
  Michael Danner: "I can also win."
  The Erwinator: "Not you, it shall be for me."
  Don (award host): "The Award for Best Manager of the Season is next, always interesting to see who win this award. Frank have you already won this award?"
  Frank (co host): "Unfortunately not, but it stays a goal for the future."
  Don: "Let we start, fourth place for Phil (teamtvm)."
  Frank: "Congrats Phil, you are a great manager, we shall see you back in the future."
  Phil: "Thanks, it is a great honour to be nominated for this award."
  Don: "Next, third place is for Michael Danner (CyclingClubChomutov)."
  Frank: "Congratulations Michael Danner, had you expected this?"
  Michael Danner: "Offcourse, I have a good team, and how comes that ... indeed, the manager. I have won this award once (S61) and will win it again."
  Don (award host): "The Erwinator (silenzio) and Donald (andeby), who shall it be, second place ..."
  Frank (co host) whisper to Don: "What happens, see, all riders from team silenzio, I see Reynardo Ceballos, Carel Bastin, Gus Bailey, Rajnay Bela, and others, with big bags by the entrances and exits, also with something else in their hands."
  Don: "I don't know, be aware Frank."
  Don: "... second place is for The Erwinator and Donald wins the award."
  The Erwinator comes to the podium and says: "I deserve to win, but I have something for the winner, Donald, for Don and Frank, and for all of you, enjoy your meal."
  In the meantime The Erwinator and all the riders of his team doing a gas mask on their heads and open the cans of Surströmming and share it out to all.
  Frank: "shouting loudly, it is Surströmming, go outside, we take a break."
  'after some minutes all are out the building, all ... no, I see one guy staying inside'
  Fidelio Marina: "Delicious, all that food, finally something to eat for me."


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team dustin at 08:03 9/6-2017
  My first Tour was good :)
  I was there with my sprint team.
  Borys Iwan was 3e in a stage and Edgard Thielemans was 7e in another stage.
  The other stages were not good for the team, as expected.
  Soon will start another tour, but this time without Team Dustin, to many mountains and just 1 stage which Team Dustin likes.

team dustin at 10:42 20/5-2017
  Thanks, the riders did a good job. They are happy with this result.
  Now I must motivate them for next race.

DeRodeLantaarn at 10:37 20/5-2017
  Congratulations with the 3rd place in stage 2!

team dustin at 08:01 19/5-2017
  Indeed, I was hoping to stay in division 5 when the sign in was there, and to be on time before there the places were gone.
  I realise that I have more changes in one day races, but it is special, so I come with my best team.

Holwerda Cycling at 22:42 18/5-2017
  Very special to ride the first tour. Good luck!

team dustin at 21:26 18/5-2017
  Thanks, we will do our best.
  The riders are very motivated :)

TeamQuetzal at 20:49 18/5-2017
  good luck

DeRodeLantaarn at 19:51 18/5-2017
  Good luck in Fast on Wheels.:)

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