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When The Wheels Don't Come Off

Written by nonnies at 21:13 29/5-2020

  Everything at nonnies hq was set for a small break from cycling. Bikes mothballed, riders released from contracts and investments made.
  Team management would be otherwise engaged for a while. Yet things took an interesting turn, meaning that management could still run a small outfit with less involvement.
  New contracts were hurriedly settled a few riders still waiting for transfer and with the short break racked in serious points in a few days. The end result ?
  Instead of a battle in Norway the team now faces a battle to make it to Cymru. Fingers crossed.
  The team's future still hangs in the balance for now.


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When The Wheels Don't Come Off

  Everything at nonnies hq was set for a small break from cycling. Bikes mothballed, riders released from contracts and investments made. Team management would...


Moving On Up

  First in SA.... Probably won't last long, but feels like old times for now : )...


Breaking 1000

  Things have been slow the last few seasons.... Life happens, interest dwindles and teams get neglected...yet we managed to break the 1000 point barrier for t...


New Toys

  Nonnies has been quiet lately....and no real team changes in a while, which safe to say is odd. Nevertheless sponsors seem to like flamboyance or consistency...



  Changing the team composition... Interest still there, commitment and availability not. Lets see where we go from here. Aaron Owner - NCT...


Number 1

  It will be short lived...but we're SA number 1 for now ...



  The team has finally arrived in Bodø for a week of reconnaissance before Norway tour. The plan is simple really, hope for a few raids in the mountains and a...



  The team has been getting mixed results, especially in the hillier races. Therefore to the mountains we go....


Going Up

  Norberto maxed at a formidable 50 average, less than hoped for but we'll take it. This means that the team is going up, if not in the rankings then into the ...


Cold Feeling

  Norberto managed to finish 31st in his first outing at Perm. A blue Norberto was almost unrecognizable as he complained about the cold Siberian temperatures....



  Mexico, delivering over and above our expectations. Who knew the little guy in the mountains would become such a great prospect. Norberto, still going strong...


3 off days on the trot



Back to the glory days

  Nonnies had quite some success with hill and tt, full circle after a detour, back to what we know, back to a 1000 point season... Watch this space....



  A little link on the community page Shall I click or shall I pass (this is not Mordor) I clicked.... I never looked back and I have no regrets , okay maybe...


Swan song

  Age is but a number , or so we wish to believe, this belief however wanes as the reality of our mortality becomes clearer and clearer with every passing birthda...


In the green

  After the joys of April fools day , spirits at the team were quite high. The junior member of our tt squad took a 4th place whilst being reckless as always.....


**New Trainee**

  We are proud to announce our latest talent Name: Armas Siurunen Nation: Finland Finland Age: 23 years Birthday: Day 74 Team Spirit: 80% Experience: ...


When a plan doesn't come together?

  The dreaded off day , a feature as old as OCM itself , a known feature for a very short period of time... A feature that is the downfall of one and the profi...



  The road less traveled is what can be said of my team the last few seasons...Experimenting with every type of team in OCM , except a consistent team... We have ...


  Wallace York had an off day. Ian Thielemans had an off day. Rares Apolzan had an off day. Richie Fox had an off day. Billy Tumbo received an injury during the r...


Climbers at a rock show?

  The climbing contingent will be headbanging , rocking and rolling and shaking in Belgium... however this is not the rock show they were expecting.... Traditi...


The Alarm has been set

  Addiction is a term used to describe the perceived dependence on something which affects your life negatively...although is some cases it is the only coping mec...


Season 34

  As is tradition , a press release on the season objectives are in order... This season however , it is actually short and sweet. The plan? There is no pl...


All Africa on Ice

  After going all African , the focus of the team has shifted and because of some external factors , the African project has been abandoned for now and the team m...


Keep your friends close...

  Compatriots is actually more fitting , but for the sake of poetic license the title seems nicer... After a long time , South Africa has a presence in OCM , w...


The perplexity of being happy and sad

  As everyone following my team knows , things haven't been going to plan lately... off days are the norm , injuries just keep on piling up and transfers aren't g...



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